Tell me a secret


i’ll start

i don’t get “the aristocrats!” joke. i always immediately start thinking about the aristocats

i DO want to be a cat


Lobsters dont make great pets, but they know the secrets of the deep.


It’s a secret to everyone


i don’t like hideo kojima


That is definitely “A secret”


I shot a man in Reno
Just to watch him die


I hid Goosebump cards a relative gave me under my great aunts’ chair because they were too scary and I was afraid if I threw them away they would haunt me.


another secret

i think cheese dust on chips is gross


i hate breakfast


When I was a kid, I couldn’t beat Link’s awakening on my own gameboy (because I was a child) and my Aunt had gotten past the part where I was stuck. Her gameboy disappeared for a while and I hid it under my bed.

After two weeks I “found” it and gave it back… after I figured out how she got past where I was stuck.


I have a bandaid on my switch’s kickstand because I accidentally broke it, couldn’t get it to stick, and had no tape lying around


did you kiss the breakage first?


i’ve almost died several times due being full of myself



That sounds like a solid aesthetic


I like kissing with my eyes open.


I kiss with my eyes.


Aside from basic existential dread, the largest cause of my anxiety as a child was Jim Carrey as The Mask


I’ve played the Witcher 3 so much that I’ll usually let the intro narration go for a bit and recite it by heart in that narrator’s voice.


Coincidentally, the largest cause of my anxiety as a child was Jim Carrey as The Grinch.


Allllllrighty then!