Tactical Tuesdays (XCOM) Thread: Rob & Austin Save The Earth ... Hopefully


XCom 2, come for the gameplay and stay for the drama. I love this series, I’ve never been much of a roleplayer myself and the way Austin and Rob play has influenced in the way I approach making a team in a squad based game. Why copy a pop reference or imitate your group of friends when the gameplay can give you new genuine characters?


I have definitely watched several of the old videos twice, as there is a really great YouTube playlist that makes it pretty easy to dip in and out. I do miss seeing the full Twitch chat experience. Is there any way to make a Tactical Tuesday playlist that lives on the Waypoint Twitch channel? It looks like there is something called a “Collection” set up for Breakfast and Battlegrounds (though it has no actual videos in it). I’m a relative Twitch noob, so forgive me if this is a foolish question, but I just thought it might be something everyone would enjoy.

(Also, I realize this sounds like me saying “Do more work for my benefit, Waypoint!” If there is any way I can help accomplish this I’d be happy to, but again, I’m a Twitch rookie, so I’m not sure if that is possible.)


As i rewatch this series and see some of the photo issues, I have a small tip for taking better photos: if you want to see each person more clearly, change the soldiers’ formation from ‘mob’ to ‘wedge’.



I think they are paying for Twitch archiving to a degree, so all the Twitch video replays will carry with the twitch chat. All past broadcasts are in the Videos section. They’ll need to be manually tagged for a collection like their Pubg stuff though.


In case anyone here is interested Firaxis today did a 3 hour stream of a retrospective on XCOM:EU and showed off prototype stuff


Me, considering probability when taking a shot:

Me, considering probability when hacking:


A couple things came up in today’s stream around weird unmodded xcom restrictions. Skirmishers like mort (And all hero classes) can’t be selected for the combat intelligence raises because…they just can’t without mods. This is a shame because otherwise mort could become a combat savant which is the level above genius. Same thing with SPARKs not being able to have soldier bonds without mods. I really hope they add those in whatever the next xcom thing is, also making evac all baseline.


Wow, I just watched the suiting up of Bones Mercier, the man from Montreal.

And I had to say… his bio says he was a “trophy collector”, rescuing things before they got “into the stew pot”, and his name is “Bones”… … so I think it might be literal.

Allez les xcom.

edit: Also, I mean, Dolly is obviously in, but I have to point out the team passed up “Encarnación Ruiz” as being the first psi soldier. You gotta look at that guy next time!


Hey, Austin/Rob! I’m finally at the point where I want to start a WOTC campaign. After watching Tactical Tuesdays for way too many hours I feel really attached to these characters, so I wonder whether you could take a minute and share the character pool with us! It would be much appreciated.

(saving you a few clicks: PC Gamer has an article on how to do it here.)


Ok tactical tuesdays fans. I made this a long time back, and posted it in here for about one minute before I got worried it was bad and removed the link.

I went and looked at it again and it is a trip back in time. It feels like it’s from years ago. “Oh yeah, that happened!”

Anyway, I have enough distance from it now, so I am going to put it here again and this time not come back and delete this post later. Enjoy maybe!


That’s really good!

P.S.: Remember Mox? I totally forgot that he existed.


Or like, remember when Valravn was just some dude named William Gordon who had a cool haircut and a sword?! It’s like another world.


Oh my god this is AMAZING. They’re all SO young.

So what do people think the “season” breaks are? Obviously you could do:

  1. Intro + Defeating the Assassin

  2. Defeating the Warlock

  3. Now, defating the Hunter

But there are def other season breaks I could imagine. Is losing Ryo & Schultz the end of a season or maybe a mid-season break? Are we firmly onto “the new class” by now? Super fun excercise, thanks again doctorcat!


I would say the end of the first season should be right before the start of the Avenger Defense mission. Before that you had the succesful Blacksite mission and that terrible retaliation mission, so it’s ends on a nice cliffhanger and also the mission kind of felt like the first big turning point. You could also put the Avenger mission as the last episode of the first season, I’m kind of split here.

Then I would say, the end of the second season is the Mission where you kill the Assassin and now we’re in the third season.

The seasons would probably be a bit wonky in terms of number of episode, but from a dramatical standpoint, this feels the most fitting to me.


First season ends with the episode where Jeremy was captured, but then you take out the blacksite. It’s a promising new show with new interesting characters introduced constantly. Viewers instantly fall in love with Will, Fernando, and Alexei. Christian is a cult favorite, but many feel the showrunners were trying to draw water from a stone when bonding him with Arthur.

The second season is from after that to the next Blacksite mission. That entire season is down to the wire because of how close the avatar is to completion. Lots of setbacks keep viewers on their toes, but daring descisions like going after the crashed UFO pay off in the end. Archie McKenzie wins an Emmy for his performance in his makeover episode.

Season Three is from there to the Warlock I’d say, as there’s not much of a gap between taking on the Assassin and taking on the Warlock. Some critics feel the show has jumped the shark after introducing the Hunter, but the general concensious is that the show remains thrilling and Harry’s new improved look was a very sharp descision by the showrunners.

This most recent season felt pretty by the book until the Ryo reveal at the midseason finale.


New DLC next week

Looks pretty neat.


God, that UFO soundtrack would be perfect for a post-Hunter XCOM that uses psi ops.

After a record-setting season finale, “Debate in the Halls of the Hunter,” the showrunners started leaning (even more) heavily into their stylistic choices. The most obvious among these is the completely overhauled soundtrack, justified by fans as “reflecting XCOM’s new goals now that all the Chosen are dead, and also the fact that Big Money took control of the Avenger.”


So I decided to go back and rewatch all the XCOM videos and noticed that there is one missing. Episode 20 (July 31st). The link up top no longer works and YouTube doesn’t seem to have it. Hopefully there is a backup somewhere?

Anyway I’m super excited for the new DLC and wonder if our Tactical boys will do anything with it. (Probably not since it seems like a bridge between 1 & 2).


(Oh my god, @doctorcat that is so good! The shot at 0.40 with young Alexei and young Will, my heart!)

My breakdown on seasons ended up looking like this:
Season 1 - Eps 1 to 7
Season 2 - Eps 8 to 17
Season 3 - Eps 18 to ???

Note: my episode numbering is out of alignment with the post at the top of this thread as I think the episode from 8th May is missing up there. Which is fantastic episode by the way: Stitch gets her awesome punk ambulance colour scheme, it’s Big Money’s first mission, we meet the overwhelmingly uncool Chosen Hunter (he’s not owned!!), and a ‘low-level soldiers only mission’ runs into an alien ruler. Remember when Harry was one of our lowest level soldiers??

I tend to be a fan of media with shorter seasons, especially to begin with, as it keeps the arcs and characters tight while a story/team finds its feet, hence keeping the first 7 episodes on their own as Season 1. That would finish with the disastrous retaliation mission as a Game of Thrones style “oh shit” season-ender. On the other hand, I am also a big fan of how the big oof of that mission pairs with the wild ride and ultimate triumph of the avenger defense right after and how that might go together as a two part finale, or on either side of a mid-season break for a long season.

Sticking the a short season approach though, the next season arc would be avenger defense up to facing the voidwitch, with that as a big season finale, taking us right through the tough mid-game. The bench isn’t deep enough, there are no-win situations and soldiers get killed or captured, and we meet fan faves like Mort, Mongoose and Big Money. We get really stuck into the big arcs of the show like meeting both the Warlock and the Hunter, and some good stuff with the alien rulers including that time when a team of Sergeants and below had to step up and face the Viper Ruler and it was both brutal and fucking awesome.

This one would be sort of the DS9 of seasons for the fanbase - some people weren’t so stoked about the change of tone as our crew really struggle and come right up against the edge of defeat, but other people think it really sets itself apart from the other two significantly lighter seasons with its gritty exploration of the stresses and costs of war and expansion of the original team. This season gets some real critical attention and a good clutch of award nominations that year.

Another thing I like about this season timing is that coming straight after the voidwitch defeat finale, we get a season opener of the mission where we rescue Astrid the cosplaying reaper and Warhorse the monocle enthusiast. Our original crew has a reputation and fans. Also French Julien. This feels like a very Season 3 injection of new blood, which continues if you take this season up to around now with our new high-level ranger and reaper. Really opens the world of the show up. Depth of world-building isn’t all gritty tragedy, sometimes it’s monocle dorks.

I’m not particularly attached to anywhere in the past few weeks as a Season 3 end, so I’m leaning towards us still being in it. I feel like the Warlock battle is more of a midseason two-parter as at this point these guys are professional-ass superheroes, it’s not necessarily season finale material anymore.

I’ve definitely missed a couple of episodes in the past few months though, so perhaps others have more considered thoughts on that. (I too hope the stream from July 31st still exists somewhere/makes it to youtube as it’s one of the ones I never caught and it has evidently fallen off twitch in the past week.) The Ryo rescue and psionic effects reveal may end up being retrospectively a good candidate though, depending on how the emergent themes and major events shake out in the future.