Switch portability stories

Hey waypointers

Since the Switch has been out for a while now and that I’m starting to see people playing it in public, I was wondering what are some interaction you have seen that involved a Switch.

Mine are pretty simple people playing with their Switch as normal but for me is finishing a of Puyo Puyo Tetris just as my train got to my stop. Same goes with Zelda, finishing a shrine as the train was about to stop.

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Half the reason I got a Switch at launch was the fact I was going on a two week trip to Cologne to visit a friend.

The entire experience of passing time on like multi-day transit worked out way better than I expected. Playing Zelda now is forever associated with those memories of travel and I really cherish that.

Only minor worry was the panic that the dock, which I wanted to bring to hook up to her TV so she could play Zelda, would get bent or snap in my carry-on bag. It was completely fine though!


I honestly wasn’t expecting to use the portable mode that much, but for Zelda I’ve probably played it more in portable than docked, surprisingly. Some of this is that twice I’ve taken it with me when I visit my parents, but the bulk of that time has been in my apartment, either at my computer watching something while playing or playing in bed.

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The first and only time I’ve played a Switch was actually during a lunch break at work. A friend bought one and brings it with him every day to chip away at Zelda during his breaks. I played it very briefly, just to see how it controlled, and then we played the Snipperclips demo. I also licked a cartridge. It tasted like brand new dental work.


Every time I’ve taken it on a flight I’ve had to show the security guys what it is, pretty sure the last guy who did it knew and just wanted to see one in the flesh.

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Went to Center Parcs at the weekend. One minute the nieces and nephews were playing Mariokart on the TV, then the folks were watching a film and the wife and I were playing Puyo Puyo on the dining room table. Later I was on the couch playing Setsuna.

I love the Switch.

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about a week ago i was at a bar watching a Dota major with a friend, the stream died for about 15 minutes so i whipped out Puyo Puyo Tetris and killed the time playing that. my friend said it absolutely sold him on the switch, after months of not really giving a damn.

and earlier this week most of our IT went down at work so everyone was locked out for a few hours, a friend and i played a bunch of mario kart while engineers got everything up an running again.

i’ve had it since launch and it STILL makes me kinda giddy when i hand a controller off to someone for local multiplayer


I just realized now that I have never seen a Switch in person. Haven’t seen them in the wild or in a store. And I live in NYC so you’d think I’d see people on the train or something. Nope, nobody.

I brought it to my classroom as a reward for good behavior. We played Bomberman. They were into it.

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I sometimes bring Binding of Isaac into the kitchen while my wife and I make dinner. That’s as far from the dock as it’s gone so far. I do own a carrying case, though. Just in case.

A stranger walked up to me while I was playing Zelda in a donut cafe and straight up offered to buy my Switch off me for $400.


Is scarcity a thing in the US? Nintendo stuff is usually at least possible to order here in Europe.

The only time I’ve docked my switch was to test it out on day 1, and to play mk8 with my sister on the tv. Anytime else, it’s been portable, and I always amaze my family when I do so because of how good the games look and play

Yeah it seems like a big deal over there? Here I just checked and more places have Switches than not so I don’t expect any hassle when I do head out to buy one. That is, unless Spa2oon causes a wave of demand.

Me and my girlfriend definitely did the whole kickstand local multiplayer thing on the train while playing Puyo Puyo Tetris. The kid sitting across the aisle went “Wow, look mom! How cool is that!” to which his mom replied “Yeah, did you not know?”

So yeah, it works. You can totally do that if you want.

Still haven’t seen anyone else using their Switch in public, though.

Nintendo did not ship out nearly enough Switches to meet the demand here in the US. The only way Gamestop would guarantee them to people who didn’t camp out for them was to bundle the incoming ones with three games, a Zelda collector’s guide for $500 before tax.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as the NES Classic, but still extremely hard to find up to a month after release.

Oh yes I have heard that.

I guess I’m wondering whether the US just had much higher demand or got a disproportionately low number of Switches compared to us in Europe.

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My brother’s PS4 and my Switch both live at the TV in the living room. I’m playing Zelda constantly nowadays, but he gets the hankering to watch PlayStation Vue during my Zelda time frequently. It’s ridiculously convenient that I can slide the joycons onto the Switch and undock the console without any interruption to the game, while freeing up the TV so he can watch The Expanse.

I just got back from a trip to Amsterdam/Berlin and brought my Switch along. I didn’t see anyone else with one (or any other handhelds for that matter) but I used it a TON on the flights. My original flight out of the US was cancelled and I ended up flying a day later. The upside to this was that I was able to stop at a shop on the way to the airport and pick up Puyo Puyo Tetris. I wanted to pretend I was in a Switch commercial and play local multiplayer on a tray table mid-flight but I couldn’t convince my traveling partner to join me.

I was visiting my mom on the other side of the country. I showed her snipper clips and we proceeded to play for 3 hours straight. After we beat it she told me that was the first video game she beat since Stryder on the Genesis.

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