Sword & Sworcery & Switch


So I saw that “the olde fashioned cult classic cosmic adventure” (as described on the official website) Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is out on the Switch today!

I played this game back around 2012, and it left an indelible impression. It almost feels like a weird dream I had or something. That said, my memories of it are now pretty vague, so I’m excited to play again and see if it holds up.

Is anyone else taking this opportunity to re-play S&S? Or play it now for the first time?

If so, let’s discuss the game here!


i haven’t played this game since it came out and i don’t have a switch but this game has a great soundtrack so actually hm maybe i will replay it


I remember trying it on my iPhone back in the day and being confused as heck and never progressing in it, but now that I’m a more grown-ass adult and a big Switch nerd I am going to give it another go.


I love this game but it’s one of those ones where it’d be noticeably better if there was much less (or much better) dialogue.


@NameBrandKara If you give it another go it’d be interesting to hear if it clicks more now!

@NeoRasa The dialogue is something I’m really curious about revisiting. I remember liking it but it has a very particular voice and I wonder if it will still work for me. And there is a lot of it, which is pretty funny for a game made by people who wrote a manifesto called “Less Talk, More Rock”.

On the other hand the Switch version blessedly removes the Twitter features :stuck_out_tongue: