Tea is love, tea is life. The tea thread


i finally had my lapsang souchong experience - loved it. found some in bulk at the local co-op last week… it smells SO INTENSE. i wasn’t ready for how potent it smelled. i was so shocked i was afraid to drink it right away. when i went to open my ‘tea cabinet’ a big wave of smokey barbecue flavor kept wafting out - so crazy! finally brewed some up this morning and found that while the flavor was bold and roasty, the smokiness of the flavor wasn’t near that of the dried leaves, which i appreciated. great tea!!


It is incredibly good, but I definitely need to store my loose leaves in an airtight container to keep my cabinets from smelling like a cookout (that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world though). Glad you like it!


oh yeah, I recently got some lapsang souchong sample after writing a review on the site I buy my tea from and I love it, though yeah drinking it for the first time I was so nervous just because of the smell, once I’m out of the tea I have in my tea jar right now it’s definitely going to be the next one I buy a bunch of cause I’m not ready to run out of it


Oh, hello Tea Thread, where have you been all my life?

So I tend to drink a lot of black tea, which is still an improvement for me given that my career in hotels has led me down the path of drinking entirely too much free/bad coffee and developing a nightmare of a caffeine addiction many times over.

Earl Grey will always be a solid staple; I received a bag of loose-leaf double-bergamot Earl Grey for a birthday I’ve since to find again or replace, but one day! Alternatively, I once found a Lavender Earl Grey that didn’t enhance the flavor any, but the scent was heavenly.

Another favorite is one I’ve only been able to find as a generic from H-E-B (Texas grocery chain): Pomegranate Black. I’m uncertain as to exactly how they flavor it, but it’s a basic black tea w/ a hint of pomegranate sweetness without any aid from cream or sugar. It’s been my go-to “anime tea” ever since middle school (sweet memories of sneaking onto the family computer, pulling up some Bleach subs and headphones, and trying to work a microwave as quietly as possible), and should a day come where I actually leave Texas behind, you can wager I’ll have a moving box full of the stuff.

Green teas are good, and I’m usually down to clown w/ some basic loose-leaf jasmine green (could never get into the taste of genmaicha), but I always have to pair it w/ food, b/c otherwise those tannins will make my stomach a world of regret.

As for the caffeine-less tisanes/herbal brews, I’m always a sucker for a fruity hibiscus blend, or a basic rooibos if I’m not feeling particularly tart.


Thanks for starting this forum.