Tattoos! (possibly photo heavy)


Share your tattoos, game related or not!

I’m currently waiting (and possibly will be waiting for a HELLA LONG TIME) for kingdom hearts 3 to come out cause there’s some beautiful promo art out that I wanna get a tattoo of but I’m sitting on it for a bit before I go in.


I bet this one is going to be popular. I also have an arrow on my right forearm and a Penguins tattoo on my ankle.


Here’s one of three (also the easiest to photograph without help)! I got it a little after I graduated college because Journey really stuck with me a whole bunch. I had to reach out to the devs to get a sheet of all the sigils used in the game because I couldn’t remember exactly which one I had been assigned.


I’m getting my very first tattoo tomorrow, super excited, also terrified bc like its a needle stabbing you loads of times very quickly and that sounds like the worst thing ever?


My photos are shit, but this is my sleeve. Need about a grand to finish it. Yes it’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms/Dynasty Warriors.


Best advice I can give is to not fight the pain. The more you psychologically resist and tense up your muscles, the more it will hurt. Just let the pain flow through you, and as cheesy as it sounds, become one with it.


Yeah, I agree a lot with this. You just have to breathe through the first bit and let it kind of wash over you, I think. Once you relax a bit, you can stop focusing on it. Hopefully your artist is the sort to talk or you can have someone with you. That has always helped me. If you can pull your focus away from it, you’ll be less inclined to try and fight it away.


So I’m lucky enough that one of my best friends back home is my tattooer, otherwise I could never have afforded the 40+ I have. Rather than bombarding the thread, here are some poorly shot images of my hands, neck, and face (which as I look at them show me just how bad my widow’s peak is getting.)


i’m on 7 now and can absolutely tell you its probably not as bad as you think! most people i know have been pleasantly surprised, you get the odd horror story but they’re the exception!! :slight_smile: i get nervous every time but it’s honestly 9/10 fine. i’ve only had one hurt really really badly and i could sit through it. you’ll be fine!


I’m a rum-hound working on a Tiki-themed collector sleeve, piece by piece. So for I’ve got a mug, and one of the birds from Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. Still planning to add a hula girl, plenty of flowers and tropical fruit, and maybe some nautical elements.


Beautiful! Your artist is extremely competent at packing in color - you’ve found a good one. I assume these are rather new? If not, they’re aging extremely well.


i have 7 all together but this is my absolute fave, me and my sister both have it, i think the artist did so well on the colour blending and its a couple years old now and still looks this good (this photo is immediately after it was finished), i get compliments on it all the time and i love it

the word above is a term of endearment in welsh like “love” or “dear” which i got a few years before the fox


Here’s my only tattoo, a Bloodborne/Cage of Mensis tattoo:

Would really love to get some more soon.


Thank you! Two different artists (who just so happen to be a couple). They’re both only a few months old, done about a month apart. Once you get your first, tattoos become addictive, man.


Dude tell me about it! I (very foolishly in retrospect) went from two on an arm to both hands and a little banger on my neck in the course of 3 months when I was a lot younger. I don’t regret any of my tattoos and they all still look great, but I wish I wouldn’t have let the bug get me _quite_so hard.


You and NoCoastGaming were absolutely right. The pain was definitely there but it easy to tune out. Super happy with how it ended up and excited to get more in the future!


Damn, that linework is equally well made/expressive. Congrats on numero uno!

I’m sure your tattooer gave you detailed instructions for healing it, but if not, just let us know. Also, that color texturing is super smart to imply dimensionality - looks like they packed the color in with a liner? Neat.

Also, that’s a pretty tender area, glad you champ’d through it.


I have yet to get a tattoo, but that doesn’t mean I have to be sold on the idea. My two older siblings have 20+ each, but I’m just waiting for the right ideas and, more importantly, the cashflow to afford to get them done by artists I trust.

The ideas I’ve put a lot of thought into, which are all gaming related because I’m a fucking nerd:

  • The Blue Butterfly from the Persona series. Probably would be either upper arm or upper torso.
  • The Horde symbol from Warcraft. Most likely on one of the cheeks of my butt (have the colouring look like a brand mark or something).
  • Lavos from Chrono Trigger. This would be a big back piece and is one I will 100% get in my life, but would like to get more before I commit to such a big piece. It would be Lavos from the Day of Lavos, bursting from the ground with pieces of the land hovering in the air.


Just thought I’d share something else to keep this thread going. I was an apprentice for a year or so before leaving the industry (man, if you think Games/Games writing is a boy’s club…) so here is the last piece of flash I ever made. India ink and fine pen on Arches. All bout does gradients.

If anybody here is looking to get anything american traditional/neo-trad, just hit me up and I’m down to paint you something for your tattooer to work off of free of charge!

Love you all.


I’m getting my first tattoo tomorrow! Just a semicolon, because i love the idea of semicolon tattoos and i figure it’ll be a good way to see how bad it feels without getting something too big. as someone who’s had way worse, though, i’m not sure why i’m nervous about the pain.

I’d love to get a game tattoo but I don’t think any single game has affected me that much (the idea of a Journey tat is kind of tempting, though)