Tactical Tuesdays (XCOM) Thread: Rob & Austin Save The Earth ... Hopefully

Like old times



Hey wait, ignore that XCOM’s back in the Twitch for a sec. Why did no one mention the stream where Rob and Matthew play DEFCON with Jeffrey Lewis? This is such a more interesting conversation than the COD Cold War thing.

Also, fun fact: CW: Weird digression into me growing up in Monterey.

MIIS’s Nonproliferation Studies center is in a building that used to be a law firm where my dad worked. It’s kinda weird thinking about how people, more than likely officers from the Naval Postgraduate School or the Presidio (Monterey has a shocking number of military educational facilities. The Presidio is where America’s Army was made.), are studying where I used to run around on the weekends, when the office was closed, and there was no one else around except my dad who had to get extra work done and had to bring me and my sister because my mom was working. Dr. Lewis is teaching on the second floor where I did somersaults in the aisles of a legal library.

… I’m sorry. Right, this thread is supposed to be about Tactical Tuesdays.

They should take a brief detour to take a whack at Chimera Squad.


I’m so, so, so glad this is back! :purple_heart:


At first I thought, “oh no, this is gonna make me want to play more xcom 2” but then they immediately run into an xcom 2 is bullshit issue when they break concealment.

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Which is why I’m a firm believer in not running an unmodded XCOM2 even if it’s your first run because the game is naturally buggy so you need at least some mods to fix some of the bs.

Was nice seeing the old gang again, an unexpected treat. Thanks Austin and Rob!

French JUL-IEN still rules.


I keep eyeing the “A Better ADVENT” mod in the workshop but I’m rightfully afraid of a competent alien occupation… in general.


I can never watch live so I’ll say it here Mort has several original xboxes and pesters everyone to system link some halo 2 with him


My head canon, related to this week’s stream.

Julien and Castillo are best friends. The only reason it’s not on either file is that XCOM command doesn’t track relationships with a robot, unable to conceive that such a thing would genuinely happen.


I made fan… art? After last stream. I want Mort merch.


Julien and Castillo out here like