Tattoos! (possibly photo heavy)


Being nervous is normal! See above for tactics on how to deal with the pain. 75% of it depends on where it’s going on your body as well.

I always tell myself: the pain is temporary, but you get to have the tattoo forever!

Good luck!


I really like that Nurse flash.

I would post my tattoo, but I don’t really like the way it was done and it is super hard to get a picture of my bicep.


So I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while. When I was in my late teen years, I just KNEW that I wanted a memorial tattoo for my father on my right rib cage, of all places.

I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but after a number of years of thinking about it, I’ve decided to get something else first.

Right now, I’m considering getting a clover or a shamrock (still having trouble deciding) to honor my heratige as the first born Irish American in my family.

Meanwhile, my SO is on their second tattoo and they are a year younger than me! I ask you, Tattoo Thread, should I be concerned about overthinking this? I have the money to commit, but I keep finding myself feeling like I can’t say yes to a design (prior to talking to an artist) without second guessing myself. Help?


Make sure you want it. Don’t just get one if you are second guessing it. It lasts as long as you are alive. Get a good artists and a design you really love.


I live in Southern California, so I really have my pick of the litter. There’s plenty of artists that I love, it always just ends up that I cancel the appointment because I’m too anxious or whatever to talk to the artist about my idea. I realize that this is mostly a personal problem, but as opposed to a haircut, I don’t know how to get past it because a tattoo is forever.


Without dominating this thread too much (can’t help it, it’s important to me) I do have some advice.

So, in my experience, you never really know exactly what kind of tattoos you want until you have a few. After that, you begin to see a vision for your body, generally leaning towards one style or another. I know that’s not super helpful at this juncture for you, but if it’s something you’ve thought about for a very long time (the notion of getting a tattoo at all) then I’d recommend taking the jump.

That being said, I’d also recommend getting it rather small - tattoos can always be reworked and generally can be covered up depending on what is being covered, and what it’s covered with.

As far as what to get tattooed. For me, at least, aesthetic beauty is number one. “Meaning” on the other hand is more fickle. Meaning changes over time as we age. Meaning changes as the cultural understanding around an icon shifts. As a personal anecdote, none of my tattoos mean anything on their face, but they have generated a sense of meaning over time, simply by wearing them. Think about it this way - your tattoo as it is visible to others, lacks any meaning without the context of you explaining it. While it means a ton to you, about your heritage, to others it’s simply a clover. One thing I think many people forget is that even if a tattoo is “for you” it’s still visible to other people.

But, if none of that matters to you, then just tell me to screw off!

@foofaraw is absolutely right about finding the right artist. Shop, shop, shop. Tattooing isn’t like any other medium. It’s extremely difficult and there are many bad tattooers in the world. Also, atmosphere and vibing with your artist is also very important. Remember, that thing is on you for forever, and even if the artist was good, you don’t want the memory of some asshole tattooing you to be the first thing you think of when you see it.

As far as placement, I would strongly suggest wearing it somewhere that can be covered. You don’t really know if being tattooed is something that is you yet, and you only know that by wearing one. As much as tattoos are growing in their cultural acceptance year over year, people will look at you differently, if even just subtly. Granted I’m a unique case as I have my hands, neck, and face tattooed, but it’s certainly changed what riding the bus is like. I dress extremely well at all times to offset the prejudice.

Anyway, I hope that was helpful, and not just a wall of text.

Good luck!


ime, i will sit with a tattoo idea for at least a couple of weeks. im not overly precious about the skin on my body so i am not really arsed if its at least a bit of a whim but i know that’s not the case for most people. get it somewhere you can cover, make sure it’s an idea you’ve given at least a couple weeks thought and you’ll be fine.

if u want my advice, don’t go for ribs first. i know people who’ve had rib tattoos be absolutely fine but mine was an absolute bitch and its literally a small outline of a horse (see here) so yeah, be aware that it’s a pretty sensitive spot to go in on your first try.


@NoCoastGaming & @chainsaw thank you and much love to you both, you’ve given me a lot to think about and hopefully I’ll be able to report back this summer with some pictures


I think a good rule of thumb is that if you want something for more than a year, and you’re of a decent age (over 18 I guess?) then go for it if you’re sure about it.

I only have one tattoo at the moment but I do plan on getting more.


Dropping in again because another question occurred to me:

Should I tip the tattoo artist?


i don’t but im in the uk where tipping isn’t as big of a deal, but i am now wondering if i should have when i got one done in the US, oops


Hey, thanks for asking! Yes, tips are expected—20% is the number that I usually hear thrown around.


I have a bunch, but this is my most recent. It’s my cat, Sophie, who died in 2015, and some wild roses (I’m from Alberta).

I actually need to take some pictures of my unfinished sleeve before I start the process of getting it lightened, so I can track its progress.


I got the duck hunt dog on a Friday the 13th flash. I don’t recommend going on Friday the 13th unless you know the people at the shop and you want to see them do more work than ever before? It was a pretty stressful time for me, and we ended up having to go back because they booked so many people.

I have plans to get another one, not sure what I want though


I don’t know how to take a picture of my thigh, but here’s my mountain goats tattoo.


ah i love the style on the fox so much, what a good friend


I very much want to steal your tattoo


I just bought mountain goats tickets for the London show, I hope to be able to cry/sing this one with my friend. It’s a very special song!!


Got this phoenix done at the beginning of January.


Good choice you!
Sweet tattoo.