Tactical Tuesdays (XCOM) Thread: Rob & Austin Save The Earth ... Hopefully


A good idea would be to get a Colonel ranked Ranger, so that they can get Reaper. Reaper is a move that works exactly like Serial but for sword attacks. It makes crysallids and lost a lot easier to deal with, especially with the fusion blades from the archon autopsy, which can one hit kill crysallids.


Well they already have Bladestorm, as soon as they research the Assassins weapons then they can one shot any chrysalids that move within range. With Val it might be better to get Rapid Fire so they can take out beefy targets in one turn.

Bladestorm + assassin weapons + the archon ruler suit is one of the most fun ways to break concealment. Just jet boot into the middle of a pod and watch as they try to run for cover only to get sliced with a ranger who then still has two action points left.


“I did not succeed in making a friend, commander”


So as a word of warning be very very careful with shredstorm cannons. They are very strong and have a long range. In fact they are so strong and have such a long range you might actually wipe out a pod along with the building behind it housing the prison cell of the VIP you are extracting.



I felt like this was important


correct me if i’m wrong, but after seeing their situation last stream w/ having too many tired/injured folks, can’t they spin the globe for like one extra day without consequences like missing out on guerilla ops or retaliation missions? Could’ve been helpful to get a specialist on deck without using hypervital module


I think gatekeepers don’t show up until the psi gate mission, but that could have just been an interesting coincidence in my playthrough?

Glad to see Kong in the snake suit too! He’s been an asset to the team for a while now, but I never felt like he had a goofball gimmick to go with the rest of the squad before this.


In my current game the latest mission I’ve done is the skull jack and they’re present.


Have to confess that today I almost bought Mort by Terry Pratchet at a book store because I saw the title, didn’t think about the literal title being the french word for “Death”, read the description and thought “Huh what if this was about your friend and mine, Mort?”


Something I was thinking about today, the last couple missions there have been a lot of time where Austin has said something the lines of “no, so and so doesn’t have X skills”. Last time it was valravn/blade storm and astrid/heavy ordnance and before that it was thumper not having shredder, the thing with the training center is that those don’t have to be and either/or choice and longer. They dipped into it once but never really went back and it’s been a few missions. Astrid might not have enough points yet for 2 grenade uses but it’s worth checking if they can pick blade master followed by bladestorm on valravn and that all the heavies have shredder. The thing with WOTC is that it doesn’t take long to get to the point where you can cherry pick the good stuff from both sides of the tree, it’s why i almost never make a non-medic specialist since I can just grab combat/haywire/capacitor discharge later.


yeah I’ve always kinda felt like Kong got the short end of the stick, mostly because of the ravens and also because he got injured in the turotial mission so he was gone the first month.


Missions spawn with somewhere between 12 and 24 hours to launch before you lose the opportunity, and beyond the actual travel time of the Avenger, it also costs a few hours every time you land. I’m not sure on the exact range there, but I usually see them start in the high teens of hours left. Normally this is all hidden from the player with the displays just listing time remaining in days, but there’s some handy mods that will cut that down to hours so you can plan your movements very precisely.


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I don’t think that Thunder is a superfan of Valravn, I think she’s his sister. She has a 100% compatibility with him, the last name Nilsen implies she’s from somewhere up Scandinavia/North-eastern Europe way, she wears the Viking hairstyle and her nickname is Thunder. In truth she is Astrid Odinsdottir, god of Thunder, worthy of Mjölnir, and she doesn’t like Elena because she’s worried her brother is going to get hurt being involved with someone so secretive.


Made an account to stop by and say I LOVE this series. Also Waypoint Radio. So much love!


Where have the xcom 2 streams gone?


2 weeks ago they were at E3; 1 week ago Austin was sick; yesterday they were having technological issues setting up the stream with Rob and decided to stream Mario+Rabbids instead.

We should get the next one next week, I believe

(this might sound like I’m someone who knows something—to be clear, I don’t, but those are the reasons I remember from tweets/podcasts)


Someone posted that on the XCOM subreddit and I thought it belonged here.


During my game, I found that the best use for bluescreen rounds was to put them on someone who had the bolt caster. That combo can one shot Heavy MECs and do a lot of damage to most other robot enemies. I also put them on my PSI Operative, as they were mostly using their psi abilities, so the one round restriction of the bolt caster did not even matter.