Tactical Tuesdays (XCOM) Thread: Rob & Austin Save The Earth ... Hopefully


Woof is right. RIP to Shrink, Torch, and Mox. Y’all were the realest, and will be missed. It is only gonna be more and more rough from here on out, probabilities not withstanding. (I have dyscalculia so all those numbers make my head spin yikes). Good hustle from Rob and Austin this go around, just keep on keepin’ on.


Veteran has aim assist. The actual chance of missing three shots that say 72% in a row (which is not exactly what happened, mind) is more like 0.1%.


Woof. Solemn times on the Avenger, tonight.


Wow, what a shocking turn of events.

For the record, I think that Skirmishers have the ability to fire twice consecutively if they do not take a move action (as in shooting on the first action does not automatically end their turn). I know they can select a similar upgrade with regards to grenade tossing but may be worth keeping in mind for any future Skirmishers recruited.

Also, I would definitely recommend holding onto concealment especially in Retribution missions for the purpose of scouting those pods. You will reveal them but because they do not see your solider, they will not scatter for cover. Only caveat is that civilians can spontaneously become goo people, but scouting with the beacon or specialist scanning protocol reveals the goo-mans.


Yeah, I figured there was a possibility I was misremembering some numbers, but I didn’t know about veteran having aim assist. I should have figured it would.

EDIT: Actually, looking back at the video, I wasn’t remembering the odds wrong, Valravyn took 3 shots at 72% in a row and missed each time. Of course, I wasn’t taking into account aim assist, but asking “what are the chances that Valravyn missed three shots in a row at 72%” without taking into account aim assist, it would be ~2%. Of course, it’s even lower odds because of the various aim assist bonuses.


Bring on Firewall’s own retribution arc. Aliens are going to get got.


There is no end to my amusement about people bitching about the odds in XCOM. They demonstrably cheat in the player’s favor and people still complain that they’re unfair.

Based on the number of shots you usually take over the course of a campaign in XCOM2, most players should see a 95% hit chance miss 3 times in a row at least once. But they won’t, because the game is too nice to them

God, I love XCOM2.


A very late suggestion for Austin, but a possible caption for your photo after that grave mission.

“Remember. You have beaten your worst days.”


I’m happy that part of the FatT fandom has reclaimed that for their own use as an actual positive thing, but for me, it’ll always be a terrible piece of propaganda meant to trick people into working under brutal conditions. And what I need from Castillo and Gordon is real, self-driven loyalty at this point.


With all this & the fiasco of Giant Bomb dismissing Gita Jackson & Dona Tello unceremoniously XCOM is taking no prisoners (except Jeremy who may or may not be a turncoat).


To follow up on this, I started a campaign yesterday and played up to the same date Austin and Rob are at now (May 5th). This is what my support staff looked like:


Granted, I had an advantage from building a resistance ring first, but still. What the hell? Having 2/1 at this point is an unreal level of misfortune.


I gotta ask for those playing ironman, why do you use the games ironman mode and not just the self imposed rule of no save scumming?

In my one play through alone I’ve had game breaking bugs happen that would have ended my campaign right there because of a technical problem rather then poor play. Granted I’m not playing the WotC version which apparently got bug fixes that didn’t get applied to the main game. As an example I had one last night where a soldier finished the mission by killing an Advent point blank upon which they dropped loot and while Central is sitting there talking about how we did a good job and transition to the avenger the soldier is trying to pick up the loot which caused it to get hung up and requiring a hard reset of the game.

I think if I lost a 30 hour save I would just stop playing the game for quite awhile.


In a situation like that, you wouldn’t lose a 30 hour save in Ironman, you might have to replay that mission, however.

Personally, I would never ever be able to hold myself to that rule. I’ve also gotten used to playing games with ironman mode on from playing Paradox games, which to me are far more interesting if you’re not reloading every time something goes wrong, since you’re often able to come back from major setbacks in those games.


Maaaaan, Valravyn, what’s up bud? What happened out there? That was devastating on so many levels, Shrink losing it and going out in a blaze of glory after Arthur got got was heartbreakingly fitting for this mission.

Although shoutout to Castillo who continues to impress, first with his shooting and now with his dodging skills.


I actually do this with only XCOM because there were a LOT of bugs in the Enemy Unknown when I played it and has lead me to distrust Ironman modes in that series.

I felt that reloading a save when an enemy teleports across the map or shoots through a solid wall was the only way to preserve an ironman experience instead of locking me into a “Yo live through the difficulty and the bullshit” run.


Seriously, Valravyn needs to either survive this whole campaign or go out killing a Chosen or something because that dude is like key to the team.

Grave Digger showing that he can both shoot and dodge was good too. Takes reflexes to snipe like that.

Side note: I’ve been playing WotC as well, and uh… I think soldiers who get assigned the the nickname “Grave Digger” are destined to be those with Hot Skull Looks:


Is that Da Share Z0ne’s admin?


if what he shares is hot plasma and the zone is muton skulls then yes. yes he is.


Christian Noooo! You guys gave him so much backstory! All that remains is his smoldering codpiece. The survivors brought it home and enshrined it.

I tried ironman mode in XCOM 1 to add some spice, but the game was just too buggy for it to feel fair.


Austin deciding to bring Elena because “It’s the most dramatic move” is incredibly good.