Tactical Tuesdays (XCOM) Thread: Rob & Austin Save The Earth ... Hopefully


What’s everyones thoughts on EMP grenades? I’ve mostly always stuck to bluescreen rounds on a sharpshooter to pick off mech units


I’ve said this before but at least on normal I’ve always had the dps to take down robotic units without either. Might change on Harder difficulties though; Im gonna try a hard run after I finish my current (3rd) normal run

Also I know they wanted as vanilla of a run as possible but it might have been more fun turning off the story intro to the content; you get generic reapers and skirmishers instead of mox/elena


Aw, thanks! I’m always glad to help, and y’all did excellent without me. I can be a bad back-seat gamer, but I try to be better these days. (It really shined through when y’all were going to melee a muton on stream :frowning:) I thought of a few other things, so I’m going to edit that post to keep them in one place.

@sputnik @Peng Some of the generic soldier backstories state that they have a tendency to bring home grisly trophies, so you could chalk it up to that. It is admittedly macabre though. As to the MECs: yeah, the Shen’s Last Gift unintegrated mission says that the MECs are based on the prototype SPARKs built by Dr. Shen. I can’t speak to old XCOM lore, so maybe the MECs are actually an uploaded race. We know they have either that or an AI from before they got a hold of the SPARKs with Sectopods existing in XCOM:EU (who were remarked on as being “strangely self-aware” in their autopsy. Alternatively, Lily Shen is able to take the Julian AI and strip it of its higher reasoning to make it function as an AI for the SPARKs, so it’s possible that Advent did something similar for the MECs.

@Wazanator I may stick to bluescreen rounds to take care of robotic units, but I imagine EMP bombs are a feasible grenade to equip your party with if you’re not worried about having plasma grenades to destroy cover. I don’t think I’ve every actually used one though.


I don’t think I’ve ever used one. Bluescreen rounds do so much work that they’re my go to anti-robot solution. The same reason I never make non medic specialists although wotc makes that last part moot anyway.


So I went ahead and built one just to try it out and they are actually okay and are a pretty good way to break concealment on a pod of codex because it has a chance to stun/disorient in addition to the 10 damage which means you can pretty much clean up an entire pod with one.


I never knew about stun/disorient chance! I ought to give them a try.


This a small detail, but I think it would be nice to change. It appears that Big Money is set to the “Hard Luck” attitude, which isn’t very Big Money at all! It effects some of her animations, such as in the deployment screen where you can see that she’s all slumped over with her head down. I believe it effects her voice lines as well. You could change her attitude to something else by selecting her in the armory and going to Customize > Character Info > Attitude.


maybe Big Money is actually an appearance she puts on, something to strive towards being, despite feeling like Hard Luck internally?


Big Money Hard Luck is a very good name tbh.


@austin_walker The thing with the volume being so loud: It’s a bug where if you don’t have XCOM2 as the active application when the main menu loads on launch then the volume stays at 100% instead of adjusting to your settings. You can hear the music adjusting if you’re listening.


So, in light of Best Boy Mort getting his first true chance at friendship turned down in favor of bonding Cameron and Bridget I got bored and paused on his bond chart while Austin had it up. Time for some Mort Facts.

Turns out, Chiron, Alexei, Paulina and Kong are all big fans of Mort (8.6, 8.9, 7.3, 6.7 respectively) but are already bonded with other people. He currently had cohesion with only 2 other people, Bridget apparently hates Mort (1.6) and while Gravedigger and Mort don’t get along (4.9) they’ve done enough missions that the bar is nearly filled although getting any of the better bond perks is very unlikely. Of the remaining people who we might actually use (i.e. not squaddies) the only person who has a high compatibility is…Astrid. Astrid who has been on the team for half a mission and showed up cosplaying Elena and trying to steal valravn (somehow with an even higher compatibility rating)


That’s sad… Mort, the lonely combat genius.


I will just say that Interrupt is an incredibly Mort move; as a combat genius he has the presence of mind to do anything on overwatch instead of just shooting!

Great job on the mission, these rescue ops with the +2 soldiers always fuck me up.


Re: Mort: I can’t wait to see their reaction when they finally find somebody with Savant level combat intelligence.

@DystopiaX Rescue missions: The key thing to know is that the enemy will never attack the people until you move to rescue them (though they’re still weak to AOEs and floors collapsing). In addition, Advent and the Lost will start fighting each other once you have LoS on a pod of each that also have LoS on each other. If you’re quick and careful with a Reaper (or two!) who has Remote Start, you can deal significant damage to Advent before you engage. As always, blocking ladders is a great strategy for dealing with the Lost.


Yeah most of that stuff I know theoretically; I love using reapers to just start shit between lost and advent, I just seem to have horrific luck with those missions. I’ve had chosen show up and usually lose at least one soldier and a bunch more injured.

Incidentally, are the rewards always grenadiers? I’m on my third run through now and it’s always been 2 grenadier, leading me to have way too many in relation to the other classes.


…Maybe? Now that you say it, I do recall getting grenadiers from it before, but I can’t say I never got a different class type. It’d make sense that the team with two grenadiers ran into trouble in a city filled with the Lost.


I’m honestly not sure that they’re ever going to find a Savant combat intelligence at this point. They’re nearly at the completely and total victory lap stage of the game, with only like ~4 things I feel like would really go pear shaped and make them have to recruit/replace. Although if anything does make that happen it would be The archon king or possibly austin’s mouse.


I finally got to watch the strategic layer stuff after the mission, and some tips/recommendations: I really recommend getting the continent bonuses for doing stuff (getting supplies, making contact) instantaneously. Doing so really allows you to spend your time scanning getting other bonuses, which ultimately gets you more stuff much faster. You only need to build one radio relay in SA to unlock Resistance Network, which will allow you to make regional contact instantaneously.

I also recommend getting the Assassin Weapons researched next, you don’t need to build them/make them in the Proving Ground and they’re extremely powerful. Also don’t forget that the SPARK unit has weapon upgrades under build items, much like the WOTC classes have separate weapon upgrades, though with Plasma weapon upgrades right around the corner it might be worth holding off on. On the other hand, I believe the upgrade comes under the additional heavy weapons research upgrade so if you have the supplies it might be worth building anyway- being on the base weapon damage for the tier of missions you guys are currently on won’t exactly cut it at this point.

edit- nothing to do with the playthrough, but i was playing, got a lucky covert op to get a 2nd templar, and it just comes in as a Colonel! Is this based on higherst/average level or what? Not complaining, I love Templars, but damn that’s a good one. (I wish getting 2nds of the special classes were more common because they’re so fun to use, but the Templars and Reapers are so OP I can see why they’re not)

Also, her assigned nickname is “Stormwalker”, which is a dope name for a Templar!

AND 3 of her random abilities are Reaper, Shadowstep, and Bladestorm! Luckiest RNG I’ve had yet, I swear.


I know I’m probably gonna get some flak for this but IMO they might just not want to bother with the SPARK stuff at all. They’ve got a deep enough bench that tiredness isn’t a real problem, SPARKs can’t bond, use the training center or slot in PCS. They’re a large investment in resources/time that’s never really going to pay off compared to leveling a psi-trooper. They’re already kind of meh outside of WOTC and the new classes just kind of push them completely out.


that all makes a lot of sense. but also, if they did build one, my headcanon is 100% Mort and the SPARK ending up the best of friends