Tactical Tuesdays (XCOM) Thread: Rob & Austin Save The Earth ... Hopefully


“Only you truly appreciate my combat intelligence Monsieur Julian.” tips hat


If Austin wants to install some mods and make this happen I’m 100% on board. WOTC actually has a lot of really cool non-gameplay mods they might appreciate that clean up the UI/show information they frequently seem to want (Or the misclick confirm mod for Austin’s treacherous mouse).


Just watched this week’s stream (because I kept thinking yesterday was Monday all day) and oh boy was that a tense mission. Kept giving me flashbacks to a similarly set-up mission on my last WOTC playthrough (down to getting a scientist and two grenadiers) that went entertainingly (in hindsight) sideways. So I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.


So, I hit a wall at work this afternoon, and goofing around in Photoshop to prime the pump has left me with this…Mort “Doom” Degrir fan art.



I love it, and the only suggestion I have would be for Mort’s Iconic Hat on the ‘O’.

Speaking of Mort, I forgot to post this here last week. https://twitter.com/HelenQBarnett/status/999519045526343680


That’s fantastic.


This is amazing and I love it.


Thanks! The warping on it is very quick and dirty. I’m starting to get an urge to dive in and actually clean it up.


I’m gonna echo this sentiment sadly. I really want to like the SPARK units but they are a huge resource sink because you need to buy their upgrades separate from normal troops.

So in order to get them on par with your troops you have to rebuy both the armor and weapon upgrades. Weapon upgrades also don’t show up in engineering until you upgrade cannons.


Plus they don’t benefit from the damage and health breakthrough technologies (though there’s a mod for that)


XCOM 2 is free in June for PS+ members


counterpoint: you get robots on your team, and that’s dope. I love my shiny gold boy so much.


Yeah, but you can also get psychics on your team who are both cool and very useful. And training up a psy op right now would let them pick a squaddie with high compatibility with Mort which, RP aside, would actually be super useful. The strength of teamwork use is in how much you can do with that turn. Mort would get a lot of benefit from it since he currently has 2 free actions with grapple and whiplash and can train into a third with retribution. This means he can move himself a long distance and potentially next to someone to set up a retribution strike, shoot force lightning for free and with his newest ability transfer that teamwork action to anyone on the team or use wrath/justice to guarantee the retribution strike and potentially pull someone from cover. The tactical flexibility is huge, compared to sparks which can sprint and then shoot, or shoot 3 times and probably miss twice because of the aim penalty.

I want to like sparks very badly, especially after SHIVs in Xcom EU, but unmodded sparks are really uninspiring.


but, robots

sometimes u gotta ignore the numbers and go with your heart, man


SPARKs have built-in heavy armor, good base stats, several useful abilities from the start, and they never get tired. They’re solid units even when they’re a tier behind in weapons and armor.

It’s not really worth getting them late-game, but if you get a relatively early proving ground it’s almost always a good play, especially if you get a cost reduction breakthrough.


Sounds like you’re channeling Austin there~

Figure it should be fun to take Chappie on a few missions, even if it’s not optimal.


look my shiny golden boy has never steered me wrong.

(heavy weapons are real good, I have my big boy equipped with a shredder gun and that thing basically takes out a whole pod by itself, and shreds a load of armor if they have it)


I won’t disagree with shredder guns being great, I just wish the process for getting them wasn’t a slot machine.


Slot machine advantages

  • You get one of each type before you’ll get a repeat, so you’ll always eventually get the thing you want

Slot machine disadvantages

  • You get one of each type before you’ll get a repeat, so if you want three of the same type of ammo you have to spin that machine between 11 and 15 times. That’s a ton of elerium cores to spend, especially in WOTC where you don’t have Vulture guaranteed and the Chosen are destroying your cores to boot.

Why didn’t they just make each type a thing like Bluescreen Protocol and then cost an elerium core to build? I imagine they wanted a reason for you to keep the Proving Grounds around for the whole game. I wish they had struck the middle ground and made Experimental ‘X’ a project that just unlocked new projects that gave you exactly what you wanted, even if that meant keeping Bluescreen rounds and the EMP grenade in the Proving Grounds for consistency.


That’s honestly what I was hoping for way back when i first played, or let me re-build anything that the slot machine already spit out for a higher cost or something.