Tea is love, tea is life. The tea thread



So after quitting coffee a few months ago (made my head hurt :frowning:) I started to get back into tea and I finally started getting some loose leaf tea! I forgot how nice of a ritual making a cup of tea with loose leaves is. Pictured below is some Earl Grey, Masala Chai, and a Tumeric Herbal I got on a whim (it’s excellent btw)

(Also, don’t worry, I’m keeping the tea in my office drawer so the light won’t damage it in the glass jars)


So I picked up these instant tea packet things and they’re surprisingly quite good! One’s just crushed ginger and sugar while the other is ginger extract crystals, honey, and sugar, and they’re both quite strong. But I mean if the ginger isn’t lighting your mouth on fire, why even bother right?


I like to drink green tea, I drink twice in a day. It is good for us.


I take bags of tea with me to work so I can get a sipP


I’m ashamed to admit but prior to December I had never really tried tea other than iced tea and the mass produced stuff by Lipton and Arnold Palmer.

Turns out normal tea is pretty great! So far I’ve only really done basics like Green and Earl grey but looking forward to expanding my taste this year.


Like any good Torontonian in a hip neighbourhood I have hopped aboard the yerba mate train. All of the pre-made drinks popping up around the city are very good but also very expensive so I tracked down some teabags and have been making my own tea/iced tea. It’s got a ton of caffeine but doesn’t give the jitters/anxiety like coffee.


As a Brit, this thread makes me feel like a proud mother. :heartpulse:

I’m currently enjoying some fresh sencha but I’ve also got roobios and sweet rhubarb teabags stocked in the cupboard (been switching to caffeine-free teas in the PM to help with my recent insomnia). If you are UK based, shout out to Eteaket. They make some wonderful whole leaf teas as well as environmentally friendly accessories!


i recently heard about a tea called lapsang souchong, a chinese smoked black tea, very curious about it … i haven’t gone out in search of any yet, though. anybody tried it? seen it around?


I have some and it is very good! It’s got a rich smokey flavor that I love and I hear it can be good baked into things like buns for burgers and the like


If they sell Twinings in any store around you, they make a lapsang souchong that is quite good.

Online, there quite a few sellers as well, I’ve been using Adagio for years myself.

I would first try it sweetened (preferably honey), and maybe with some milk, but it’s fine by itself and won’t be too abrasive. The smokiness is very forward, but it’s a pleasant smokiness!


My partner is a big fan of smokey teas like lapsang souchong. She does recommend/prefer russian caravan over it as she feels it has a nicer taste. Personally I can’t really tell the difference and am generally avoid them now because the smokiness gives them almost a meaty flavor in my opinion.

They’re both pretty common though, and you should be able to find them at any local tea shop. Even at some grocery stores that have bulk loose leaf teas may have them. (Though, those are kinda rare and usually not great quality.)


I used to drink more lapsang but people at my office kept thinking something was on fire.


thanks for the responses, y’all! i’m pretty confident i’ll be able to find some of this in my town. never before have i been so hyped for a tea experience! :star_struck:


All this talk of that smoky lapsang souchong really makes me want to go try some.

My girlfriend got me an adorable Rishi Tea loose leaf mini teapot and some sample packs :heart_eyes: Right now I’m trying some of their ginger lime rooibos, and it’s pretty darn good! (Also don’t sleep on their turmeric ginger, it’s what got me started on loose leaf teas in the first place)


Weirdly enough I actually prefer the Twinings Lapsang to the Adagio version I got.

Been drinking a lot of the Throat Therapy at home and (probably too much) Yerba Mate at work.


I live for mediocre tea. No time or wont for exclusive leafs, I just boil a kettle, throw a stupid yellow or blue Twinings bag in, and top off with a centimeter of milk. Drink before cold. Tea is a tool for inducing warmth and adding caffeine to my body.

But I do enjoy other teas, also – a friend of mine makes a great pu’er or smokey lapsang when we game.


Currently drinking Honeybush Roobios. The teabags, sorry tea temples, smell like scented woodland.


Welp I gotta thank y’all for the lapsang souchong recommendations. Was able to get some and tried it this morning, and I enjoyed it quite a bit, especially the aroma.

@Glorgu I happened to try Adagio’s and it was a good call! Plus they also sent me a nice sampler of another tea and a neat little collectible tin with the tea of my birth month.


Oh that’s real nice! I’m sure there’s better tea out there if you look hard enough, but I found them good for the price and I enjoy the little promos they have (like only selling certain teas during a full moon etc.).

Lapsang Souchong is a really fun tea, I’ve been using it a a bit of a crutch since having to quit coffee. The bold smokiness provides enough of the experience I enjoyed from a strong cup of coffee. And yeah, the aroma is wonderful on an early work morning!