Supposedly Fun Games You'll Never Play (...Out of Sentiment)


Daaaamn, I got this game in a bundle a long time ago, not sure if I’ll still play it, but as always it’s super disheartening to hear this shit happen even in small studios.


I don’t really have anything gaming related that fits the description, but, as for movies, I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to watch a Kevin Spacey movie again. Not without feeling extremely uncomfortable at the very least.

Spacey was one of my absolute favorite actors and I loved basically anything with him in it for years. His 90’s run with American Beauty, The Usual Suspects and Seven were all a huge part of me becoming more accutely interested in movies and I’ve always found that Spaceys performances were close to the center of what ultimately still made those movies work even all these years later.

After the news about him broke last I just… I haven’t been able to even put on a movie starring him. I’ve heard amazing things about Baby Driver and I love Edgar Wrights other works, but I just can’t get myself to watch it. There’s just a big dark fuck-off cloud hanging over it, that I can’t for the life of me look past.


And hey, it contains performances by some of your favorite video games progressives! : |

To me this basically includes any game strongly identified with GG, e.g. Kingdom Come: Deliverance and The Last Night. But it also includes Grand Theft Auto, although not for reasons that are nearly as good. I probably play and love a lot of games that have all of GTA’s numerous flaws - Yakuza especially comes to mind - but the fact that GTA specifically became such a rallying point for every South Park header image shitlord out there makes it especially repulsive for me. Not that I condemn anyone for playing it - I acknowledge my reasoning is petty and even somewhat hypocritical - but I can’t bring myself to pay money for the game.

Also, if we’re including examples from other media, ever since finding out about the Red Hot Chili Peppers record of incredibly shitty behavior against women (not to use stronger, more appropriate words), I find myself mostly unable to listen to their music. I listen to a lot of bands that have probably done things on par, if not worse, given the metal scene of the 80s and 90s, but what I factually know about their actions just affects me that much more.


I still can’t understand how someone who wrote two award winning books about the power of empathy can remain so closed-minded.


My two partners when I was an indie came, originally, from working on America’s Army – the army recruitment game. I’ve been to the offices and made friends with a lot of people who worked on that game and they are an amazing group of hard-working people. By all accounts, the gameplay is very good and the violence is dealt with responsibly.

I have never played that game. The only footage of it that I have seen has been in my friends’ demo reels.

I grew up in a fiercely pacifist branch of Quakerism. There were people in my meeting who had spent time in jail for conscientious objection. I spent my childhood justifying a distinction between violence in games and real-life violence to my family (my mom did, eventually, admit to throwing away my ninja turtles’ weapons when I wasn’t looking).

I can’t justify exposing myself to that media, nor can I do it without either feeling awful or risking that it won’t make me feel that way.


I will never touch a Yoko Taro or Kojima game. The creep shit is bad enough, but then you’ve got to hear people praise it at every turn. Too much. Leave me be, moon man.


The anti-Kevin Spacey stance (which I share by the way) does have relevancy in video games.

Fortunately it’s a short list.



I find this becoming more and more of an issue for me as time goes on, but the most recent example for me was Kingdom Come: Deliverance. That game wasn’t on my radar until the end of last year, when I got really excited about it.

And then I found out about all the GamerGate shit, “historical accuracy,” etc. Ugh. The good news is that there are so many quality games out these days that are at least thoughtful about POC, the queer community, ableism, etc. that it’s easy to just step right over this kind of bullshit and not give it a second thought. Sure, a lot of people are still making missteps in this arena (the site’s article on Watch Dogs 2 mishandling its black characters comes to mind), but I’d much rather have a group of artists trying to create something thoughtful and not executing well than ignoring the issues (or actively being assholes like the Warhorse guy).


The best part about that dude is that he was spouting GG rhetoric long before GG was a thing, especially in reference to why Mafia would never have PoC and/or women not treated like shit or in leading roles… and now the franchise has been transformed into maybe the most openly radical-left game (behind WD2, released like a month after it) to come out of AAA gaming, even with all its problems (i.e, still not great to women). Their panic about their precious white culture being stolen by leftists came true right there, and it feels so, so good.

It also reveals that Mafia 1 & 2 were just as much a masturbatory simulated fantasy of MRA/white supremacist revisionist history as Kingdom Come, they were just made long before those things were recognizably en vogue.


Pretty much any game that requires double digit hours until it gets good.

It’s harder for me to get into long games and stick with them, having a big chunk of time early on just to get to when a game becomes enjoyable is basically out of the question for me.


I’m actually playing Mafia 3 right now and especially enjoying it for all the reasons you mention. It’s far from a perfect game, but goddamn is it refreshing to see a POC main character wreaking havoc on the white South instead of yet another brown-haired, white protagonist (who would more than likely be shooting at somehow “savage” or “terrorist” brown folks). Watching the intro play out with so many stirring black characters–Father James being a current personal favorite–made me realize just what an injustice gaming as a whole has done to POC over the years, particularly in not showing us these kinds of familial and intimate moments amongst POC characters (and thereby, of course, silently denying that this sort of love and coherence is present in POC families).

I really hope that the game’s shortcomings don’t keep other developers from learning from all that it does right in regards to storytelling.


Mafia 3 came out the same year as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and I have rarely seen such drastically different sides of a coin in this medium come out so close to each other.

It was kind of amazing playing a game that proved that you could make a meaningful high-budget power fantasy with topical commentary without jerking off white dudes forever, just a few months after hearing Errant Signal detail DXMD’s deeply cynical wank, M3 almost became a direct response to that video’s crit by complete coincidence.


This is kind of secondhand so I could be misinformed, but I’m pretty sure POC isn’t an adjective and it’s kind of a weird white ally thing to use it as such.


English adjectivizes nouns*. (Lady knight, car door, mom friend…) There is an argument to be had over not using “POC” as a synonym for “person who isn’t white”, that it should be a self-chosen designation that actively indicates one’s political solidarity with other racial minorities; there’s also other questions of balance in when descriptors are used (e.g. white Americans being just “American” but everyone else having descriptors). However, that has nothing to do with parts of speech.

*more accurately, compound nouns can be composed of two nouns.


I get that language is fluid, but I also recognise that saying so isn’t a defence of talking about people in a way that they wish not to. I do want to state that I did hear this from a person of colour, and they also stated that it was better to say things like “character of colour” rather than “POC character”, but for the life of me, I can’t find where this was.


Not so much “language is fluid” as “the English language has always worked this way”. Anyway, I won’t speak for somebody else, but I will hazard a guess that the reason for an objection like that is probably rooted in something more meaningful than pure grammar, and that reason is probably something worth finding and remembering (rather than “it’s not an adjective”).

I don’t care personally, but I’m also not an activist ™, so take that as We Are Not A Monolith.


I wasn’t aware that this was a thing, so I apologize if I caused any offense.


I’m 90% sure I did it before too, and it’s not totally clear, we all got stuff we need to learn.


My feelings on DR3 are so jumbled. I felt the same way you and @sleepiest did after the first case. I did stick with it because I needed to know how my time investment in the series would be paid off. And yeah, I’m split between whether or not it was effective or not. At least, I have a stronger reaction overall than the way it wrapped up versus The Nonary Games.


Funny enough, despite everything I said I am looking forward to Zanki Zero. Cautiously, since the premise has a yellow flag or two. Danganronpa was great for the premise and characters, though, and I’d really like to see what an entirely new creation comes out looking like.