Tactical Tuesdays (XCOM) Thread: Rob & Austin Save The Earth ... Hopefully


Fixed, thank you. Also I’m glad you all like the video. :slight_smile:

This discussion is making me want to make more of these for more seasons, or at least give it a shot, but I already know it will be a monster that eats all my free time for days. But. Tempting anyway.


New episode up on the youtube channel ! (7/31). thank you !!


New soundtrack from the DLC is up on Bandcamp and it’s A+ :+1:

Edit: if anyone else is having issues since the dlc dropped clear out your setting files. That fixed it for me along with a verify


Wow, when the game says the enemy will be mind controlled “permanently”, I did not expect “pose for the picture”-permanently:

(New DLC is cool, and has a lot of crazy new picture poses not shown here. I so hope the Commanders unlock them)


The new DLC is pretty awesome, that said I am kind of bummed out you can’t share your skirmishes you make. I had a really awesome one that I just rolled randomly that gave me 4 squaide level Reapers that had to infiltrate a train yard and secure a data vault. Was a lot of fun and was going to send it to a friend when I realized there actually is no way to send it :frowning:


Wow, really? That’s a bummer, thought that was the whole point. =/

Here are some of the new victory poses, spoilered in case you want to discover them for yourself.


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Caught almost the entire stream today, some very fun riffs on Hunter.

The A Squad just about reached godhood by now, the aliens barely get time to react.

New (remix of old) soundtrack is bangin.


So I started a new playthrough because of the DLC. I went through my initial recruits to look for people who I want to send on missions and I almost lost it once I saw this soldier.

And of course he’s a combat genius.


Now that’s a powerful look


I guess that explains where the xcom troopers get their fashion sense from

edit: this uh, sure is a look


That’s actually pretty standard fashion for Ireland. Impressed the devs really did their research on this.


Catching up on the latest stream, and super disappointed everyone got French Julien’s nickname wrong. It wasn’t “claymore” as in the sword, it was “c’est l’amour” but the rest of the team didn’t understand him… ; _ ;


Hello all, I’m new to the series (and the forums. HI!). I’ve just caught up with the final youtube video and saw that the more recent streams are archived on the twitch page. However, I think theres an episode missing from the archives -the one between 31.07 and 18.09- is there anyway to find or watch it somewhere? I believe it was the one they were planning to attack the warlock.
Thank you in advance for any help and thank you Austin and Rob for the awesome series :smiley:


Oh that’s great. Makes me realize it could even be:

Que l’amour! “Only love!”

(Only as in “nothing other than”.)
(Pronounced “kuh la moooourrre!”)


Oh my gosh, thank you for this thread. I’ve been saving the twitch links in a Google Keep note :sob:


congrats to the birthday boy


Thanksgiving is when the Earth celebrates the birth of our one true savior from the alien menace, Valravn.


imagining an edgy little 8 year old val-raven running around with a toy gun and a punisher t shirt


Have any of you lovely people in the thread heard any rumblings about whether the missing episodes are going to be uploaded to Youtube or not? Given the site’s pivot away from video, I’m worried that they’re not going to have the resources to archive the stuff that hasn’t been already. The last upload of any kind to the Youtube page was over a month and a half ago. I love this series so much, and it’d be so sad if it just disappeared into the aether as the Twitch archives slowly time out.