"T***ps" Don't Exist And Here's Why (Content Warning: Transphobia)


Depending on which corners of the internet you spend your time in you may experience the term “trap” quite often. The term has a conflated and ragged and unfortunate history and I had yet to really hear a concise and detailed argument for against using the term that I knew it deserved. So that’s where I’ll stop and let this video I found say the rest.

Traps Don’t Exist And Here’s Why

The anime youtube community is rough at time as I follow quite a few, and PedanticRomantic as a trans girl, seems to be constantly at war with this issue. She’s a persistent voice in the trans/anime community and I thought this one was too important not to share around. As unlike the comments section of her video (likely) won’t be, these Waypoint forums have always been a pinnacle of supportive discourse and I couldn’t have thought of a better forum to add to this discussion. Also give her and Zombie Land SAGA a check out, they’ve both been on a roll these past few months.


Great video, I’ve had more than a couple friends ask me about this term and if they should say it or not, I feel even more prepared to answer these friends after watching this.


Caught up with Zombie Land SAGA just today and I was honestly really surprised by how tactfully they handled this issue, especially in this genre of anime (weird hybrid genre though it may be).

Also, the video was very helpful! Especially for folks like me (a cis-het dude who’s always trying to learn to be a better ally)!