Tattoos! (possibly photo heavy)


Beautiful, a very well made tattoo. The red to yellow shading is extremely elegant, as is the blue to yellow (which is particularly difficult to nail as they’re so far a part on the color wheel.) Be proud, that’s a good tattoo.



Thanks! The artist is Emily Shoichet in Victoria, BC.
The piece took 2 sessions and only 2 hours per, I have no idea how she was able to do all of that so fast.


You kind of sound like me before I got mine. So for me I asked around my social network who have gotten tattoo’s for artist recommendations. After deciding on what I wanted I talked to the artist that I thought aligned with the style I wanted.

A few weeks later she had a drawing that I adored and a few weeks after that I had my first tattoo session.

My suggestion is decide on what Irish symbol you want and then go see an artist. Otherwise you’ll never get it done.


I have a bunch but my latest is this Bright Eyes tattoo I got in the year of our lord 2016


I have 5 tattoos, 4 which were bs stick n pokes and one with a gun, but which was done by a drinking buddy who did it while we did what drinking buddies do. I’ve kind of wanted to get an actual piece done, but I can’t justify the cost. Out of curiousity, what does having a nice piece do for you? I’m leaving that very open ended.


I got mine a couple years back. It’s a Becky Dreisdadt painting, ably adapted by my tattoo artist Jason Brown of Liquid Courage in Omaha so that he’s emerging from a cave instead of fully submerged in a lake. He’s a samurai axolotl and I love him.

Oh and on the topic of when to get one, I think everyone should set their own rubric. For me, every time I think of a tattoo I have to want it, unreservedly, for one year. If ever I doubt it, the clock resets.

One good way to do this, whatever your timeline is, is to print or draw the tattoo you want and hang it/place it somewhere you’ll see it daily. If you never get tired of it there, it might just be fine on your skin.


So when I was younger and in art school I mostly had drunk stick n pokes. In retrospect I think I got them because I needed to lash out at something (read:myself) and it made me feel badass to get them.

Once I got my first professional tattoo I think I realized “oh, I want to be a tattooed person” and priority #1 was covering my stick n pokes.

Give it a shot, you might like it.


Ohhh, I follow her on Instagram. Her work is so amazing! One more reason I need to go back to Victoria ASAP.


My Phase 3 Noodle from a few years back

I bad want a Jupiter from We Know the Devil somewhere. Maybe a Samus Aran and the Pyro icon from TF2 as well.


Spent a lot of time in the Shadowrun 20th Anniversary edition book for this one. =)


She is amazing! I have an idea for my other arm for her to do. I’ll probably wait until the winter to get it done, I need save up some money for it anyway. Next time you are in Victoria consider this an open invitation for you to let me buy you a drink.


I’m sure I’ll be back. I had an absolutely amazing time. I’d never been to Beacon Hill Park and it was just jaw-droppingly beautiful.


I posted this in a music thread on account of the final inspiration for it came from a song. I’d been planning it in my head for years before getting it.

The artist was Tam from the Penny Arcade forums

I should really get better pictures of it


I got mine sophomore year of undergrad and I kinda hate it. The artist talked me out of getting A and B inside the buttons and I think it just looks kinda half baked. I’d love suggestions for improvements if anyone feels so inclined!


Yeah, not having labels on the buttons or next to them like on a controller kind of makes it seem half finished. Putting them in there would be neat. Maybe also filling in?


Would also probably suggest adding “depth” to the buttons and d-pad. Would make it look cleaner and more professional.


my first tattoo from about 2 and a half years ago now. from my absolute all-time fav anime Hidamari Sketch
still might get it coloured at a later date

i have a second tattoo also from the show but the fill ended up pretty poor on it and it badly needs a touch-up


While I’ve wanted to get a simple line art of a phoenix for years, I’ve just never done it. Between the pain and cost I just haven’t been able to justify it.

All the other ideas I’ve had for a tattoo, I’ve wound up getting done as art and I have them all framed up around my house. Maybe someday I’ll get a tattoo, but for now I’m enjoying being able to see the art up on my walls each day.


That would look dang amazing with color, hell if I know what colors though


oh it looks like this!

(credit for this hi-res transparent:

basically i’m not sure how well the pink especially would look on my skin but if i got some good inks i think itd look real stellar. that being said the lines turned out soooo good i’m in no rush