Talking trash to bigot randos


Do any of y’all talk trash to bigot randos in such a way that you manage to shut their filthy mouths? Sometimes it feels possible, other times I feel like I’m just entertaining their racial/gender slurs.
I’m talking about multiplayer gaming in case that wasn’t clear.
Usually I just don’t fight the battle, but sometimes I just get so fed up. Looking for tips on what has actually proven successful during confrontations with those who use slurs.
Today I heard one guy say to someone else “Do you think using that word makes you sound cool” to someone using racial slurs and they seemed to be able to pull it off. Tonight I just wouldn’t stop calling someone a bigot, acknowledged their insults of me and informed them that they would never manage to mature and oddly that seemed to shut them up. I’m not bragging, I hate all of this, but maybe it would be helpful to compile a list of success stories and figure out how to speak bigot language in such a way that they get the fucking message without being ableist ourselves,


Some of my fondest memories of my teenage years playing Call of Duty were when my team and I would encounter some racist/sexist/homophobic assholes. The incitement would come either during the pre-game lobby or from a private message one of us would receive from the other team. Then we would all put on our “game time” headbands and proceed to stomp those bigots into the ground one game after another, until they rage-quit the lobby. Then, if we left the lobby at the same time they did, we had a good chance of reconnecting with them immediately, because there were only so many full teams looking for a match at one time. I don’t think we ever changed anyone’s minds this way, but it was very satisfying to send home the message that “not only are you trash human beings, you’re also trash at this game.”


Those types of people are just gone, they are lost.
I feel like if there is ever a chance of a change of mind, trash talking back is just adding fuel to the fire, it is going down to the same level as them, and it isn’t helpful on a large scale.

The education and eventual change in the culture will come by acting around the environment, not through direct confrontation.

Make love not war honeys :heartbeat:


I mean, I wouldn’t really describe that as talking trash. You’re shutting down bad behavior, not attempting to one-up someone by insulting them… I hope, anyway.


The most recent time I (and friends of mine) have dealt with that was during a game of Overwatch. The friends that I usually play that with are pretty much some level of queer (transfolk, gay folk, ace folk, plus a friend who is straight but was raised by two moms) so we’ll usually get that one dip stick who throws around gay and the “f” word (and I don’t mean “fuck”). At which point we just go “yup, that’s us” and proceed to talk in the chat about our gay life experiences as if it’s a no big deal.

One time we had someone who was so desperate they kept flooding the chat with the same derogatory term that all their teammates just left the game. Was kinda amusing at least.


Honestly I just mute/block at this point. If a game doesn’t let me do that then chances are I’m not going to be playing that game much longer.

I play video games to have fun and hang with friends not to try and educate bigots that are more then likely just looking to get a reaction out of someone.


One of my favourite times playing Call of Duty was when a dude said “hey do you think you’re cool? Check this out!” to a another player using racial slurs, and then proceeded to spend the entire match reading erotic My Little Pony fan-fiction.

It was weird and kind of uncomfortable but hey it shut the dude up.

Personally, I just mute voice chat before anyone could start speaking, which I’m starting to think is also kind of shitty. There was one time in CoD 4 when a woman who frequented my favourite server and myself attempted to shut down an incredibly sexist player who’s only defense was “I’m not sexist because I have a wife”, but that was all through text chat.


getting back into counter strike has been a ton of fun because the weirdo 4chan racists on there are always so easy to provoke. all you have to do is type stuff like “i’m gay” and they go nuclear and get themselves votekicked for spamming chat with rude shit. it works consistently and it absolutely rules


Rainbow 6: Siege is where I’m having a lot of difficulty with chat. There is a lot of cross-over with the Counter Strike crowd.


my technique only works for text chat, voice chat is always a shitshow not worth engaging in. the only way to use voice chat in 2017 is to micspam hotel mario songs