Tactical Combat With A Side of Salt About Percentages — XCOM 2 Thread

I went ahead and put together a workshop collection for those looking for an improved first playthrough.

All items in it are bug fixes, UI improvements, and minor cosmetic changes like longer names and new photobooth options (excluding Creative Xenos Community Pose Pack because it contains content I do not feel everyone would be okay with).

Also the complete collection is on a historically low price ($25) at WinGameStore right now according to IsThereAnyDeal.

Updated mega post with a video that explains in under 5 minutes how the cover system actually works in XCOM 2 because the game does a very poor job of explaining some of the more finer details. Also added a section for those who want to play but don’t want to sink 40 hours into a campaign.


okay not XCOM2, im playing XCOM EW Long War here, but i need help!!!

im on the Friends in Low Places mission, where u have to escort the VIP across this awful awful cemetery.

i have restarted it so many times now, i just cannot. no matter how carefully i check my positions i’m getting flanked, and there are soooo many Thin Men just raining down. and even if i wanted to scrap it, the Evac Site is clear on the other side of the map. anyone have advice for this one???

My inclination would be to flank left or right along the perimeter wall, which would at least cover one of your axis (with the edge of the map.) The center of that map is a terrible killbox and I would stay out of it as far as possible. If memory serves the elevated sections run out but they still make decent overwatch positions for covering the exfiltration.

What do you have available as far as cover destruction? You’ll need to knock out a lot of the wall towards the exit.

thats all helpful. i have a few soldiers frag grenades, and a rocketeer. so not a ton? but enough. im definitely learning on this playthrough how vital taking out cover is.

It’s a tricky balancing act, because you want to have sufficient cover available to you as you advance, but Thin Men are prime grenade-bait in general.

because of shit like this, I’m not actually sure I like Long War. I love some of the changes to class structure, but it’s so unforgiving. I hope the modders got some compensation out of xcom 2 just being a really good graphics long war

The secret to XCOM EW Long War is to just abuse Overwatch. You have no turn limit in this mission, what you should try to do is slowly move into position and if you know the pod patrols just wait with overwatch until they slide into view. Even if only one person get’s an overwatch shot that lands that is still one more then you would have had and you get a turn with everyone having two actions to react to enemy placement.

Firaxis/2K paid them, Pavonis Interactive, to make Long War 2 and other mods as well involving them in the development of XCOM 2 so that their stuff would be ready to go at the launch of the game as well as being more mod friendly.

They are currently working on their own XCOM like game called Terra Invitica, not a lots known about it yet unforunately.

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That’s good that they got paid. I’m just not completely sure I’m into setting overwatch traps all the time. I guess it’s just not for me. It’s neat though. I’m mostly just playing it cause I only have xcom 2 on ps+ without any dlc, and that game was not meant for a controller. They made it work, but I’d rather use a mouse.

Oh I completely agree, overwatch abuse is really boring but sometimes it was the only thing I found that could get me through a map without losing everyone.

Does the game actually run okay on PS4? The game already ran pretty bad on the PC I can’t imagine it running much better on a console and yeah I don’t think I could play this with a controller like I could other turn based strategy games. I’m always trying to look all around the map to scout out where I need to be positioning or where an enemy pod might be.

It felt alright to me on a pro. It’s been months since then though so I could be wrong although I’d probably remember it more if it was bad. The controller is just like controlling a mouse with a controller in anything else. My biggest problem was seeing any of the text on screen. Like the UI was completely made for hunched over a pc and not 2 yards away on a tv.

Free weekend and big discount!

Just some thoughts for anyone interested in trying out an XCOM game

  • If you just want what Austin and Rob were playing, get the XCOM 2 Collection, the bundle with the War of the Chosen expansion in it. This is what they were playing and my personal favorite XCOM experience
  • XCOM 2 vanilla (i.e. without the War of the Chosen expansion) is a very flawed game in many ways. If you want the XCOM experience but don’t want to Shell out for the bundle, I would personally recommend getting XCOM: Enemy Unkown, the original Firaxis reboot of the series. That game still holds up extremely well.

Bumping this thread again because I got some more great mods to share :sweat_smile: , if you’re new to Xcom or thinking of picking it up be sure to check out my earlier post!

Sensor Fences, ever wonder why those holographic fences never revealed units in stealth? Well now they do!

CreativeXenos has a made a huge variety of gameplay mods, mostly new interesting enemies.


Titanfall Cosmetics

Mercenary Plasma Weapons and Hero Weapons, no stat difference just cosmetic

Disposable Rocket Launchers, single use rocket launchers that all troops can use

Faces Of Xcom, 7 new female face textures and 63 combinations for them

Male Hair Pack, 18 new hair styles

Extra Abilities for Chosen Weapons, because they weren’t strong enough already

Exalted Custodian, a very strong very tanky, very slow enemy

Advent Field Training, a new sitrep that allows you to ambush some very early game advent so you can level your new recruits in the later parts of the game

More Backstories, 476 new backstories to be exact.

Expanded Callsigns and Nicknames, 800 new names

Tactical Suppressors, replace the repeater with a silencer so you can finally try and run a full stealth mission. Goes great with the Combat Knives mod.

Katana Pack Reloaded, adds 3 different types so you can vary up your rangers sword action. Have their own stats and abilities.

Starting Spark, kind of imbalanced but it’s a lot of fun having a Spark unity early game

Ballistic Shields, dedicated tank troops is interesting, I found I had to limit myself to what weapons they could use with it otherwise they were way too strong