Tactical Tuesdays (XCOM) Thread: Rob & Austin Save The Earth ... Hopefully


After today’s stream I’d say they had probably the best possible outcome for both missions (minus one dead sqauddie but man did everything work out in their favor). Good job saving that frost grenade on the second mission. Always keep the frost grenade for an enemy that wont go down in one turn. The only suggestion I would give is when you’re choosing abilities in the training center give yourself some time to look at all the options for abilities (the serial skill is great but it also cost the same amount of points as buying 2 individual upgrades for a character).

It’s also nice to see some rookies get rotated in and getting attention even though the mission forced it. I think it’s time to train these lower level units up with the a and b teams.


Had to double check to be sure, but I actually wasn’t just confused. In WotC, Bladestorm does always trigger on enemies that start adjacent to you, even if they try to move directly away.

The mechanics of Bladestorm itself didn’t change, but in vanilla XCOM 2, the first and last tiles of a movement action were immune to reaction fire. The removal of that protection also makes overwatch (and other reaction fire stuff like killzone) stronger, since it’s impossible to move in or out of LoS of an overwatched enemy without triggering it.

Anyway, yeah, the training center owns. It might be worth it to consider training up some of the lower-ranked soldiers with high combat intelligence or investing in the covert actions that increase it to take advantage. There’s not really much to say about how to spend points. Outside of DFA on non-snipers (which has already been covered), it’s pretty obvious when something is good.

Also, it doesn’t say this anywhere, but you can’t use Serial and Run and Gun at the same time.


I feel like Valravn has just always been more of a main character, mostly because Kong got injured after the first mission so he came in kinda late.

Axes (or katana)+reaper with the full sword tree ranger is so good, especially if there are a ton of lower level mobs. Get to like 11-12 damage and u can kill 3-4 advent with one move. Rangers/templar became my favorite class for this reason, they just run across the battlefield killing everything.


The last mission with the c team squad was tense, I was sure it was going to go south when the ruler showed up!
Two weeks until the next stream…

Archie’s huge top hat bothers me so much, i’m not sure why.


So I’m watching the video right now and since no one in chat has mentioned it I feel like it should be pointed out that “Tracking Shot” that while is easy to avoid the game goes out of it’s way in the tool tip to mention that you can decrease the chance of it hitting by hunkering down if you have to. However that is actually not the case as someone named RealityMachine on Steam found out from digging around in the code. Just something to keep in mind.

Other things that they discovered:

  • Revival Protocol is bugged and will not bring a solider out of a stun or allow you to use it on resistance fighters

  • Defense Matrix is supposed to decrease the chance of a chosen doing a Sabotage action against the Avenger, it is bugged and doesn’t change anything at all

  • Blast padding does not reduce explosive damage from environmental explosives such as cars


Y’all, I need some advice. I love these streams, and this game seems so fun, but I cannot tell if I just enjoy watching people play XCOM or if I’d actually enjoy playing it myself. I’m not usually a strategy/tactics game person. I tried Frozen Synapse way way back and had to stop halfway through the tutorial, and I’ve only been able to play about five minutes of any Civ game before giving up. But I fell hard for Into the Breach back in February to the point where I 100%ed it for the Secret Squad, and I know the XCOM games have a reputation for being on the more accessible side of the spectrum.

At the same time, even when it’s on sale (like right now), the full game + WotC runs for ~50 bucks, and I just can’t spend that on a game I might end up dropping. But a year or two ago I did get XCOM 1 (the 2012 one, not like original original XCOM) on a super Steam sale with the “someday I might try this” attitude. Would I be disappointed by 1, after watching so much of 2/WotC? Or does it still hold up?


Episode from today, as it has yet to be linked.


XCOM EU/EW is still a great game! I would actually argue there’s enough differences between the two that they stand out on their own. There’s stuff that was in the first that wasn’t brought back for the sequel that I miss such as the cybernetics and turning your soliders into mechs. It is also a much more forgiving game when it comes to mission urgency, XCOM2 wants you to feel like time is of the essence in every mission where as the previous one is much more forgiving and letting you take your time if you really want to slow roll a level.

The one thing I will say about going back and playing is that while you can customize your soldiers it is not nearly as in depth with it as 2. That said I am more of a fan of the firsts faces then the seconds.

If you are on the fence I would definitely play the first and as someone who put 200 hours into XCOM2 before getting WotC you don’t have to have it but it does do a lot for the game in terms of QoL improvements. Plus it feels like it runs a lot smoother.


I was in the same position. I started watching the WotC streams and thought it seemed like a great game to play, even though I didn’t really have a ton of experience with tactics games like this. I ended up getting XCOM (1): EU since it was cheap and I have a Mac that can’t really run new games, and I really enjoyed it. I finished my first play-through last week and started over on a higher difficulty.

There’s definitely things I felt like I missed by playing EU vs XCOM 2/WotC, especially with character creation, the more advanced classes and skill management, etc.; but I’d say it scratched that itch pretty well, and is still a really fun—if sometimes super stressful—game.


all this XCOM talk makes me want to go back to it, maybe once I’m done with BattleTech. Tactical Tuesdays inspired me to finally finish an XCOM 2 campaign but despite starting a bunch of EU campaigns I’ve never actually beaten the game.


I would just like to put out into the world that I firmly believe that the Will/Elena ship name should be Valrider


My resolve was sufficiently weakened today that I went ahead and sprung for WOTC on Xbox. I fired it up with some trepidation, but I can report that it runs thoroughly okay, at least on my One X. There are some hitches and slowdown, especially on enemy turns, but it’s all very tolerable – at least for someone like me, used to the hinky way the game runs on the Waypoint streams. The game went on to devour my entire Sunday, and I’m very okay with that.

I played some Enemy Unknown on 360 a while back, but I’d forgotten how intuitive and smooth Firaxis’ controller interfaces for these games are. I’m sure the character/weapon customisation and poster creator stuff is a drag when you’re not on keyboard and mouse, but for everything else, the controller works perfectly.


Using the Xbox controller on PC, the poster mode still works surprisingly well. I am having some glitches with character customization when I select an item in the menu and go back, it skips every other selection, but the solution to that is going back out to the previous menu and going back in. So that’s a nusciance but yeah, otherwise the controller support for the game is outstanding!


I came across this mod and thought I would share it with the rest of ya because I’m sure others here are like me and would like it if the game let you use whatever gear you wanted.

Unrestricted Customization

Also as a bonus it has an option to randomly generate about a dozen outfits at a time based on your preferences so you can quickly get a good base look to build off of.


Also watching through one of the older episodes that I accidentally skipped, if you find yourself needing to kill time it’s always a good idea to just start working on one of the bonus investigations on the map. You don’t have to do the full investigation at once either, you can start and stop them but they do have a set amount of time before they expire that isn’t shown.


Rob is pretty close to Dumfries & Galloway in Thrones of Britain (which is called Westernas for some reason I don’t know) which is my home area. I hope he doesn’t conquer it.


Do call me out if this thread is not the place for it, but I was hoping to solicit some much-needed pointers for my own playthrough from you knowledgeable people. Currently, I’m at roughly the same place Austin and Rob are at in theirs (only I just got back from doing in the Assassin), so this shouldn’t be too spoilery. Specifically:

  • What should I be building in my last couple of available facility slots (and if I’ve made any irreparable mistakes in building what I have)? I have an Infirmary, Resistance Ring, Comms, Guerilla, Training Centre, 2 power generators (one built on a coil), Proving Grounds and a Shadow thingy. With engineer staffing and upgrades, I’m hoping to avoid building a third generator (one of the remaining slots is an exposed coil).
  • Should I be researching the Vial + skulljacking an officer sooner rather than later?
  • Thanks to savescumming (please be lenient in your judging, I am crap at strategy games), I have a lot of mid-to-high level soldiers, but I haven’t built any mechs or psi stuff. Do I absolutely need to be doing more of that sort of thing, or is sticking with soldiers a valid strat for the entire game?
  • I’m pretty close to being able to do the second Chosen stronghold (Hunter). Should I do this soon as, or is there any value to holding off for a bit?


You shouldn’t need a third generator as long as you upgrade the one on the coil all the way and put something that uses a lot of energy on the other like the PSI lab. Honestly you have the mandatory stuff so you can build whatever you want. If you still have a lot of research to do you might want to build a laboratory as it allows you to staff up to two scientists and makes each one count as two.

At this point yes you should have probably done the skulljacking but the game is pretty forgiving. I did all the story missions pretty much back to back once I was ready.

I have won on both vanilla and WotC without using mechs or PSI soldiers. They are fun but not needed. I might actually even say default mechs without mods are not good???

Do it as soon as you can because it means they will stop showing up in missions and the rewards you get are really good. Without getting into spoilers the rewards you get for killing the chosen are in my opinion OP.


Reaper+ assassin’s weapons is the best combo.

I just like reaper in general, the kill 5 enemies at once potential is both powerful and feels great, like transplanting a character action game protag into a tactics game, if that makes sense.


Not to mention banish with a rifle that has a superior mag will take out any enemy in the game.


I actually never tried banish, I know it’s good but I love stealth (as a concept) too much to use anything that would drop stealth. I love running my elena out, killing as many troops as guaranteed by the vector damage, killing several pods with remote start/claymores. Got the viper king down to like 8 health with my reaper alone; remote start/two claymores/sting and a lucky shot that didn’t break stealth