Tarantino to direct R-rated Star Trek. Thoughts?


Bonus Question: Do you think it will be rated R because Kirk says the N-word?


Throw it back in the ocean I don’t want it


I hate that it’s happening and I really don’t want it. At all.

The combination of growing up/maturing as a person, The Hateful Eight being complete trash, and the Weinstein stuff has really made me go completely and utterly cold on Tarantino. I still like some of his stuff, mainly Jackie Brown and Kill Bill 1/2, but I don’t think he’s the bulletproof filmmaker I used to think he was when I was a teen and I’m just so tired of his style. Like he’s making a movie about Manson and I honestly just don’t care anymore.

Also I really hate that the narrative around this is that “Tarantino is gonna save Star Trek”. Like I saw a Guardian headline saying that and I almost vomited in my mouth a little. Star Trek Beyond only came out last year and was really good. And some people seem to like Star Trek Discovery a lot (I’m not one of them). Star Trek doesn’t need saving. Fuck off with that mindset.

From the little I’ve seen of it, my biggest problem with Discovery is how dark it is. Like they use enslaved space animals to warp everywhere and said alien kills one of the crew members and everyone just kinda shrugs, also the fact that the show seems to be about war really bothers me. So having the guy whose last movie involved someone having their dick cut off direct a Star Trek movie, that’s also gonna be R-Rated, sounds really awful to me.

Oh, and it kinda bugs me that Tarantino, whose entire career is built on doing original stuff that’s heavily inspired by other works, is choosing to direct an adaptation. Like it feels like an admission that he’s either run out of ideas, or that he doesn’t have what it takes to make good original movies anymore; both of which I’d believe after Hateful Eight. Maybe he’ll surprise me and it’ll be good, but I really doubt it and just wish Justin Lin was making a sequel to Beyond instead.


I would be open to the idea of Tarantino trying to stretch himself creatively and aim for something that suits the spirit of Star Trek. But the R rating makes it sound like he’s twisting Star Trek to fit his style instead. Boooo.


The announcement honestly seems like a a stunt or a trial balloon sent up by a studio that has no idea what to do with the property. Beyond was a failure (tho, I thought it wasn’t bad but I also just had canon’d the whole thing into a Farscape movie) and, with the mixed response I’ve seen, I’d be unsurprised if the project quietly goes on indefinite hiatus during preproduction (assuming Tarantino isn’t revealed as a sex creep before then).

If it does somehow get made, I expect it to be another beautiful and problematic QT pastiche of what’s come before with lots of feet and n-words.


There’s certainly space for a Star Trek film that gets an R rating, but I don’t trust Tarantino with the material. His work with Weinstein makes his catalog of movies hollow and unwatchable.

I’d be way more excited about a Stark Trek film directed by Sydney Freeland


A few months from now on set:

“I mean Jake said the word on that episode where Sisko’s a sci-fi writer in the 30s so I’m just respecting the material!”



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