Tactical Tuesdays (XCOM) Thread: Rob & Austin Save The Earth ... Hopefully

  1. There’s nothing really urgent. If you want to invest in psionics, you should put your Psi Lab on the power coil.
  2. You can pretty much put it off indefinitely, but it’s a decent way to fill time if you don’t currently have important research to do, or if you need to knock some points off the doom clock.
  3. They’re both pretty great (SPARKs were buffed in WotC), but they tend to work better as mid-game investments, since the biggest thing SPARKs bring to the table is not getting tired, and psions take a long time to train up. They’re hardly essential, so you’ll be just fine either way.
  4. It’s usually best to try to push to do it before their next round of training, but you can pick whatever time seems most convenient.


if any of y’all are like me and are on a computer that can only manage XCOM EU, the XCOM EU Complete Pack is on sale 80% off rn on Humble! after watching y’all play XCOM2, i worried that i would maybe miss the sequel’s added layers, especially having sunk a bunch of hours into the base Enemy Unknown. and while i do wish there was stuff like the stealth mechanic, the expansions and Long War mod seem like they’ll still make for a pretty dramatically different experience.

which also makes me wonder. has anyone here played 2 and gone back to Enemy Unknown? it seems like the sequel has a different tone, as opposed to being Enemy Unknown, Again. like the mobile base and guerrilla ops makes it seem more… uphill? than its predecessor.


EU/EW stands on it’s own and the Long War mod for it is really good!

As for tone I would say EU/EW is a much more forgiving game. Hardly any of the missions are timed meaning you can play very slow and safe. I think Firaxis realized that which is why almost every mission in the sequel is timed.


I’ll be honest, I’ve not really been keeping up with these X-Com Antics on account of maybe one day getting the game myself, but nonetheless I assume future episodes will be accompanied by this mod:

I mean, a voice pack based on an old British Sci-Fi Comedy probably fits perfectly into what yall have going, right? No I’m not going to check.


“A” team mission today! It’s good to get back to the xcom state of mind again.

I like the new enemy that was introduced: the Andromedon. Huge mech suit leaking green gases. Big punches.

Non-descript Harry gets a new design, looking good with the grey hair and beard. Good contrast to most of the team , who clearly have fond memories of Hot Topic before the invasion. Except for Mort, who has a genius fashion level…tie died gears of war outfit with half cape…

“He’s a Genius!”

Has it ever been brought up that the severed alien heads and torsos mounted on the wall as trophies is a bit…much?


Oh don’t worry the Chosens upper torsos go up there as well once you kill them.


@sputnik The Chryssalids were also a new enemy on this mission. We probably won’t be seeing them much outside of retaliation missions though.

If it makes you feel better, the robot enemies are all there too, and the panel on the left is where our unique weapons will be mounted. I think that look came around with the Alien Hunters DLC, though I might be misremembering.

I wasn’t able to watch Tactical Tuesdays live today, but I wrote out a list of the clarifications and advice I would have given to Austin and Rob in the chat today.

  • Shredder is extremely good now that you’re seeing enemies like Andromedons with tons of armor. Consider using the Training Center to put it on all of your Heavies and anyone else that can have it. Magnetic weapons will strip two armor, Plasma weapons three.
  • Bluescreen Protocol is a high priority in my games. Bluescreen rounds ammo deals double damage to all robot-like enemies. Since robots tend to be heavily armored, this combos great with Shredder.
  • Unfortunately, Rob and Austin queued up Advanced Explosives instead. You’d eventually want that, but it only affects special grenades like Gas Grenades, upgrading them into Gas Bombs instead. Standard Plasma Grenades and the Frost Bombs are unaffected.
  • Researching the Chosens’ weapons will give you powerful unique weapons. The Assassin’s Katana in particular ignores five armor and cannot miss or be dodged. The unique guns all have more mods on them than standard weapons can hold.
  • Serial’s ability is on a five turn cooldown. Without mods, Valravn’s Implacable extra movement is lost after the second time you shoot your gun, so use it. Kills made without your gun (grenade, swords) will end your Serial run.
  • If enemies know it exists (LoS), a Mimic Beacon will draw enemy fire for one turn (or until it dies) from anyone that can shoot it from a position within their move area. If they can’t possibly shoot it from any position, they’ll act as normal. Shots always hit the decoys, so they can generally only soak two to three shots.
  • Chryssalids, like Archons, are very dodgy. Don’t count your incubating eggs before they burst forth.

As for advice going forward:

  • You still need a Radio Relay in South America to get the important Continental Bonus. Look at the unlit pip next to it compared to Tactical Analysis in Africa.
  • While the Radio Relay in South Africa is useless for reducing the intel contact cost for new regions, it will still give you a bunch of money every month once you finish building it. The initial construction costs are sunk, so we’d only lose the time.
  • You had started recruiting another engineer in Africa if you want to pick that back up. Though if you have other things to do, Points of Interest like that have their expiration timer (about two weeks) reset when you spend time on them.
  • Consider pulling an engineer off of room clearing and assigning them to the Resistance Ring to cut mission time down? More missions per month. Alternatively you have a couple wounded in the infirmary.
  • If you send soldiers out on a covert action and they have a level two bond, mission time goes down by a day. Between that and the Ring engineer, you can cut some missions down to just three or four days.
  • Don’t forget that Lost World is in effect for the next month!

Lastly, while I assume that Austin and Rob have held back on mods so as to give a pure experience to the audience, Austin may be interested in installing ‘Misclick Confirm WOTC’ to prevent some of the worst possible errors. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1267323416 . If anyone else is interested in mod suggestions, I maintain a list of mostly quality of life mods here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1217368466


  • You’ve got about a dozen days of projects queued up in the Proving Grounds right now between Battlefield Medicine and Advanced Explosives. Due to the format of Tactical Tuesdays it might be very good to start projects way in advance so you don’t forget what you wanted from week to week, but it’s also money and resources that could possibly be used immediately on other things. Something to balance.
  • The next supply drop is in just a few days, and you’ve got some extra cash. It will be good to try to conserve money for Plasma weapon upgrades now that we’re reaching that point (the basic Plasma Rifle upgrade in the armory is $250, to give you an idea). However: you could upgrade the Resistance Ring to give you more wildcard resistance order slots. You can check what’s available through the captain’s quarters on the Avenger or through the buttons at the top of the map screen around the Avatar Project warning. You’re about to get the Ballistics Modeling resistance order to increase your weapon research rate by 15%, but to use it you’d have to drop something else as things stand.
  • While I was checking the archives for your resistance order situation I just saw this: the Skirmishers are offering a covert action for a new resistance order called Sabotage. I cannot stress enough how good it is. It reduces the Avatar Project by one pip with every supply drop. This offer is going to disappear when the covert actions cycle with the new supply drop, so it’s now or never.


never felt like I needed bluescreen protocol, but seconded on shredder; you’re really going to need the armor shred for Andromadons and the red MECs. Seconded also to the chosen’s weapons (more stuff to make valravn only? lol) Also, grenades will shred armor, so for the armored enemies it might be better to use grenades instead of shooting.


A tense mission but congrats! I’m gearing up to fight the Assassin in my own playthrough so I’m hoping it goes as well as this.

I’ve seen Andromedons before, so I was worried as soon as I saw it, especially when Austin was counting the damage thinking he was lining up a kill.


Proposal to refer to all Andromedon as “Andrew,” or “Andy’s” when there are multiple.


All of this is really good and i’m glad someone less lazy than me typed it out. I’m also somewhat unreasonably happy that after kong played second banana to valravn for most of the game he by default kind of has to get both the chosen assassin weapons.



“We got to have it both ways, Rob.”


especially since Kong is the OG but in a previous video they forgot that and thought he came from a mission or something lol


I mean, it’s not like Xcom is some ship of Predators from the end of Predator 2. I don’t see the point of keeping trophy heads.

The dead mechs they have lined up aren’t much better, if I remember my xcom lore right, and I probably don’t, the mechs the elders use are another sentient race they’ve modified.


Another successful mission down! I think they are doing well with the tactics part so I don’t think I need to comment on any moves they made during the mission. I will say this: nice job saving your special abilities and grenades for the final room. I did notice they were unsure if an ability was a one time use or had a recharge. The game will tell you this by adding a X1 or X2 under the ability to show how many uses it has left. If it has no number it will recharge.

I think it’s time for them to play ammo roulette in the proving grounds to get those AP rounds. Now that they are hitting the difficulty spike for the late game there are going to be new aliens slathered in armor. Bluescreen protocol is important too, as you will be seeing a certain nasty mech pop up in missions soon (on top of emp rounds doing extra damage to the andromidon shell after the pilot dies). The best thing about bluescreen is the fact that it will unlock both the emp bomb and emp rounds without having to spin the random ammo wheel in the proving grounds as they will both be available to build in their own menu unlike the other speical ammo types.

I would also recommend the guardian skill on your specialists as it’s a 50% chance to get another overwatch shot which works well on missions that spawn multiple reinforcements on the map (I’ve had a specialist literally get 6 shots in a row on overwatch thanks to this and an expanded mag). Combine that with ever vigilant and you have a free overwatch with the chance to hit multiple targets. If you have the extra points buy that skill in the training center and mod your specialists with a scope, mag, and a repeater if you unlock the 3rd slot on the rifle.

Remember the ruler armor is now available for research along with the assassins weapons so once you’re done with elerium those should be the next things to research along with plasma weapons and powered armor. Remember that E.X.O suits exist in the proving grounds too, as they use the special heavy weapons you can build (the spark also uses them so I would recommend building a few so you can swap out the low damage rocket launcher on your spark or E.X.O suits).


I’m also now kind of worried they won’t use the ruler armor because it looks ridiculous, maybe it’s just what kong needs.


Considering their fashion choices in previous episodes I think they will actually love the snake armor.


Thanks as always! Rob and I truly and honestly exchanged worried words when we realized you weren’t going to be in the chat with your expertise the other day!

@D347 @imweasel09

  1. Thanks for the tips to you too, D347! And 2. We absolutely will find a home for that armor.


Pretty sure the mechs are based on Shen’s MEC soldiers, and don’t have actual sentience. The heads are pretty macabre though, I wonder how Mort feels about all those advent heads?

And as a not for Austin and Rob, the target preview can be used as a makeshift line of sight tester for when you want the squad to sneak up on a pod Elena’s revealed. If they pop up in target preview, that’s LoS. Doesn’t really help for questions like “can I see through the hanger of this dropship,” and beware that it’s easy to miss if a square they’re moving through has LoS, but it can be useful.


Well, they’re supposed to. The game files say units targeting a mimic beacon get +1000% to hit, but for some reason aliens sometimes miss anyway. I guess they just get XCOM’d.

Also, the interaction isn’t completely clear, but Serial lasts for the whole turn, which means that if you use an ability to grant an extra action, your soldier can pick the chain back up.