Switch Appears to Contain Easter Egg Dedicated to Satoru Iwata’s Passing

Hackers have unlocked a game Iwata worked on by performing a hand gesture.

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To early in the morning for dem feels

This is sad, but sweet.

:sob: I’ve never been more glad to own a switch. I’ve also never played NES golf, but I guess I will in about 10 months.

As I outlined in the other thread on this topic, I thought this was really touching. Justin Epperson, of 8-4, has some tweets which, in my view, add valuable cultural context for how Japanese fans are interpreting it:


Some rather sad news about this:

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Some of the reactions to that were dead weird. It’s strange to me how some people claim ownership over that kind of thing and can either only automatically assume that its removal is bad or, opportunistically, that it must mean Virtual Console is coming. This explanation on why it was removed, from reddit, seems very plausible and only makes it even more touching in my eyes.