Tactical Tuesdays (XCOM) Thread: Rob & Austin Save The Earth ... Hopefully





Mort walks into the officers’ lounge, loudly biting into an apple.


The Combat Genius of Thugonomics himself


This is my 100% my Mort “Doom” Degrir headcanon.


I just remembered about the medkit making you immune to poison again. I constantly forget that happens, because why on Earth would you assume that holding a medkit made you immune to poison.

“Guy’s it’s okay, I can’t bleed because I have this box of band-aids in my hands”


Mort is my beautiful alien friend and I would die for him in an instant.


I first saw this on Keith Carberry’s twitter because he was quoting it to say something like “no everyone this is not me (…but I can see why you might think that, this is an extremely me bit)”

So now in my head Mort is a Keith character. Thank you(?).


Please get Keith on to roleplay Mort so he can suggest wacky untenable plans just like on Friends at the Table.

Keith "I think I can make this 12% shot to hit the explosive barrels.
Austin "Really? Really?"
Keith “I don’t know if you’ve heard but I have a genius level combat intelligence.”


This is the worst idea and I LOVE IT. It needs to happen. Austin and Rob do their usual thing, but Keith getting free reign on Mort. It’ll be a beautiful disaster.



his nickname on the roster should be “It’s me Mort (Doom)”


Oh awesome, I didn’t realise waypoint was doing xcom 2, I’ve been watching Giantbomb play xcom it’s so rad.





People who leave the timestamps of when these vods actually start in the chat are the best people.


We lost the most important thing of all this week: Fashion.

There has to be a mod out there that allows you to still use base looks while having Predator armor, right?


Eh, I get why Austin and Rob hated it, but I honestly thought Valravn looked pretty good in shiny black with silvery white highlights.

(Also, I freakin’ love that everyone gets metal belly shirts in the alternate Predator gear. It’s such a look.)


archie is just so much, i want him on every mission


Yeah, I also thought it was awesome. Second Form Valravn.


The only way it could be better is if you could get the predator armor’s patterns on a silk shirt.

Which, no, I couldn’t find a mod for that.


As much as I’ve enjoyed the Sea of Thieves coverage, I’m still a bit bummed we didn’t get an X-Com or a Stellaris stream this week.

Yeah, I know they gotta strike that coverage iron while it’s hot, but I still miss em.


This was less about games coming out this week and more about where my headspace has been. I haven’t been sleeping great and those streams require me to be in a really specific space. Would’ve been a disaster, honestly.