Tell me a secret

i hate breakfast

When I was a kid, I couldn’t beat Link’s awakening on my own gameboy (because I was a child) and my Aunt had gotten past the part where I was stuck. Her gameboy disappeared for a while and I hid it under my bed.

After two weeks I “found” it and gave it back… after I figured out how she got past where I was stuck.

I have a bandaid on my switch’s kickstand because I accidentally broke it, couldn’t get it to stick, and had no tape lying around

did you kiss the breakage first?

i’ve almost died several times due being full of myself


That sounds like a solid aesthetic

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I like kissing with my eyes open.

I kiss with my eyes.

Aside from basic existential dread, the largest cause of my anxiety as a child was Jim Carrey as The Mask

I’ve played the Witcher 3 so much that I’ll usually let the intro narration go for a bit and recite it by heart in that narrator’s voice.

Coincidentally, the largest cause of my anxiety as a child was Jim Carrey as The Grinch.

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Allllllrighty then!

Hmm. The “U2FsdGVkX1” bit is “Salted_” in base 64, suggesting that the rest of the string is a message encoded with OpenSSL, probably with AES? I’m guessing it’s literally the message “A secret”, but I can’t guess the key for it. I’m tempted to start scripting things to break this, but at some point you have to take a look at your life and say “what am I doing? it’s time for bed”.

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You pretty much got it. The password was also “A secret” without quotes hahaha
AES-256-cbc was the specific encoding.


I’ve never liked Radiohead outside of a couple of songs on In Rainbows

I’ve tried listening to OK Computer and Kid A and I just Don’t Get It


Oh same. Like the closest to a Radiohead album I’ve enjoyed is The Bends.

I didn’t see my first full Star Wars film until this year (and I’m 29). I had always seen just bits of pieces of several films, grown tired of them, and picked up the overarching plot through osmosis.

Once when I was like 11 I tried to write a clean rap song to the banger known as the Super Mario Bros. Theme. I had a lot of problems.

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When I was in elementary school I was convinced if you listened closely to the water coming out of the bathtub faucet you could hear it talking.

Video games are better without stories