Tactical Tuesdays (XCOM) Thread: Rob & Austin Save The Earth ... Hopefully


That was the most on-brand Tactical Tuesday moment we’ve ever had.


Pretty good job avoiding that big steppy altogether. Is Alexei’s hack skill off the charts or was that 100% Distraction a fluke?


So, my hot take this week is that austin was dead wrong when he started worrying about bringing 2 frost bombs instead of 2 grenades on thumper. Action economy is so important in turn based games and frost bomb is way more useful at a 2 of then some okay damage and cover destruction.


God, the timing is… perfect…


Yo new review builds went up which means there could be a new expansion/dlc announcement in the near future. This has been fairly consistent with the rest of the content released for XCOM2.


I’m so happy tactical Tuesdays are back, even though I usually don’t watch it until I’m drinking coffee on Saturday morning I made an exception for this one and watched it as soon as I saw it was available.


My office clamped down on its streaming media policy, so I haven’t been able to watch this latest episode yet (tonight, fingers crossed). It’s entirely possible that Tactical Tuesday is my favorite TV show?


Don’t think it’s that hot of a take. Can’t think of a scenario in which I’d rather have grenades than frost bombs. Once you get to the stage that the crew is at DPS is not a huge concern, and as you said, being able to reduce the number of turns for enemies is way too good.

(note that the number of turns reduced depends on the enemy though; don’t use it on a sectopod because it only reduces 1 action iirc and it will still be able to move the next turn, as I found out the hard way)


Apologize in advance cause this has nothing to do with waypoint, but need to vent about the ad situation on Twitch getting out of control since I updated the app. Recordings of your streams are being interrupted not just at the beginning but at random intervals, usually the same ad over and over again. I hope waypoint is getting some kind of reimbursement for this like it says and it trickles down to the actual streamers. Anyway it’s getting ridiculous and i’ll probably just wait for the streams to end up on youtube for now.


Just a heads-up in case anyone here only really follows this particular stream—they decided not to stream XCOM today to continue the Prime Day boycott (since Prime Day is still ongoing). Austin’s statement is over in this thread: Amazon Prime Day Strike


Bump, op updated, more xcom here

… in which I mislead the crew by typing too fast and optimistically in chat. (Augh. Sorry guys. I was guessing by the fact that they disappeared when they were not primed, and also I didn’t really pay attention to the priming. Mental fog of war. I have never actually played this far in WOTC myself. I’ll phrase unsure things as questions in the future.)


Don’t worry about it. Doctors make mistakes too.


Just a heads up, Rob and Austin!

You may have everything in the Guerrilla Tactics School, but if you remove it from the base you lose all the upgrades you received from it. I had the exact same thought as y’all when I saw I had bought all the upgrades but I checked out some forums before I pulled the trigger on deleting it. Turns out thats a bad move and the game never really lets you know.

It kinda sucks that it basically just wastes space really late game, but its something you unfortunately have to deal with for those much needed upgrades.


Thanks for letting us know! Appreciated!


Austin noticed that the number of enemies was unusually low. That’s a hint that a Chosen (or an Alien Ruler, if they’re available) is going to spawn, since those special enemies replace an entire pod.

Also, a bunch of people in chat suggested doing it, but that second frost bomb was dubious, because freezing the warlock was basically the only answer available for his mind control. Not that it matters now, since as long as you remember to bring some mindshields you can just go in his crib and give him The Ultimate Wedgie.


Austin and Rob were looking at what to do with their weapon upgrades and I feel i should mention how reaper weapon damage scales since they have a laser sight to use. Reapers get a smaller benefit from weapon upgrades than other classes, they get +1 damage per tier instead of +2 but they also have bigger crit modifiers (3/4/5 like shotguns) in exchange. This means reapers don’t scale as well when shooting unless they’re critting, or you’re pulling banish shenanigans with repeaters/extended mags.

Also Austin hovering right over the bond option for mort and not clicking it made me so very sad.


These streams are real fun to watch, I’ve never really been that interested in turn based strategy stuff but you two make it real fun, mostly just the narrative elements you add. Also, I was permanently banned from participating in the Waypoint Twitch chat for saying “more like sex com” when someone said that the two resting members were going to make more Xcoms, and I’m not entirely sure it was worth it.


Is this series definitely on hiatus? It’s probably my favorite by far, although I understand it only makes sense to continue if Rob and Austin are sufficiently motivated. I can also imagine there’s other stuff going on too (Frozen Synapse 2, finishing the Stellaris series, etc).

But every time they go back to this game after a few weeks makes me scared they’ve gone rusty, and this bunch of soldiers feel like family by now!


The last stream was only 3 weeks ago. The Stellaris finale replaced it the week after and Austin was on holiday last week, so unless anyone has said anything specifically about the series’ future I assume it’s ongoing.


bump. mort.