Tell me how you eat a pretzel

Doordash is a dangerous superpower


3rd approach (aka the Auntie Annes’s method): Untie the whole thing, wrap it around a hot dog and go to town with some ketchup :drooling_face:

I never see big pretzels here in Australia, but when I have little pretzels I nibble off the lobes and the underhang before crunching the rest

I got from the bottom up :smirk:

Someone I posed this question to said that whether you eat the west or the east lobes/nodes first is probably dependent on whether you’re left or right handed. So a better nomenclature might be south vs. north.

Okay but what is the proper condiment for a pretzel? Cheese? Mustard? Plain?

Assuming your run of the mill salted pretzel, I default to nothing and occasionally mustard.

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(but I prefer mustard, and tearing off pieces to dip in the mustard from the outside in)

Happy Friday I guess


I usually start from the underhang, then the nubbins, and then each lobe.

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I started with west lobe :smile: