Tell me about your car (or motorbike or other motor vehicles)


What are you nerds driving? Or riding or flying or sailing or whatever verb cool kids do these days.

Personally I’ve got a 1984 Subaru hatchback, and it is the very definition of “slow car fast” with about 75-80 horse on a good day

but gosh it’s cute, though

I also have a rat-rodded Honda C100 Super Cub I’m working on but that’s still a few good sessions away from being a functional bike - needs electricals and some other stuff slapped on before I’m ready to get many photos


I can’t afford newer cars so I’m always driving something twenty years old, haha. :stuck_out_tongue: Right now, it’s a 1999 Mazda Protege. Gets the job done.


I drive a Toyota Corolla. A base model!

I also have a 2005 Kawasaki Ninja 636. But it’s non-operational. After my MBA is done, I’ll fix it up.


I drive a 2005 tan Prius. Boy it doesn’t feel good to drive, but I like getting 400 miles out of $20 of gas quite a bit.

I used to drive a 2007 Kawasaki Ninja but almost got into too many accidents to keep riding it in Oregon. Only worth driving three months of the year too :stuck_out_tongue:


Got a Subaru Forester.

No bike right now but my last one was a Suzuki SV650.


I’ve got a Daihatsu Copen here in Japan…I love the damn thing but it’s getting pretty old:



Oh gosh, I’m so envious. Small (and/or Kei) cars are definitely my thing; I’d love to import a Suzuki Cappuccino some day.

I have a Scion FR-S myself.


what’s up with the 636? once you get it running again it should go for a good while, given it’s a Japanese four-banger, so if it’s something as simple as a carb clean or some electrical gremlin, probably worth getting done


Did a track day and let let it sit unused for a while. After a track day you’re supposed to flush your brake fluid. I didn’t because I got really busy. So now I need to replace my front and rear master cylinders.

Of and the battery and an oil change.


ah, yeah I can see how that’d add up real quick D; at least it sounds like you’ve got a good game plan for whichever rainy day


My 2014 m235i.

I’m gonna need to replace the brake pads and tyres in the next couple of months, which ain’t gonna be cheap. I spend almost as much a month on this per month as I do on rent. Every bit of common sense I have tells me to get something cheaper.

But god damn, when I put my foot down all that common sense goes away, along with all the other problems in the world. This car is my self care. I love it.


2018, Subaru Crosstrek. Affectionately called, “The Pumpkin”! Picked her up earlier this year after my 99 Civic started piling on repairs, to a point where I just figured a new ride would be better to put money into. And she does me beautiful for the lifestyle I try to live~


My 2006 330i Sport. Its a lovely vehicle.

I put an MTech front bumper, yellow fogs, LUX angel eyes and yellow hi/lo bulbs. Lets me run yellow fogs and DRLs at the same time for that euro look. I also got the wood trim wrapped w/ 3M brushed aluminum vinyl. I love the way it looks and drives. It has about 120k on the odo and it still drives and handles better than most cars around me. Modern 4-door BMWs are big, bloated and slow. My N52 has 255hp from the factory and I wouldnt even think about buying a new BMW today unless it has an ///M badge.


Ford C-Max Energi

Smooth ride, roomy, 188hp and averaging about 120mpg

Garage kept and plugged in every night. That photo was from when we first bought it.


Yo. This car is doooooooope.


I’m not big into cars. Got my Fiat Punto when I got the license, never changed it even if I’m thinking about doing it eight years later. If it goes, I’m OK with it, I don’t need much else.
I’m in love though with my bike. It’s a Kawasaki Z900, total black, and I already almost killed myself on it even if I own it since March of this year. Still love it though.


I ride a bike too. Husqvarna Nuda 900, such a fun bike to ride, the 900 twin has so much torque.


it’s a bummer the Nuda is probably never gonna see the light of day in the US market - ah well, at least we have some similar Italian bikes like the Aprilia Dorsoduro and Ducati Hypermotard


Yeah it’s a shame it was such a short lived model. They’re pretty rare here in Australia. I can’t see KTM bringing a Nuda model back when they have the Dukes.


friend of mine’s got the 690 Duke and that’s already a lot of bike - sounds like the 790 parallel twin coming down the pipeline is gonna be double crazy