Tech Romancer is a great mech fighting game that no one remembers


Austins recent Gundam Versus video made me remember this game and I just had to talk about it because not enough people know of it’s existence.

Tech Romancer is a one on one 3D mech fighting game by Capcom that only ever came out in arcades and the Dreamcast who’s mechs are based on designs from various mech anime and manga.

What makes the game solid though is the gameplay. Where as most fighting games try to change special move inputs up between characters Tech Romancer instead says what if everything was just a different version of Y+B+Left+Right making it easy for anyone to pull off the flashy special moves even if you are 13 years old and button mashing.

That isn’t to say that button mashing will win you the fight or that there aren’t more complex moves but the ones that use the super meter are very accessible.

The game also does a good job of making all the different mechs feel different. Dixen looks and feels like a Gundam with a laser gun/sword loadout. Rafaga can switch between 3 different forms including a plane. Wiseduck on the other hand can not jump but instead can lay land mines.

Finally the game takes a page out of Mortal Kombat and has a variant of the finishing move which it calls the Final Attack. If an opponent is down to their last life bar and has less then 50% health left you can use the Final Attack to finish them off in an over the top finishing move by pressing all the buttons on the controller at once assuming it lands.

Overall what really sells the game is that it knows what is, a parody anime mech fighting game and it leans well into the tropes.


I am generally not a fighting games person because of the complexity of commands, which I always lose track of as soon as my character is in any danger. Hearing that this is more accessible is exciting. I will keep an eye out for an opportunity to play this!


yeah this game is pretty dope. tho I still have a problem where there are so many button combinations to take out items and do particular types of moves I forget everything by the time I comr back to it.

played most of arcade a couple years ago but quit at the awful difficulty spike in the final boss, true to Capcom form


I remember playing SO much of this game on Dreamcast. Everything in that game was just so…anime in the most ridiculous and wonderful way. I can still hear the outlandish announcer shouting “CRITICAL IMPACT!” and “ARMOR DESTROOOYED!” The single player was pretty damn entertaining, too.

Thank you for giving Tech Romancer a shout-out! I hope others can get their hands on it and enjoy.


I’d be very onboard with them just making an anime of this.