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Austin, Patrick, and Rob discuss highlights from Ubisoft's E3 2017, glancing over the fact that The Crew is actually based on the Fast and The Furious movies before they dive into Far Cry 5, Skull and Bones, Transference VR, and more.

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I grew up in western Montana and for FarCry 5 to be truly authentic to it’s location, it needs three things:

  1. Casual hatred of California/Californians (mostly though discussions regarding gentrification)

  2. At least one character wearing a “Carhartt Tuxedo” (Tan canvas Carhartt work jacket and pants, ash gray Carhartt T-Shirt, Tan Carhartt baseball cap with brown brim, and Black wedge boots. Bonus if the pants have the round “Copenhagen Can” ring worn in the back pocket, with half the can’s contents jammed snugly in the character’s bottom lip.)

And last but not least, actually very important…

  1. Every vehicle needs to have no less than two cracks in the windshield.

Looking very forward to playing this game.