Tea is love, tea is life. The tea thread


My tea preparation would make a tea snob die of shock.

  • I boil some water in a electric water boiler I have
  • Slam some of that boiling water into a big mug
  • Add Chai
  • Add too much milk and honey
  • Let it steep
  • Continue to let it steep cause at no point do I remove the chai from my mug as I drink it
  • Rinse and Repeat


I am consistently amused by the fact that Chai is a tea type and also just the Russian word for tea.

What do you mean if I’d like some tea tea? :smiley:


“Dump a bunch of loose leaves into a glass cup and add hot water” is how everyone I knew in China brewed tea (outside of restaurants), so I reckon you’re in good enough company.

Also a fun linguistic tidbit on the tea/chai thing: outside of East Asia, whether a language calls it some variation on “tea” or “chai” roughly depends on whether they were introduced to tea by land trade routes or sea trade routes. If it came overland, your language picked up some variation on Mandarin’s “cha”. The Dutch, however, happened to show up and start buying tea in Fujian, where the word is “te” in Min Nan.


Uh, I really only drink sweet iced tea and don’t do it often. I don’t really like bitter drinks, only other tea I’ve had that I’ve liked was green tea loaded down with honey.

I like to put a pineapple disc in the pitcher with the tea and let it sit there for a day like that, it’s delicious.


That pineapple thing sounds incredible actually, I’m going to need to try that!


My partner is from Sri Lanka and let me tell you - if you’ve never had a good milk tea, you have not lived. (Bonus points for using powdered milk, accept no substitutions!)


that said, I drink black/green tea in the afternoons. Mornings are always coffee, but later in the day, a good black/green tea keeps me company. Always with a bit of honey. If I wasn’t such a caffeine fiend, I’d sub tea in for my morning coffee too. But idk how to wean myself off any further than I already have.


Hi I am a local jackass who didn’t realize they had to rinse off the salt on Sakura tea instead of just bat off as much as you could for a solid month. AMA


Over the past year or so I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of pu-erh & just about every other tea worth drinking. I now have a certified addiction. :tea: :slight_smile:

(just look at that!)


I am drinking tea right now with chocolate cookies


I got a job at Argo Tea, a local Chicagoland tea cafe chain (with about 7 locations elsewhere) and after 30 years of avoiding coffee because I didn’t want to become dependent on caffeine I am now a tea person and need my tea in the morning. I’m still learning what I like but right now I’m a black tea person and our Oolong Coconut blend is my favorite.

Right now my big problem is getting used to drinking hot beverages. There’s a very narrow window of temps that I can stand hot drinks, and I’m just not that into making it iced.


I just started getting into tea a couple weeks ago, I drink mostly black loose leaf, I actually just got a bunch of flavored black tea and I haven’t tried all of the ones that I got but I have tried the vanilla and raspberry ones and they’re really good. I usually drink a pot in the morning, about three cups, and I need to find my big evening tea so I can drink more.


i’ve just been drinking lipton brand organic black tea with milk and sugar for a while, but i used to get all sorts of fun samples from adagio teas… i really like silver needle, white peach, green vanilla, and golden monkey. i tried a very smoky black tea from them that i loved, but can’t remember what it was called!


you might be talking about lapsang souchong?


Yeah, I used to drink a lot of Lapsang but people in the office kept thinking something was on fire.


that might be it! i know that’s one of a few that i’ve tried :thinking: i’ll have to check it out… thanks!


I can’t imagine my life without tea. And i usually drink it sooo hot, that it boils in my mouth and burns my tongue. If it is not like that, i say it’s cold and can’t enjoy it anymore.
So, i drink green tea without sugar. And i like black strong tea with a tea spoon sugar and a lemon slice. Mmmm…
it is is too hot outside, brew tea and leave it in the fridge till it gets ice cold - veeery tasty and refreshing.
And… it should be a loose leaf tea of course if you care about quality :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been getting a bit down on my tea of late, but was given a lovely pottery mug recently as a vacation gift and it has reinvigorated my love!


Oh! I forgot about this thread.

Last weekend my girlfriend and I went to the Northwest Tea Fest as we do every year. Usually I don’t really try anything I really like since booths tend to show off a lot of blends, pu-erhs, or more fancy stuff, but one booth had this rose hojicha. While I don’t tend to like flowery teas, I have soft spot for rose and the roosted-ness of the hojicha pairs really well with it.

tea is good.


I stocked up on fancy teas at work. I’m currently drinking darjeeling earl grey. It smells divine and honestly, it’s the highlight of my day.