Tekken Talk (Tekken Players of the world, Unite and take over)


Just thought I’d carve out a little piece of internet for some Tekken Talk, since I didn’t see a dedicated post.

I used to play casually with friends and family and have finally decided to take things a bit more serious. The Tekken community has been really cool and friendly so far, even helpful. I’m really enjoying learning the game on a deeper level; the systems are very satisfying.

What do you think about the new characters and where the scene is at the moment?

Who do you enjoy playing as?

I’m also interested in hearing about others people’s History with the franchise. It’s such a beloved nostalgia inducing entity.


Yo, I just finished playing Tekken 7 for the first time since the week it came out. I really liked it but got sidetracked by Zelda or Mario or something. So, yeah I am down for some Tekken Talk.

I started playing Tekken with Tekken 3 when I was a kid and it holds a special place in my heart because it was the only game that my dad and I would play together. I would play with friends but they would get frustrated because I was better than them (I’m not great, but I owned the game and they didn’t), but my dad and I were on the same level so I always had the most fun playing with him. We eventually moved up to Tekken Tag, and later Tekken 5. (I skipped 4 because I remember renting it and finding it too slow).

Then I moved out and stopped being that into it. I bought Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag 2, but the rosters were so huge that getting back into it was a little intimidating. I also didn’t really have anyone to play with. Most of the roommates I’ve lived with since moving out liked playing video games but were put off by Tekken’s giant move lists and rosters. Smash always won out as the household fighting game.

Tekken 7 seems really good, though. It’s the first Tekken I’ve played where the online actually works well. I remember it being pretty shaky at launch but I just had a blast playing it. I’m thinking this one might actually pull me back in now. The roster is great now that all the characters I used to play are still in the game (except for Lei, R.I.P), while all the characters I had no real interest in all got axed. Pretty much everyone new seems really fresh and fun, and all the characters from 5 and 6 are the ones I never really got a handle on, but still enjoyed so they feel like fresh additions, too.

Also, the fact that I can unlock all of the ending movies from the entire series is amazing to me, they were always one of my favourite parts of the series.

Back in the day I mained Hwoarang, Bryan, Lee and Jack. They all feel great in this one, but I’m warming up to the characters that are new to me. I just spent a bit of time with Miguel and I’m starting to really get into him. I might start using him instead of Bryan since he seems to fill a similar role but he feels really fresh. Shaheen also feels really fast and fun and I hear I should try Lars out since he’s a good all-around fighter.

I’m not really that competitive of a player, but this game is tempting me to take it really seriously. I used to try to get pretty good with everyone when I was playing as a kid, but the fact that I can play online makes me want to settle down with a few characters and really learn them. I don’t think I’m gonna join the scene or anything but climbing in Ranked seems like it’s going to be fun.


Wow, awesome story. It’s super cool your dad got into Tekken. That sounds like so much fun.

lol that reminds me so much of childhood. I was often that kid as well, so I would try to go easy on my friends and family (whilst also letting it be known that I’m clearly best in the world lol) That little line you wrote brought back so many memories.

This latest Tekken is soooooooooo good. I texted my friend at 4am last night telling him, I’m obsessed. The thing that makes this one so fun is that the actual act of learning characters is fun in and of itself. The loop of going to training mode, then treasure battles, then dipping toes in ranked, back to training, is really satisfying.

There’s this pro player that made a series called basic to pro that is very very helpful. Dude is a saint for making it. I’ll link it. He also made detailed character guides. He bothers to break down fighting game terminology, like frames, input numbers, buffering, punishing, and does so in a very welcoming inviting way. It’s amazing honestly, and a big reason why Ive been enjoying myself so thoroughly.

Back in the day you used to play with a pretty diverse set of characters. My deadly Duo was Heihachi and Lei, then it just became Heihachi. I really like his stiff direct style, but he’s really hard to master at high level. Now I’m training with xiaoyu and king (plus perhaps steve ((He just looks so cool)) . Omg Noctis!!! I’m not really a final fantasy fan , but Noctis looks awesome. It would be fun learning him as well.

I don’t know if you use twitch, but following Tekken players on their is really fun as well. Most of the small channels are really happy to help you with any questions and their tips are priceless for us OG noobs. Our experience with the game will help us learn really fast, plus the idea of being great at something you already love is very appealing.

OK here goes those links (they are multi-vid playlist) by King Jae:

From Basic to Pro

Character Guides


I’ve always been into fighting games since I first got Mortal Kombat on the SNES, but I just haven’t been able to learn how to play any of them. Two years ago, I tried with Street Fighter V, but gave up when my cat suddenly died around the same time. And then when Tekken 7 came out, I bought it with the intention to learn the game. I felt like Kazumi fit my style and I was having fun, but some personal issues came up and I gave up again.

Noctis being released has re-ignited my interest, but I’d have to buy the season pass and I worry that it would just go to waste. I’m also less motivated since the Tekken 7 player population isn’t as large as when it first released.

Yeah, King Jae’s videos are great. His videos were some of the ones I was watching to figure out what to do.


I bought Tekken 7 a few months ago, popped it in once and never played it again but I’m down to hop into any fighting game conversation/scene that pops up on here.

Almost all of my fighting game experience comes from 2D fighters and I can only really remember playing one Tekken game (I wanna say 3 or 4?) on consoles and that was only for a brief time. I also dabbled in Tekken in arcades every once in a while as a kid, but nothing beyond just button mashing.

I told myself I would get into it once Noctis dropped (and he looks really dope!) but all of my fighting game energy is consumed by Dragon Ball FigtherZ at the moment and I’m trying to push through a skill ceiling and learn the new characters there.

All that said I really do want to try Tekken 7 out, because what I’ve seen of it looks really cool so I’ll definitely check out those tutorials @loranfromdamoon posted and report back with my experience.


Aww sounds like you’ve had some bad luck.

You should totally give it another go, Noctis is super dope. I believe you can just purchase him if you want to try, so far the only other stuff in the pass is Gease and Tekken Bowling, so your not missing out on much if you just get Noct.

@danlur Yeah DBZ fighterz is extremely popular right now. I found that came a bit too hectic for my tastes, but to each his own. I’m glad people are enjoying themselves.

I feel you on the skill ceiling. I’m approaching my first one with Xiaoyu. I think I’m at the point where I need to really internalize her moves. I also need to learn how to punish better.


BTW I’m LarryLooter on PSN, if anyone wants to spar hmu.


Sure thing. WHen you get a invite from ICHItheTHRILLER that’d be me


I’m in the same boat as a bunch of other people in this thread. I bought Tekken on PC months ago and fooled around for a bit with some friends, but haven’t touch it again until I recently.

The first fighting game I got way into was Street Fighter 4 and that game had been a presence in my life for nearly 6 years. I tried switching to 5 when it first came out, but all the stuff going on with that game’s launch and all the negativity in the online community at the time was really off putting. Now I’m finally trying to fill the fighting game shaped hole in my heart with Tekken 7.

As someone who barely kept their head above water in 2D games, Tekken looked super intimidating. The way people around me talked about the series gave me the impression that the barrier to entry was super high and kept me from checking out previous entries. It’s still verrrrry slow goings for me at the moment, but I’m having a blast right out the gate now that I’m giving it a shot for real.


Which characters have you been practicing with?

The EastPoint Tekken House in Atlanta may be the best thing on the internet/world. The guy that runs the twitch stream does these like 3 hour long shows called tekken tech that are awesome. IDK the Tekken community just seems so awesome compared to what I’ve seen in other fighting games, but maybe I haven’t been exposed to the right stuff.


I find basic defense in tekken to be harder to pick up than any other game I’ve played. Being able to block an unsafe thing, recognize it as being unsafe and land a suitably strong punish takes me a lot more practice than I’m accustomed to when I learn a new game. It is still very rewarding and fun though.