Tactical Tuesdays (XCOM) Thread: Rob & Austin Save The Earth ... Hopefully


So. A few months back on my tactical tuesday-inspired replay of XCOM2… I got to the very very late game without being hit by the UFO, so I had 4 turrets and the spike spawned relatively close. That meant on turn 1 of the UFO mission I could run my stealthed Reaper forward to see the spike, use the turrets to kill the spike, then burn my bond actions to get my stealthed reaper back into the LZ and extract…

On turn 1…


I just started watching this on YouTube over the weekend and I am all in on Tactical Tuesdays.

Goddammit I’m going to have to buy War of the Chosen now, and I come to this realization after the Steam sale.


It’s on sale again on Humble for the next couple weeks, so you can pick it up there for like $18


Anyone here know if there are any extant episodes that haven’t been uploaded to Youtube yet? The list in the OP of this thread stops at the September 25th one, and Youtube has two more beyond that point (up to and including, the Voter’s Day, November 6th ep).

And because it can’t be said enough: thanks so much to Natalie + the team for the spate of uploads a couple months back! Watching all those eps in relatively rapid succession was a really lovely experience, and I’m so grateful that we have now have easy access to the entire series. Even if it turns out that it doesn’t continue beyond this point, it’s been a really entertaining and edifying ride.


My Tuesdays have been so much less tactical and dull in 2019. I’m sure Austin and Rob are super busy, but I really miss this stream.


i miss it too but honestly they are so strong now that if they brought it back id rather them start somthing new cuz the tension is kinda gone now. personally id love to see them do more paradox stuff


I just want to see my son Mort one last time.


Def miss the action to but its hard to fit in a variable time game like xcom. I hope they find some time to do a send off, finish the whole thing might take a little to long. Later half of the game is a real slog.