Tactical Tuesdays (XCOM) Thread: Rob & Austin Save The Earth ... Hopefully


Hey! Can’t offer any timing on anything, but do know that it won’t be lost forever. The raw stream is already copied over to YT, so it’s a matter of trimming that file, processing it through the Rights & Clearance team at VICE, then getting it re-added to our YT page. That takes some processing time and some paperwork, and Natalie is out of the office currently, but once she’s back that’ll get taken care of!


Thanks so much for taking the time to reply, Austin; I really appreciate it!


For the folks who only watch this on YouTube – just had the episode taking down the Warlock go live on YouTube!


I recently started a War of the Chosen run because of this series. I just saved Mox and in hindsight I probably should have taken at least one shot because I came home with only Mox and a tired Grenadier.

Going through my soldier lists I realized to my chagrin that I’ve totally been sleeping on my own Valravyn. I’ve got a Squaddie Ranger with something like 25 kills that I completely forgot about. Time to give her “A Look.”


What’s the matter Olga, you don’t like your new nickname? Did you have something better in mind?

Aye, that’s better.


Sorry to turn this into my Let’s Play thread but I just got my first project from the Proving Grounds and clearly this is a run blessed by Odin.

Also: thank you so much for uploading the episodes to YouTube! The ones that just dropped are the episodes I missed and couldn’t get to on the archive.


Thank you to whoever is uploading the videos to YouTube (I think Austin mentioned it was Natalie)!

BTW I would maybe suggest renaming the playlist, “Best Of: XCOM 2 Streams” gives the illusion, at least to me, that it’s a playlist of short best of clips similar to GiantBombs.


It’s all the best when you got Mort though.


I keep accidentally calling Mox ‘Mort.’


God, last night I almost had a mission go as disastrously as the episode way back when Ryo first got captured. It was even the same map! As soon as it loaded up I sighed and muttered “This map is cursed.”

Cautiously sneaking through the city I hadn’t seen anything and I thought “Well, here’s a good roof for my Sharpshooter ‘Serial’ to post up on. He’ll be able to see everything from there.” He popped up that ladder and immediately ran into a Shieldbearer and a Spectre just chilling on a rooftop patio. My Grenadier ‘Knockout’ is closest so she climbed up to take a shot which almost killed the Shieldbearer, but then got turned into a Shadow (which did nothing but get Talon Rounded in the face).

I took out that pod, got everyone as patched up as I was able, started posting up outside the objective, and triggered a pod with a MEC. This, of course, was the time the Void Witch decided to make an appearance.

The MEC used its rockets to bring down the roof of the building ‘Serial’ and ‘Knockout’ were on. The Void Witch stabbed ‘Serial,’ who started bleeding out. Unable to get into a good position to Rend much of anything ‘Fury’ grabbed ‘Serial’ on his last turn and sprinted toward the evac point as ‘Big Rig’ demonstrated how effective Talon Rounds really are.

Now I’ve got to scramble to take out a Black Site because that Avatar clock is climbing and the Assassin has almost maxed out her bar already which I assume is also Very Bad.

This game rules.


Yeah, that’s his name forever.


There are few things that make me as nervous as seeing one of those ADVENT MECs do that little crouchy thing they do before firing micro missiles at a rooftop. The combination of missile damage plus fall damage has resulted in so many botched missions for me.


The Black Site went well.


Kekana, limping down the hall overhears a call from The Council

“Good job Commander”

Kekana turns and stares out the window


I lost a soldier tonight.

Somehow the first since the mandatory deaths in the tutorial mission.

I got hit by the UFO and had to destroy the Spike. I was not in a good way. No Grenadiers nor Rangers available.

But somehow I found a way. ‘Outrider’ threaded the needle perfectly and made it to the objective. She managed to clear the perfect hole for ‘Serial’ to pull the perfect Heinrich Schulz move and take potshots from The Avenger while everyone else was within running distance of the ramp.

Except… I left my Templar ‘Fury’ in the perfect Bladestorm position not realizing that it was also the perfect place for some random Advent jerk to take a 7 damage shot. I didn’t notice he was so exposed.

He will not be forgotten. Advent will know his name.


Something really weird happened in my game the other day: I lost my first Templar, one Jennifer Jenkins, codename Storm, who wore cool yellow and purple armor, on her very first mission out. I recruited a new Templar as soon as I could, promising Giest I wouldn’t get this one blown up, and who does to send to me but Jennifer “Storm” Jenkins in her signature yellow and purple duds.
Giest, presumably: “Commander, Jennifer didn’t properly get the chance to show you what she could really do out in the field. Here she is again.”


Chosen Hunter while dying:

“well, I guess they, never miss… huh, commander?”


I picked up my game again tonight and found myself in the middle of a Council mission and wouldn’t you know it our old friend The Hunter showed up.

He literally did one thing: shoot a stun dart. Then got torn apart by a bunch of Squaddies.


Meanwhile in my first ever commander difficulty run everything is going great until my first chosen encounter and it’s the Hunter.

I’m thinking “oh good he’s the first one and he’s not only weak to my Templar but he takes bonus damage if you do it from close up so he’s going to get dunked on”. Nope instead I have my squad move in and the Hunter does something I’ve never seen him do before and use a normal attack from a top an RV. Crit shots and downs my full health Templar who had full cover.

My team is now scrambling to finish him off before my Templar bleeds out. My ranger hits but doesn’t crit bringing him to the brink of death, Hinter throws a grenade and now the rest of my squad except the ranger is dazed. My ranger moves to support my specialist so he can get to the now one turn to death Templar to stabilize and the Hunter rushes in and steals my grenadiers knowledge getting away with 2 health.

First time I have ever had a character actually get their brain drained by that.


My first encounter with The Hunter was pretty dicey too. He showed up on a stage with an elevated road overlooking the objective and was able to take a bunch of shots I couldn’t return due to elevation. No one could climb up and take a shot before he’d teleport to the other side of the road.

I was still laughing the entire time, but we limped out of that mission.