Tell me about the places you like to take a walk


I’m a runner, but lately I’ve started just taking walks* through my neighborhood. I don’t know what started it, but I’m kind of in love with the slower pace—I notice so much more and have time to be curious about the things I literally run by lol.

The other day, I found a secluded path next to a park, at the end of which was an plank-and-rope tree swing. I swung on it for like 20 minutes listening to a baseball game go on in the distance. Now I go back there and read or play Mario Kart—feels like my own little place.

I’ve also found new restaurants and alleyways filled with interesting details about the ways people put out their trash or decorate their yard. I found one home in my neighborhood with a yarn tapestry to which passers-by are encouraged to contribute. Reminds me of the bridges onto which lovers are encouraged to put locks on.

Anyway, I’ve just found some enchanting stuff. My neighborhood is on a mountain that overlooks a valley, and it’s full of stuff I’ve never slowed down to look at. Where are the places you find work for you when taking a walk? Have you found anything that surprised you? Did you have any thoughts or feelings you think you might not have normally?

*although i’m using off-the-shelf vernacular for exploring a place, it is a bit ableist. if you are someone who cannot walk, please feel welcome to share your experience!


I’m in my last semester of college in Vermont, walking has been a great form of stress relief these past few weeks. I don’t always feel comfortable in public but wandering around on campus has actually helped more than I would’ve expected. It’s interesting to find the unfamiliar corners of a place, I’m looking forward to walking around my hometown in the summer
Btw, I like the idea of playing the Switch outside, I’ll have to try and find a nice place for that


The beach, but I don’t live near one currently. Something about the beach and oceans is just 100% more calming than anywhere else.


I spend allot of time in Moab. Moab is a magical desert home of Utahs Arch. There’s a trail there that is more of a hike than a walk, called the Hidden Valley Trail. I love that trail it’s almost all at an incline, but then you hit the top of the trail and there’s a literal Hidden Valley hiding there. Flat with wild grasses and flowers growing everywhere! Even though it’s a mildly popular trail it feels secluded. If you walk to the end of the valley there is Pictographs plasteredo over the canyon walls. It gives it this beautiful ancient history that is a treat to experience


I used to live near some modest mountains and I got in the habit of hiking off-trail. Just driving through, seeing something interesting on a distant face, pulling over and making a beeline to it is really enjoyable. It’s extremely slow going and making always deliberate choices about the paths you take is a really involved way to just… move


I haven’t been able to do it for a few years, but my favourite place to walk is a seaside path in west Wales. It isn’t local, but I have been able to do it every so often. Here’s a photo of the last time I got to do it (in 2015), featuring the best companion to do it with. It’s pretty long, so this is only a part of it, but you get the gist.


I love wandering around the Riverwalk in Milwaukee. Downtown is intersected by a bunch of rivers that flow into the lake and it makes for a nice peaceful afternoon, especially now its light out longer and warm.


I love going downtown and just walking around.

I love the vibes that cities give. The dirt and the grime, the people. I love being around things. I don’t really get any joy from walking on a trail through the woods or something. I love urban “exploring” far more.


There’s some great state parks in Wisconsin that are nice to just walk around at. There’s also this place we call the ledge near me that is this awesome rock ledge where you can walk around in these awesome little rock crevices. My little home town was always a really nice place to walk around at like 1 AM.


I love Moab, but if I end up going some south I usually go to Zion. Angel’s Landing is the best if you can get there when there aren’t a ton of people doing it. A crowd can ruin parts of that one. But the view once you finish :heart_eyes:


I really feel this, though I do like being in the natche. My city is especially poor for this, though, so I try to take solo walks whenever I visit a different city. So far the best walking city in my book is Amsterdam. You can walk forever in that city and never stop finding something that makes going out worth it. Especially if you stop in a smart shop :sunglasses:


I live a few hours drive away from Fundy National Park and it has really fantastic hiking trails. I have some mobility issues that are made worse my walking on flat ground so the inclines are actually easier for me to walk!

And it’s not bad to look at either


There’s a river that goes around my suburb… You can follow a dirt path through the brush all the way along it. It’s nice, there’s always lots of birds hanging around and signing. If you walk far enough you get to this little riverside park with a tiny beach and some BBQs. People take their dogs swimming there.


I loved walking in Ithaca, NY because that’s a city that can go from built-up to hiking trails in the space of about a hundred feet. I could take these wonderfully varied walks, weaving in and out of campus buildings—taking in art, chalkboard scribblings and the occasional cache of free books—and then swinging out into long loops around lakes, gorges, and falls. Whether you wanted to be walking in quiet solitude or in and amongst the hum of activity—studious kids, inebriated college-towners, hikers energized by the first warm days of spring—you could always find some path to accommodate you.


The view from Angels Landing is like an out of body experience. I need to spend more time in Zions and the other Southern parks. Anyways here’s photos from Hidden Valley in December.



My standard walk in the place I’m living these days isn’t as scenic as most of these, just a bit of a loop through some suburban housing developments that takes me by a few ponds and up up a partially forested hill, but it’s one I’m fond of all the same. The view from the top of the hill is nice, it’s a decent distance without making me walk much on the edge of any of the roads with heavy traffic, and I’m surprisingly lucky with how often I see bluebirds or deer en route.

As for favorite walks of the past, the one that I’m thinking fondly of at the moment was during a study abroad in Havana, between the place I was staying and where my classes were. I love walking around cities in general, but that route in particular had so many neat things one after another along a stretch of the Malecón - the American “embassy”, a semi-abandoned sports complex, some monuments, a really cool pair of Brutalist apartment towers.


This might seem odd, but I like to walk… in the park. The park by my apartment has some pretty nice trails. If anybody is in/knows Pittsburgh, it’s Schenley Park.


Having quality walking paths that are worth wearing again and again is really a blessing.