Tactical Tuesdays (XCOM) Thread: Rob & Austin Save The Earth ... Hopefully


This is really top notch content, I love how well Austin and Rob manage shoe-horn every piece of wacky gear into a character’s backstory, Kong in the serpent ruler suit makes so much sense in this universe which seems to take itself way too seriously otherwise.

Quick question: what happens when a bondmate dies, does the other half suffer permanent stat penalties? Do they ever get a chance to bond with someone else? I get anxious all the time when Elena is sent way far in the front, but can you imagine the ValRaven/ Astrid drama that would ensue if something terrible happened?

Finaly I’d love if someone could redirect me to yesterday’s «bathroom break» song, I need more of those chill beats in my life and want to support the artist! Please?


Bondmates definitely can re-bond with someone else, but I believe they start off at no compatibility for everyone else if their bondmate dies, so they have to build the entire meter up organically again. I had some soldiers re-bond in my own playthrough though, so it can happen. I don’t think they suffer permanent penalties otherwise.


In case no one has said anything yet about the Avatar countdown, it hit’s and then you have a month? maybe less on harder difficulties cause I’m a noob. More importantly, I’m playing on PS4 Pro and the framerate dips sometimes, and the game has crashed at the end of every black sight mission I’ve done. ugh

Edit: Am I missing something or is there just like miles of difficulty between rookie and veteran cause I got through the campaign fine and then bump up the difficulty for a new playthrough my squads just get wiped.


This episode went really well. They will defidently be able to defeat the Archon King. About the Gatekeeper: It IS vunerable to the EMP grenade.When it is hiding in its shell, it is counted as a mechanical unit. So as long as its still in its armor, you can do a ton of damge with the EMP and stuff like bluescreen rounds and Morts electric attack.


even with that Overwatch trap missing so many times, the sheer number of free attacks, frost bombs, and teamwork things to allow more frost bombs… yeah, that poor Archon King. I feel bad for it, honestly.


Yeah, War of the Chosen is real good, but it kinda breaks the balance of the game in favour of the player once you’re kitted out.


tim is my hero, the way he totally-deliberately took on that sectopod by himself after everyone else evac-d out, what a star


Austin accusing poor mort of planting the kick me sign on tim, then sending tim off to die in the woods was great. It was the commander all along.


“Moved Furthest: Rk. Tim Scott”


This playthrough got me started playing XCOM Enemy Unknown earlier in the year, and last week I started onto XCOM 2. What you can do with character design is just so much fun. Giving War of the Chosen a miss for the first playthrough though because the base game is already pretty hectic in comparison to the first one.

I had to teach myself the absolute basics of video editing recently and used one of the early XCOM 2 streams as test project. I figured somebody out there might get a kick out of this (very basic) “Valravn: the Origin Story” clipset/supercut, also as a little thanks to Austin and Rob and the waypoint community for making the streams so fab and filled with such amazing character lore.


I’ve been waiting for them to get into psionics cause they’ll be very surprised by what enemies can be mind controlled.


wallpaper material


Also, because I missed the latest stream:

Odin has two ravens: Huginn and Muninn, thought and memory. If Muninn’s not already being used for Valravn’s axes, I think it’d be a strong name for the Assassin’s shotgun, since Huginn’s been bequeathed.


Here’s an interesting thing in Ryo’s bio from last stream that adds some bonus oof:

Was Ryo some kind of special forces or a spy before?

I also took a look back on youtube to see what Ryo’s original two missions were. The first mission was a fairly straight-forward one. Hilariously, this was also the mission where Harry fired a gas-grenade at his own feet due to an iconic misclick and developed poision-phobia (and Austin and Rob decided gas grenades: actually, nah). [link]

The second mission may have been the single most XCOM time that there’s been on stream - the extraction mission where the extraction point spawned on the other side of a reflecting pool with the only way to get there being a choke-point bridge with an ADVENT reinforcements spawn.

We almost lost Mort in his very first mission when he triggered a pod when making a cool grapple to a position to finish off the Warlock (also the first appearance for him!), revealing a pod with a Viper. [link] The Viper of course grabbed him. Mort was only saved by Heinrich’s heroism, then Ryo saves everyone by staying and taking out one of the stun lancers near the extraction point.

The entire mission is incredible (and incredibly stressful!), I recommend taking another look because I’m still kinda amazed everyone lived. I really hope we get our other hero Heinrich back too at some point in the campaign, that would be the icing on the cake.


Man I forgot how wild that second mission was. I remember it being really stressful, but it goes so bad and it could have very easily gone much worse. What a first mission for Mort.

It’s really fun to see how much the team has changed since then, everyone is like a 10th as extra as they are now. Kong is just a regular dude instead of a ridiculous snake skin wearing badass, Mort hasn’t turned into the literal superhero he is now etc.


Use ya mind control!


For real, I’m rewatching the series as I play through an XCOM run myself and seeing how each soldier grows into their own has been wonderful. I think the series could be split into Before Archie Customization and After Archie Customization


Thanks for these summaries! This really, really speaks to why I love both: 1. Bringing a really narrative-heavy style of play to my games, especially ones like this with a lot of open endedness and “blank spaces” to map in. 2. Streaming, which allows for a better sense of continuity and reflection after the fact. I remember leaving that mission and feeling good about it as an episode, but NOW, with this new Ryo info and with everything that’s happened with Mort and everyone else in that mission, it’s like… the quinessential mid-season episode in the series!

Thanks again for the recap!


That stream was my first time watching live/at all. The combo of a great mission and Archie metamorphosis into Hightower was truly magical.


Thanks Austin! I’ve been rewatching these streams as I started getting into playing the XCOM games myself, and these narratives are just so good. From the start it’s had the feel of you guys simultaneously playing a strategy game and making an ensemble superhero TV series.

I totally agree with Glorgu and shokster about Archie’s mall goth glo up being a marker moment. That was the stream right after that nightmare retaliation mission where only Valravn and Gravedigger got out alive (RIP Mox, Christian and Arthur), immediately followed by being hunted by the UFO.

That was basically a Season 1 finale episode, the kind of finale where a previously good and fun series steps up a gear unexpectedly and you suddenly feel ‘ohhhhhh shit I didn’t know I was watching this kind of show??’

Then the rocking Season 2 opener with Archie’s debut as Hightower, Mystic’s first outing and defending the downed Avenger. That’s mission is another fantastic rewatch, and not just because it’s called Operation Sweaty Paramour (aside: do yourself a favour and revisit Rob and Austin’s reaction to noticing that).

A few other iconic things from that one: the first appearance of Alexei’s samurai mask of mourning, nine active enemies up at once, the genesis of Heinrich Schulz not moving, absolute heart attack moments where Valravn was down to 1HP twice, Mystic being one square away from being able to make it back to the ramp with the rest of the squad, then Rob realising they could get him there via Momentum from a Rend on the way. In the version of this campaign that is a TV show, that one would go straight into its Crowning Moments of Awesome tvtropes page.