Tablet Gaming Is Gaming Right?

Hey everybody, I recently just moved across the country and in doing so left behind my consoles and my PC, all i have with me is my tablet. So heres my question, is there any games I should be playing on my tablet, I havent played a game in close to two weeks now and really want to get stuck into something in my spare time. I have a windows tablet so is there anything from the windows store worth having? also is there any games on steam that are touch friendly that you you would recommend?

So anybody with any suggestions just fire away.

  • Xcom: Enemy Within

I’d say any of Inkle’s output works really well on tablets, so the Sorcery games or 80 Days.

Sorcery really looks my jam, thanks

Hearthstone, for all its flaws, is wonderful on a tablet. I pretty much only play it there because it almost seems silly to me to play it on my PC (when I could play something more suited to the PC’s strengths).

I also love playing things like FTL and Cosmic Express. They end up on different sides of the coin as far as stress levels, but they have some great feeling gameplay in common. Both just feel natural on tablet and are fun to play.

I have tried to start up the original Baldur’s Gate multiple times on tablet, and while it seems to work fairly well, I keep bouncing off of it for whatever reason. Still, you might find some mileage there for sure.

Does a double take when he sees that Civ 5 Is playable on a windows Tablet

Totally second with the Inkle recommendation.

I also think that Dungeon of the Endless should play well on the tablet, and I love to recommend it. (There’s a native tablet release, but it may be iOS only; but I think the PC interface should be okay with touch, too.)

Add another reccomendation for Sorcery.
Crap everything else I added was iOS, oh well.

Not a tablet, but honestly I’m pretty jealous of iPhone games as an Android user. Any kind of cool game that gets hyped either doesn’t have an Android port or it comes out way later. My SO has an iPad but I feel weird buying stuff on her account. I guess I consider it gaming enough that it bums me out when I can’t play certain games haha.

My tablet is a laptop with no keyboard so technically it is just a PC but its hard finding games that have touch screen controls

Just gonna throw out some of my iPad games that are really tight:

80 Days
Mini Metro
Plague Inc
Hero Emblems
Knights of Pen and Paper 2
All the Square Enix GO games

There’s totally more you can find, but its a really healthy space, especially if you’re willing to just drop a little bit of cash to get a game.

I don’t know if it’s on the windows store or has the touch controls available even if it is, but FTL is damn fine. Never been into rogue likes, them that came along and blew me away. Totally worth picking up even at full price, and is arguably better with a touchscreen than a mouse.

Bought FTL literally 4 hours ago. It doesnt have great touchscreen support that I can find, but I can attatch my keyboard and it works perfectly

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I may just be missing the point with this but getting a bluetooth controller for your tablet would open up a lot of options for games too.

I think the newer shadowrun games are on tablet and I really liked those on PC.