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I’m Caring Tan (source: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/05/an-ai-invented-a-bunch-of-new-paint-colors-that-are-hilariously-wrong/)


Burble Simp, of course.

EDIT: also, this is fantastic, I love AI trying its hardest and failing.


I was going to say Dorkwood but honestly Stummy Beige is a better fit.


im smashing that mf’ing “im turdly” hotkey i just set up


Yo y’all got any of that Stanky Bean?


On Tiwtter I posted that I’m Turdly, but in my heart, I’m Rose Hork


snowbonk reporting for duty


public account I’m Caring Tan, private account I’m Bank Butt


I’ve been trying to come up with a joke around Bank Butt and government bailouts for the better part of 5 minutes with no luck. Maybe in 6 hours when I actually wake up after work :sleeping:


Also I’m 100% Dorkwood


Absolutely Stargoon


Grass Bat speaks more to me than I expected


I wanna say I’m Dope

But I know I’m Bank Butt.


Torn between Snowbonk, which is my favorite drug, or Stargoon, the name of my new electronicore band


electronicore band made up entirely of members from the Something Awful forums


White empty space


Totally a burble simp.


I’m a stanky bean


I’m pretty much Dorkwood, but I’d also consider Testing…


Turdly reporting here :frowning: