Swift, Violent Death in 'Mafia III' Makes Its Storytelling Great

In 'Mafia III,' everyone dies fast.

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Shoot, I have at least three games on my pile to go through/finish already and Austin, Steve Gaynor and now Cameron are convincing me to grab Mafia III as well.

You know which game’s shootouts had fantastic tension? Grand Theft Auto IV. Granted, a big part of that tension came down to the bad mission design (no checkpoints? Come on, Rockstar), but it was also due to Niko’s fragility, with even the briefest burst of sustained gunfire enough to bring him down.

My favourite example of this was one of the earlier Bohan missions, where Manny Escuela has you tail a drug dealer to their warehouse. I was able to clear out most of the gunmen inside, but at the expense of a HUGE chunk of my health (like, a sliver left). The remaining shooter and I were on opposite sides of a huge pile of crates, and given how primitive/“realistic” the game’s cover-shooting system was, you couldn’t really aim prior to leaning out and taking a shot, putting yourself at real risk in the process.

Thankfully I was faster to the trigger.

I thought about GTAIV a whole lot while playing MIII. They’re very similar in a lot of ways, and I think I’ll be returning to that game (and writing about it, maybe) soon.

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great article but i always went arnold shotgun and rifles/assult rifle. and yeah suspenders has killed me quite a few times. its great game, cant wait to see what hanger 13 makes next.