Tell me about your personal made up video game jargon


I’ve thought a number of times about why we use the vocabulary we do to describe particular video game concepts. For instance, why do we call the end-stage enemies “bosses”, or where does the term “level up” come from?

One thing I enjoy is learning new game concepts, or just discovering that there’s actually a word for that obscure concept I didn’t know what to call.

All that being said, I’m sure a lot of us also make up our own words for specific video game concepts, maybe even use replacement terms for stuff that already have words attributed to them. So, Waypointeers, I’d be interested to hear what are some of yours? :grinning:


A couple of mine:

Foaming - Describes a temporary state an enemy is in when they’ve taken a bunch of damage and are now stronger, do more damage, etc.

Example sentence: Oh crap, now it’s foaming. Watch its projectile attacks, they do poison damage now.

Etymology: My brother and I made up this word in our Monster Hunter Freedom 2 days. The first time we noticed this phenomenon was when we were fighting a Daimyo Hermitaur (a giant crab like monster). When you damage it enough and it becomes more aggressive, white foamy bubbles come out of its mouth, hence the name.
Although technically only two of the monsters in that game “foam”, my brother and I applied the term to all the monsters in that game and even to enemies in other games (like the Flamelurker in Demon’s Souls for instance).

Anti-flinch Cream - A topical ointment one applies to oneself that prevents them from flinching when they take damage, prevents their attacks from being interrupted, etc.

Example sentence: I can’t stand Shao Khan in Mortal Kombat 9! Like 90% of his moves have anti-flinch cream!

Etymology: You essentially know this as an attack having “armor” properties. I can’t quite remember why I settled on this phrase, but I noticed in alot of fighting games, attacks with armor usually coat the user in a white sheen. I just think it’s kind of funny to imagine a character lathering themself in special lotion to avoid feeling pain from attacks :smile:


Board game, not video, but in Twilight Struggle (and other games), certain cards can get removed from the game entirely, rather than placed in the discard pile or returned to the deck. I’ve taken to calling the stash of these removed cards “card hell,” or sometimes “card jail.”

E.g. “We already used that one; it’s in card hell,” or, “Sorry, that should have gone to card jail instead of the discard pile.”

I’m honestly not sure why I started saying this, but it seems to have stuck.


Phoenix Wright Syndrome

The depressed feeling you get when you finish a game and you don’t know what to do with yourself.


MMOs have a lot of jargon that also changes with the specifics of the game you’re playing. My FC in FFXIV has developed some stuff around healing, since healing in that game is sincerely ridiculous.

“Did u die tho?” - Something a healer says when they just barely manage to save someone (usually the tank) from sudden death, in spite of their earlier neglect for healing over DPS.

“Sleeping” - A healer who isn’t paying attention to damage going out, causing party members to die.

“Give the tank a little spook” - A specialty of WHMs and ASTs, where you let the tank nearly die, then bring their health back up with Benediction or Essential Dignity before they actually eat it. This one is from a YouTube video.

“Oh shit button” - Living Dead/Holmgang/Hallowed Ground, abilities that stop DRKs WARs and PLDs respectively, from dying before healers can get to them.

“Sneaky Peek” - when a rear or flank DPS pulls aggro from the tank and turns the boss toward the rest of the party.


Hmmm interesting. I only have little goofy one and it’s a little loose: during the heyday of the JRPG I used to see if I could determine the point in a boss battle where I would go “all in.” Basically where it would be better if I gave up using healing or defensive items/spells and just poured on damage like a thick syrup because I had a good feeling that I could win before I wiped. Didn’t always work out but, ya know.


Not something I myself came up with, but one of the players on my tf2 team decided we needed a word for when it was time for everyone to jump the enemy medic and try and kill them. Something quicker than actually telling everyone to go in. I guess she just decided on the first word that came to her mind, which was pizza, so sometimes during a match she’ll just start screaming “pizza! pizza!” over voice chat — which is always pretty surreal.


narrow context, but my friends and I must’ve used the phrase “turnip vortex” dozens of times while trying to recreate this smash glitch:


Not really “mine” but carried through games they often don’t exactly apply to as directly, both “alpha strike” or “1a2a in” as meaning sending everything you’ve got. Alpha strikes being from Mechwarrior, which unload all your weapons at once, often overheating you the way I built them. “1a2a” being the controls for sending in more than one command group in an RTS on attack move.

“Oom” often gets applied to games without mana. The short-form of out of mana from MMOs, an alert a healer or caster might give the party to let them know it’s about to get dicey. I’d be lying if I claimed to have never said my phone was nearly oom.

“Bio” as a one-syllable “AFK” which could mean standing up to stretch, getting water, going to the bathroom, etc.

I’m sure there are more…


Spite healing - the act of not healing whatever shitlord in your party or group or team decided to piss in your cornflakes that day, specifically.

Pity rezzing - Resurrecting someone you let die by accident because you were paying attention to something else.


I’m a fan of the shortened names that monsters in Monster Hunter often accrue. After fighting the same beasts dozens of times, they start to feel sorta like old pals, so you can’t go around calling them their normal names. A lot of them are shortenings, like ‘gombi for Lagombi, Gravi for Gravios, and Brachy for Brachydios. Then you have names like Shagaru Magala becoming Shaggy Maggy, Devilijho becoming Devil Joe, and Dah’ren Mohran becoming just Darren. It makes the hunt feel almost like punching in to work with an old buddy. "Hey Rathi, how ya doin’ today. Same as usual? Five poison tail flips in a row? Yeah, I know you."


Wild Goose Chase - My brother and I often used this term for those interlocking fetch quests (typical of Zelda games) where you give item 1 to person A who gives you item 2 which you need to give to person B, and so on… repeat 5 times or so until you get the actual item that is useful to you the player.

Example: Still stuck on the wild goose chase in Goose Quest 3? Oh you just need to give that hammer to the blacksmith and she’ll make you the lucky horseshoe which you need to give to the mermaid behind the waterfall who will give you…


Weirdly specific: Terry O’Quinn’s severed head. This is what I call any awful ball rolling mechanic like pushing the giant watermelon in Super Mario Sunshine, the billiards puzzle in Sonic 2006, or or pushing the giant balls up the hill in Okami. Terry O’Quinn has a nice shapely bald head and after hours and hours of frustration on these stupid sections I started imagining that the ball was a living being talking back to me. Eventually it became Terry O’Quinn’s head.

I really can’t explain my train of thought here.


Anytime anything bad happens in a PvP game, my friends call it a Learning Experience.

Die like an idiot? Misplay on something real easy? Misunderstand something obvious?

That’s okay, there are no loses or mistakes, only learning experiences


As a warrior main “Give the tank a little spook” is the most accurate name you could give Benediction


I never realized how much jargon my friends and I have for PUBG until I try playing with other people and have to explain it to them.

  • The two-story watchtowers are called “Griz-Tows” which is a mutation from Wizard Tower to Grizzard Tower to Griz-Tow." I don’t really know either.
  • The town on the top left of Erangal is Riverdale because we frequently drop there and when we wipe an enemy team there we yell “keep out of Riverdale” over voice chat.
  • The little cluster of buildings just East of Severny is called The Wolf Den after by dear friend glitch-jumped his way onto the awning to evade an enemy team but then couldn’t get off. So they just sat there and howled over voice since they could leave and the other team couldn’t hit them.


My friends and I refer to mana as mayonnaise in our MOBA days and now I refer to mana or a stamina system as mayo in all games.

“I’m outta mayo, I gotta go back”
“My mayo is low, I gotta let it recharge”


i main warrior too and I just… holmgang is on an easy to access button for me

but sometimes i also heal and i’m like ‘i can afford one more holy’ and it’s like [narrator voice] but they couldn’t


Does it make you harder to kill these wonderful beasts once you’ve given them names?


I find myself thinking of them as one monolithic guy, not a bunch of the same species even though that’s what they are. Like, alright, I’m gonna go kill 'Blos a couple times so I can make a weapon. What an asshole that guy is.