Tea is love, tea is life. The tea thread


I used to only ever drink Earl Grey (because Picard) and generic orange pekoe (because my mother). Then the tea minigame in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box opened my eyes and gave different ingredients a context or a purpose… since then I’ve been enjoying any number of blends, depending on the time of day, my mood, &c.

Mint tea is great while I’m focusing on work, various black teas for mornings when I want something less harsh than coffee, anything with honey when I’m sick…

Also I guess it’s strictly a tisane but Celestial Seasonings’ Bengal Spice is real real good.


Tea, makes you pee freeze frame on me riding a motorcycle into the sunset as Eye of the Tiger starts up.

I do love tea though. :slight_smile:


I used to drink caffeinated drinks a lot until I realized it made my anxiety spike, and it also made me sleep poorly at night, so I quit cold turkey and started drinking tea (the variants without caffeine and similar stuff). Right now I mostly drink a camomille/honey blend. I used to drink only camomille but the honey gives it a sweet edge which I like better than straight up camomille. I also like fruity teas, such as mango and green apple.

Tea is the only hot drink I drink, but I hate that it’s hot? When I’m thirsty I want to drink my tea NOW! (What is this “anticipating on the thirst” you’re talking about I have never anticipated anything in my life.)

(Speaking of tea variants, it took some getting used to that stores outside the Netherlands do not sell carbonated iced tea.)


carbonated iced tea sounds…interesting? I’d definitely try it.

I tend to drink green tea the most, also some irish breakfast and fruit teas every once in a while. my tea infuser broke recently so I’ve been stuck with only bags lately :sob:


I drink breakfast teas most regularly, but the fun thing about tea is all the wild flavors you can get. I’m drinking a “green chai” tea right now… though it tastes just like normal green tea so, it was kinda a miss on this one.


I got into drinking this Chinese green tea while I was at college, but now I just got out and I don’t know where to go from here. Went looking for some at my local grocery store today but came up with nothing. It could just be that “green tea is green tea no matter the brand”, but I’m too new to this whole tea thing to really know.


If you want to learn more than you ever wanted to about tea, I would recommend the 10 part ‘History of Tea’ series from the China History Podcast - http://teacup.media/chp-140-the-history-of-tea-part-1/

While the branding is a bit on the nose, the black teas from the East India Company (http://www.theeastindiacompany.com/) are probably some of the best tea I have ever tasted.


There’s a small local chain of tea stores near where I live, and they have the best chai. That’s my tea story, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoy their chai.


i can’t have caffeine for medical reasons but i love tea and coffee, so as a result i have a whole cabinet full of herbal and decaf teas

my daily is usually just decaf green with lemon or orange cinnamon, but every once in a while i have some regular earl grey despite the caffeine. its too good to ignore.


I’m not really boned up enough on my teas to have a strong preference (usually I just go for black or green, which is about where I check out), although I will say that I had some mint leaf tea yesterday while spending time with some of my more well-to-do relatives and it was really good. I should branch out more.


I love each kind of tea, no matter iced or hot, each type has their own feature.


I don’t think you can beat a cup of Earl Grey but I was raised in a house that drank copious Lapsang Souchong. Not to everyone’s taste as it is strong smelling. At the moment, I’m giving Assam a go, not sure if I completely dig it - but I like to mix it up with my tea shrine.

Had a cup of Yunnan yesterday in this delicatessen here in Leicester. I’m convinced brewing loose leaves in a decanter within a transparent cup is the proper way to drink tea. I will add it to the tea shrine.


Definitely acquired. It’s great though. I just love the smell of it. Helps me think sometimes. Like when people seem to have all their best ideas in the shower? A bit like that.

Which is your favorite cup of tea?

I mostly drink Jasmine green tea these days, though I’m not opposed to a classic Yorkshire with a little milk. I like some of the “fancier” teas, too, but I tend not to have them all too often. I’ll sometimes go through an Earl Grey phase, and in the winter I do often get into the Chai for a while.


I never had milk in tea. Then again the teas I drink regularly don’t mix well with milk.


May be affected by the family I also like to drink tea, I will prefer black tea, black tea coupled with dessert, sweet but not greasy, I think the tea will be more fragrant


Reading this thread I realise I don’t know anything about the teas I drink. But I do like to drink them. I have a variety of them, but lately I’ve really been enjoying a red tea with pineapple, mango and cinnamon.

I brew my tea in a beautiful, black tea pot with in-built sieve, and it’s very helpful and fun to serve in.


I tend to overthink my tea, which made the recent loss of my tea pot very sad, but even with bagged tea I find myself gravitating toward darker/stronger mixes, like Irish breakfast or gunpowder green. For black tea I’ll usually add milk, but for everything else I just leave it as is.


I bounced around a bit between English/Irish/Scottish breakfast for years. While I lived in Germany I got in to Darjeeling Earl Grey, and since being back in America I’ve stuck with loose leaf Earl Grey from some of the smaller tea shops near me. Always with lots of half & half.


I drink black tea with milk and sugar (well, Splenda to be honest). I like trying the flavoured kinds but I’m not a big fan of anything other than black tea.

I used to buy from David’s Tea but lately I’m just been getting tea bags from the grocery store. I tried to find a place to buy good tea for cheap online and teetered over a rabbit hole before deciding I’m not picky. Apparently tea drinkers are a little opinionated on what’s acceptable and what isn’t.