Tea is love, tea is life. The tea thread

i finally had my lapsang souchong experience - loved it. found some in bulk at the local co-op last week… it smells SO INTENSE. i wasn’t ready for how potent it smelled. i was so shocked i was afraid to drink it right away. when i went to open my ‘tea cabinet’ a big wave of smokey barbecue flavor kept wafting out - so crazy! finally brewed some up this morning and found that while the flavor was bold and roasty, the smokiness of the flavor wasn’t near that of the dried leaves, which i appreciated. great tea!!


It is incredibly good, but I definitely need to store my loose leaves in an airtight container to keep my cabinets from smelling like a cookout (that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world though). Glad you like it!

oh yeah, I recently got some lapsang souchong sample after writing a review on the site I buy my tea from and I love it, though yeah drinking it for the first time I was so nervous just because of the smell, once I’m out of the tea I have in my tea jar right now it’s definitely going to be the next one I buy a bunch of cause I’m not ready to run out of it

Oh, hello Tea Thread, where have you been all my life?

So I tend to drink a lot of black tea, which is still an improvement for me given that my career in hotels has led me down the path of drinking entirely too much free/bad coffee and developing a nightmare of a caffeine addiction many times over.

Earl Grey will always be a solid staple; I received a bag of loose-leaf double-bergamot Earl Grey for a birthday I’ve since to find again or replace, but one day! Alternatively, I once found a Lavender Earl Grey that didn’t enhance the flavor any, but the scent was heavenly.

Another favorite is one I’ve only been able to find as a generic from H-E-B (Texas grocery chain): Pomegranate Black. I’m uncertain as to exactly how they flavor it, but it’s a basic black tea w/ a hint of pomegranate sweetness without any aid from cream or sugar. It’s been my go-to “anime tea” ever since middle school (sweet memories of sneaking onto the family computer, pulling up some Bleach subs and headphones, and trying to work a microwave as quietly as possible), and should a day come where I actually leave Texas behind, you can wager I’ll have a moving box full of the stuff.

Green teas are good, and I’m usually down to clown w/ some basic loose-leaf jasmine green (could never get into the taste of genmaicha), but I always have to pair it w/ food, b/c otherwise those tannins will make my stomach a world of regret.

As for the caffeine-less tisanes/herbal brews, I’m always a sucker for a fruity hibiscus blend, or a basic rooibos if I’m not feeling particularly tart.

Thanks for starting this forum.

Good Afternoon

By any chance would anybody happen to know of a replacement for Teavana’s Spice of Life White Tea? I am unfortunately close to running out. I’ve looked over several websites and visited all of the stores in my area since my local Teavana stores closed. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to have been a well known blend. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately Teavana didn’t list the specifics of their blends anywhere. (like one of their’s says "A blend of black and green, despite also very obviously having some flowers, etc in it.) So finding an exact match will be difficult. I think, even if you had a contact directly with them they probably couldn’t/wouldn’t give out that information.

Your best bet might be to reverse engineer it. I’m sure a local tea place probably has something similar or could help you out if you come in and explain the situation. But just be like “I really liked this blend. Do you have something similar?” They may scoff a bit at bagged tea though.

I always like trying new teas, but always come back to varietals of oolong and rooibos. Peppermint occasionally.

Lately though, I’ve been very into making a kind of london fog (the exact definition of a london fog seems ambiguous). I basically just do about 6oz of tea to 2oz of almond milk and about 10g of honey to sweeten it a bit.

Anyone have any recommendations for infusers? I used to have a muslin cloth bag, but it quickly got kind of gross, and a lot of the finer teas I have will slip through the holes on steel varieties.

Don’t know if you’ve tried any steel/basket infusers, but I have these and they work quite well:

I have these and two glass mugs. It’s a hell of a time as far as tea time is concerned.