Tea is love, tea is life. The tea thread


When I lived in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area I got to hang out with Somali people quite a bit. They drink the best tea. It’s cinnamon, clove, and a bunch of other good stuff mixed together. It is literally served at every occasion.


My journey with tea started just 2 months back and I have not looked back ever since that date. Most of the days I go with the green tea but sometimes I try the Chamomile tea and the oolong tea. When compared to coffee, I think tea is much more healthy and a cup of coffee just makes my day.


There has been some unfortunate news on the tea front recently. Well, no accounting for (similar) taste I suppose.


Not the first time Britain and China was heading for a fight. Always remember the Opium War.


Can chamomille tea be adopted into the tea family or is it a sinner herbal tea

Also Never Forget The Opium Wars


I agree that tea is life. My faves are peppermint tea and ginger tea with a little bit of white or brown sugar. There’s also a coffee shop near me that has a nice turmeric ginger combo that’s quite nice. I’ve started branching out more recently, trying some fruit teas, and trying earl gray for the second time ever yesterday (pretty good).

@vehemently I’m perfectly down for some good ol’ chamomile. Drank it a lot as a youngster growing up


I drink tea to excess - 3-4 l/day is not particularly rear. Fairly standard Scottish supermarket blend. I tried a few types of tea a while back, but couldn’t really tell much difference except for the really obvious ones like lapsang souchong and earl grey.

The biggest difference to how tea tastes is drinking it outside in the garden. It never ceases to amaze me how significantly the aroma improves this way.

No-one has mentioned licorice tea! I generally avoid caffeine in the evening, and drink a nice big cup of peppermint and licorice tea after dinner. It also has the benefit of being slightly sweet and filling the desire for dessert.

Fennel tea is bedtime tea. I’ll usual sip a cup in bed whilst listening to a podcast such as Waypoint. :slight_smile:


Personally, I am of the opinion that tea should contain tea.
Tisanes can still be delicious and most people lump them together anyway though.


almost 100% Genmaicha for me. whew! smells like sticks and tastes delicious.


I love black tea with cinnamon and lemon


I drink loose leaf green tea at work. I’m sure I look like a snob to my co-workers.

I can’t have caffeine in the evenings, so I usually have either rooibos or decaf earl grey at night.


Usually after I finish the coffee I’ve made on the weekends I’ll switch to green tea, and I’ve been getting some herbal teas for at night (prefer ginger, but sometimes I’ll do cinnamon)


Genmaicha is my favorite as well! I get big bags of the stuff and drink it at work all the time.


At home I usually go for loose leaf tea because it’s fun to measure it out. I especially like oolong.


I don’t drink a lot of tea (I’m not big on caffeine) but my gf drinks it constantly so we have a lot of different kinds. I’ve found I like oolong the best, especially when its mixed with peach. Stash makes a bagged white peach oolong that’s extremely good, and honest tea’s peach oolong might be more juice than tea, but it’s so fucking delicious that I will grab a bottle whenever I see it at the store.

I do love tisanes though, chamomile, ginger, mint, that stuff is great for relaxing on a cold night.


You know what I like? Just a cup of hot water. Sue me


tea is a big part of my life, but I’ve had such a fraught relationship with it, or rather with caffeine. Every six or eight months I’ll decide I want to ween myself off caffeine, and get down to a cup of green tea, and then realize just how much more joy is in my life when I am drinking tea. Lately I’ve been only having maybe a cup a day, since I moved to Seattle and it turns out coffee is just everywhere, and my tolerance to caffeine is already ratcheted up a fair bit. My office has an espresso machine in it.

I think lately I’ve had tea mostly split between matcha, and a fresh ginger lemon and honey tea made with a cheese grater and a spoon to peel the ginger. I don’t even put it in a basket, the junk just steeps to the bottom in a pool of sludge i never drink far enough to reckon with.

There was a lot of talk upthread about Lapsang. It’s a good tea, and it puts me in a time and place that I miss so much living in the city. When I was young I went camping a lot, instead of senior prom me and four friends went up out of town and camped and hiked. I feel young when I inhale the steam coming off a cup of lapsang. It’s incredible.

One of my favorite books of poetry is a collection of the writings of Baisao, a Buddhist monk and tea seller

Outside of sort of the usual wry Buddhist wisdom, there’s some really strikingly beautiful snippets of the life of this man, poetry written for friends and acquaintances. I should probably give it another read through. I should probably make a cup of tea.


I drink a pot of green tea (Japan Bancha because of the low caffeine content) a day as per doctors orders to prevent the high blood pressure that I usually get. I let it sit 90 seconds (60 for a cup) and add a bit of lemon juice so the pot doesn’t get bitter after a while.


tea is good for high blood pressure? did not know this…


Green tea. I would link a whole page on what type of green tea does what in what doses but it’s in german.


I was reminded last night of another herbal tea that I’ve only had a few times, but is a very nice, very calming, way to wind down an evening: butterfly pea flower tea

It brews purple, tastes woody yet sweet. When you spritz some lemon in to it, the tea turns from a striking blue to a deep purple. The last time I had it, it also had pandan leaf in it, and the combination of flavors was energizing and unique, and I’d love to try it again some time.