Tattoos! (possibly photo heavy)


Well you see the red/pink circle on my birds head? Something a bit less intense than that but brighter than yours could be fantastic


i saw an artist who had a fantastic hot-pink that she uses but a) its apparently the only colour she fucks with besides black and b) she was just visiting from Glasgow of all places


It kills me inside how hard it is to get to the best artists. I’ve had some friends who could go to Hong Kong of all places. I’m actually pretty close to David Hale… but once I moved down here he stopped accepting new clients and just kind of does his own thing


I only have one tattoo and kind of could have been better about the process. I didn’t do much planning ahead and stuff which ended up being a headache for the artist I’m sure. Luckily, they were great about it and made me a great triforce piece because I’m a gay nerd and of course I have a triforce tattoo. It’s based on a design by the artist AJ Hatley who designs a bunch of stuff for Gametee UK. I absolutely love it though because I’m a sucker for iconography and the triforce is one of the most recognizable icons in gaming. I’ve been tossing around a few ideas for future tattoos like a scientific illustration of a magnolia (since I’m from the US South) and some other stuff, but man money really holds ya back sometimes.


i have tiny kitty paws near my left ear


I got my first tattoo almost two years ago and I’m still absolutely delighted with it. It’s the symbol of the Grey Wardens (Dragon Age) in the artist’s own (amazing) style. Sadly it’s impossible to take nice photos of on my own. : (((

My next tattoo will be branches from my family’s huge cherry tree. The artist I have in mind does amaaazing botanical designs:


I honestly have my first over both collar bones and to my ribs. It wasn’t too bad honestly. Side of the ribs was a lot more difficult.


Only just come across this thread, thought I’d share mine. I got it done 2 years ago (the morning of my first date with my girlfriend and mother of my child). All line work, no shading, often confused for biro


That’s really striking. I like it a lot.


Don’t really have any recent pics of mine, but here are pictures from when I got them! The first two are my first tattoo and the third was added a year later (November this year) on the same arm!




I got these in the past couple months. My first tattoos. I got the rod of asclepius in November and then added the bands yesterday. Photo in black and white because my forearm is still pretty red and swollen.