Tactical Tuesdays (XCOM) Thread: Rob & Austin Save The Earth ... Hopefully


Fixed, thank you. Also I’m glad you all like the video. :slight_smile:

This discussion is making me want to make more of these for more seasons, or at least give it a shot, but I already know it will be a monster that eats all my free time for days. But. Tempting anyway.


New episode up on the youtube channel ! (7/31). thank you !!


New soundtrack from the DLC is up on Bandcamp and it’s A+ :+1:

Edit: if anyone else is having issues since the dlc dropped clear out your setting files. That fixed it for me along with a verify


Wow, when the game says the enemy will be mind controlled “permanently”, I did not expect “pose for the picture”-permanently:

(New DLC is cool, and has a lot of crazy new picture poses not shown here. I so hope the Commanders unlock them)


The new DLC is pretty awesome, that said I am kind of bummed out you can’t share your skirmishes you make. I had a really awesome one that I just rolled randomly that gave me 4 squaide level Reapers that had to infiltrate a train yard and secure a data vault. Was a lot of fun and was going to send it to a friend when I realized there actually is no way to send it :frowning:


Wow, really? That’s a bummer, thought that was the whole point. =/

Here are some of the new victory poses, spoilered in case you want to discover them for yourself.