Tactical Tuesdays (XCOM) Thread: Rob & Austin Save The Earth ... Hopefully


Hey, that’s fair. If you’re not feeling up to it, you’re not feeling up to it. I respect that you recognize that about yourself and chose both what would be better for both series and, more importantly, yourself.

Hopefully you’ll be sleeping better soon and be able to find the time to get some well deserved rest.


100% – I love XCOM and PDX games and I run into that (or similar) so often; get home from work drained, want to play something, think about them and then go, “nah, too much right now”

Great, great stuff though, love the fact Waypoint is streaming both of those


Heinrich does not move, but today… Heinrich moved… my heart…


heinrich actually loves being in prison cos now he doesnt ever have to fucking move


It’s baaack:


Get some rest! Take some vacation! I am sure everyone in your audience prefers happier, well-rested Austin to the alternative. (Hope you’re feeling better either way.)


When Heinrich decides to break out of prison. “Today… Heinrich… moves.” A lot of aliens are going to die on that day.

Paulina totally wanted to be called Shogo, after Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, but it got autocorrected to Shogun. Her quirk is that she just really loves cult classic games from the late 90’s.


Heinrich Shultz does not move. deep breath Heinrich Shultz… does not move. Heinrich… sniff Shultz sob… does not move.

I gotta say. Every episode of this playthrough that airs, it’s making me crave to reinstall this game more. Even though I only just played and beat it for the first time a few months back.


Honestly whenever we wrap a session it makes me want to boot up my main save and get back to it!


Yuuup! I had only played XCOM 2 for a couple of hours more than a year ago, but Tactical Tuesdays inspired me to get WotC and I’m now 40 hours in, almost done with my own playthrough haha.


This series got me to finally play Enemy Unknown/Within, I’d owned them from a bundle or something for years but never really had any interest until this. These games are real good, as it turns out. Excited to move on to 2/WOTC at some point too, having gotten so used to EW I get kinda jealous at the quality of life improvements in 2 when I watch these now.


I’ve been struggling not to just buy a copy on my shoestring budget…

Playing through Massive Chalice again kept that at bay for a while, but starting to feel it again.


oh gosh, Massive Chalice was quite a game I played for a whole lot of hours. Nearly 100%'d the achievements. Hard difficulty on that game gets real punishing once the upgraded monsters start coming in… I really liked the commitment to the low-poly, lower-cost-to-make aesthetic it had


Yeah, I played on Hard Ironman and it took until my 4th run that got past the halfway point (when monsters upgrade) until I managed to squeak out a win. It was a really challenging and rewarding experience, even after stepping away from the game years ago after dying on the last mission on Ironman.


This was an interesting one. I feel like the biggest problem was losing concealment early. Being able to scout lets you move a lot faster between pods. And yeah, there totally is a little indicator that pops up when your move will break concealment, but at the time I only just barely saw it before it was too late. Can’t really blame Austin for that (but maybe install the Gotcha Again mod, for your sanity).

Although, in retrospect, given that:

  • The 2nd and 3rd chosen are guaranteed to appear on the first mission XCOM goes on in their territory
  • Chosen replace a pod, meaning there were just 2 on the map
  • In VIP missions like this, one pod will be assigned to patrol around the target

It was possible in theory to guess that that pod would be either inside the building near the cell door, or outside on the far side of the building. Playing around that maybe makes the difference.

Regarding Heinrich losing his shot on the Warlock, that’s because destroying the cover made the target unable to step out (again). Heinrich was pretty far in from the edge of the building, so I think the reason he couldn’t see the tile the chosen was actually standing in was that it was too close.

These cases are seriously impossible to predict, unless you get a mod that gives you the exact vision from a square and double check every time you’re going to destroy cover (which, don’t). Thankfully it’s pretty rare. Having it happen twice in just this many hours of play is just… How can someone be this unlucky?

All that aside, that was pretty solid play, and some damn fine crisis management in those last few turns. Dudes getting captured is infinitely better than dudes getting buried.

Also, putting a power relay on the Shielded Power Coil room makes it generate an extra 7 power, but any other facility there costs 0 power. There are a handful of facilities that take up 7 or more power when fully upgraded (Resistance Comms, Psi Lab, Shadow Chamber), which might be more useful there.


Ohhhh wow, thanks for that info. Rob and I will have to figure out what works best there then!

@Devour & @Mossy Well now I need to start a fresh Massive Chalice run. (fwiw, i was planning on it anyway, as the game is a touchstone for the next season of Friends at the Table anyway…)


Well, if XCOM 2 ends sooner than anticipated and you’re still wanting to do Tactical Tuesdays, I think Massive Chalice would be a good next step… :wink:


I mean, it absolutely feels like there are shades of the Cadence in the Iconoclasts already!


If XCOM is a mountain, these next two missions are at the top. Good luck, Earth.


Damn aliens landed a UFO on my house!!