Tell us about your current tabletop game!


I thought it’d be fun to see what is happening plot wise in everyone’s current tabletop RPG games! Character details, plot details, whatever you wanna share!

I currently am in two separate games, a Pathfinder campaign and a Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Campaign:

In the Star Wars game, I play ‘Scales,’ a Trandoshan Imperial spy working to dismantle Rebel activity within a group of pretty bad to evil sidekicks. He works alongside a wickedly evil Inquisitor, an apathetic pilot, a squirmy Imperial Officer, a Doctor well in over her head, and some others who have come and gone.

As a group, we’ve overthrown the Mandolorian government and installed a Imperial sympathizer. I had the most bad ass character moment in that mission. Most of our crew had been taken out, either severely wounded or even dismembered, and Scales was one on one with the leader of the Mando Rebel sect. The building around them was starting to crumble from the battle we had been stumbling through. Scales was able to get in close and sink in his combat blade into the Mando, only for him to laugh in Scales’ face and reveal he has rigged himself to blow up. Scales managed to toss his body outside the crumbling infrastructure to save the group from the blast, but the explosion from the outside managed to cave in the remainder of the building and trap us inside. We lived, but maaan were we messed up.

One of the things I wrestle with in developing his character is how to make a ‘evil’ character sympathetic. He’s basically an ex-gangster swoop pilot who sees value in the Empire for bringing stability to outer-rim planets. He’s basically the warped kind of mind we think of when we see Fascist sympathizers, thinking stability matters more than freedom. I have had him butt against the other players a bit. He doesn’t see the value in needless deaths, which goes against his main partner in missions, the Inquisitor. There have been fun, interesting character moments of questioning his loyalty to an Empire that allows this kind of needless violence to continue.

Here’s what he looks like:

My other character is a Druid named Marko!

This a basic fantasy campaign. Marko was originally conceived as a swamp-living man who had two snakes with him at all times. He’s got kind of a Rasputin-like flavor to him. He’s very lanky, weird, and at times crazy. He’s mostly dressed in bark and grass, casting weird spells on people, like ‘Pup Shape.’ The snakes draped around him are his parents, who he regularly talks to. They were transformed into snakes by demons, and so Marko hates demons now, save for his Tiefling friend Trent.

In a recent session, he allied himself with his current lover, a Elven woman named Shillelagh, and an Orc Baker who wants to kill a gangster over burning down her Bakery. In a particular crazy moment, Mako turned a gangster into a baby and screamed to the others, “STAY BACK. OR I WILL TURN YOU INTO A BABY AND MAKE YOU MY SON.” That sure freaked out the remaining gangsters, who stopped RIGHT in their tracks.

He also started a revolution within a small town, attempting to over throw the rule of the elite caste and royalty who were trying to abandon their city when a horde of invading demons were at the gates. Marko led the revolution to their ship and nearly overturned it.

Here is what he looks like:

So, tell me about your most recent sessions and characters!

P.S. I commissioned a couple of friends to draw my characters. Highly worth it. :slight_smile:


I’m currently playing two D&D 5e games with the same DM & my fiance but besides that the groups are different.

My first game which has been going on for almost 2 and a half years now I play a ranger named Saxet. Born deaf but miraculously healed the day his best friend disappeared and has been looking for them ever since as they no longer had a hunting partner. Since then he’s joined some adventurers who have been going around and solving problems around the continent of Harn. Currently we are trying to get to a library which should help our clairc, sorcerer & barbarian with their individual quests while also hunting down a dragon that tried to start a war between neighboring nations. Saxet is fairly reserved but befriended some former slaves that the team freed & trained them to hunt & built them a hunting outpost much like the one he grew up in so that they could take care of themselves & be independent from the kingdoms that turned a blind eye to their enslavement. Recently Saxet has been getting more out of his depth by getting a bit bored by everyone arguing about loot & wandering into places he shouldn’t and failing most of his saving throws.

Edit: Image of Saxet added (art by Potvör on Tumblr)

My second and more recent campaign I play as The Great Dragonrana. A Dragonborn Monk who is a professional wrestler heavily inspired by the Great Muta cause I wanted to be on my bullshit for this game. Not much has happened in this game as we just started but we are currently trying to find a blacksmith who has been kidnapped for unknown reasons. Dragonarna is accompanied by a questioning Paladin, a half-ling scoundrel, an judgy sorceress, an warlock edge lord & another paladin who seems chill but maybe isn’t(?)


Heh, Saxet sounds like he’s building up Kaer Morhen from the Witcher, which sounds bad ass. I’ve always wanted to play a game with a focus on building up a house or a faction. Saxet sounds like he’d be a great Robin Hood type stand in. I’d try to see if the DM would be down for you and your crew of ex-slaves to knock over a estate mansion, or a King… Tempt your team who seems focused on loot into a robbery led by you!

Does The Great Dragonrana incorporate their tail into their wrestling moves?


Our DM & the rest of the group doesn’t seem as interested in trying to make serious changes to the world in the same way I am but I’m hoping maybe by making more outposts full of rejects of other kingdoms I can kind of force that change myself without everyone realizing until it’s too late.

In regards to The Great Dragonrana, they can use their tail but their real secret weapon is the poison mist that they spray.

I’ll post images on my original post later when I have access to them.

Edit: Side note. Saxet canonically speaks with a southern drawl 'caus his name is Texas backwards & that fact upset all my friends when it took them years to realize that.


CW for described gratuitous violence

I’m MCing an Apocalypse World campaign with uni friends. I’m gonna do a full breakdown of all their characters because they’re very cool and I like them lots.

Our setting is a mountainous region in the middle of an eternal winter. Old World location is unknown but my personal guesses are Canada or North America. The PCs live in an old world junkyard, nicknamed Rustbucket. There’s a strange signal that emanates from the junkyard that draws people in with no knowledge of how they got there.

The Crew
Hooch - The Pack Alpha
Hooch is a biker gang leader. He has a gang of ten vicious souls affectionately called The Hallions. He’s mean, rough and holds a grudge. He has two skulls on his belt from folks who have wronged him in the past. Managed to piss off the only hunters of the local Bonehearts (deers with antlers that have grown around them into an exoskeleton) so now they’re about ready to leave everybody hungry.

Beamer - The Driver
A bit of a loverboy, Beamer is the crew’s driver. He has a garage full of rides but his main squeeze is an ambulance. It has a Gatling gun installed through the roof and its radio seems to be able to communicate with the dead. He’s currently torn between his partner Aubergine (leader of Rustbucket’s Lawmakers, a bunch of thugs) and the open road.

Pipsqueak - The Child Thing
A freaky little boy who lives in the scrap yard. Moves like a spider, is very annoying, has basically the entire maelstrom inside his head? Can teleport and is being hunted by maelstrom wolves disguising themselves as garbled versions of the dead.

Hossfield - The Savvyhead
The original owner of the junkyard. A grumpy old man who is bitter about all these people invading his space. He will tune up cars and bikes for some jingle though. Has a gang of strapping young working men who help him build his grand designs.

Spreadsheet Synergy - The News
A drifter who ran away from his home clan: the cult of Committee. Committee praise capitalism and their holy texts are business self help books. Spreadsheet himself wears armour made from metal plates stitched between multiple layered business suits. To rebel against his sinister slaver ‘family’ he is a generous soul and has pledged to always help those in need. Runs the only radio station

The game so far…

  • Hooch kills his number two Tommy Gunn to stop him being captured by local cult The Clarion Call. All hell breaks loose as Tommy’s brothers Gatling and Shot decide to do Hooch in. Spreadsheet gets shot near fatally in the struggle but is dragged bodily by pipsqueak into his own head and Spreadsheet is cured by the rust within.
  • On a routine food expedition Beamer, Hooch and Aubergine are ambushed by Clarion Call. They trash their shit but it turns out pipsqueak was with them and is abducted by Clarion Call.
  • While they’re away somebody trashes the generator. The gang fight each other and try to rush defences for Rustbucket. Spreadsheet calls in some local lads to help but shock horror one of the lads is found strung dead from the trees a few days later. Turns out it’s MunMun. Local terror. A hulking sniper who can speed between trees but can barely crawl on the ground. Spreadsheet stole from him a while ago and he hasn’t dropped the issue. He wants spreadsheet dead and will kill innocents around Rustbucket until spreadsheet is killed.
  • The crew decide they’re gonna kill MunMun so stage a handover on a frozen lake. MunMun falls for it and lurches out onto the ice. Spreadsheet tries to flashbang him before he’s lit up with the ambulances 50 cal but he gets cocky. His hand is blown off by the flashbang and MunMun escapes with spreadsheet

It goes on but I’d forgotten that actually a lot has happened so that’s the basic gist


Im GMing a game of LANCER RPG which is a currently in open dev. its a mecha combat game with real gritty grid combat rules and kickass mech designs and super free customization, its allot of fun and since its open dev the rules are up in a google drive for free.

Rather than use the in rule book setting i’ve been lazy and put it into a setting i know allot better which for some reason is the lore surrounding the supreme commander games which only needed a little scale tweaking to make work pretty well

still in the early stages but i think i’m falling in love with this game yall

incidentally the game is being co created by @orbitaldropkick who also makes a kick ass web comic called kill six billion demons which is great


I loooove the art I’ve seen around LANCER. Is it crunchy at all?

I have been wanting to run Stars Without Number soon. It has a section on mechs. :smiley:


We play online via Roll20 and webcams and mics but D&D is still a tabletop game even if there’s no table.

Our game has been going for a couple of years now, with these same characters. We’re level 16 now, steadily making it towards the endgame, though the DM has said that he wants us to get to 20 and still have a lot of things to do and not end it immediately without us being able to explore that level’s abilities.

Right now we just escaped the Feywild for the third time in as many years. Our group is currently a Human Rogue, a Dragonborn Fighter, and me, a Drow Bard. We had a Dwarf Paladin for a long time but then he knocked up a deep gnome woman and left the party to attend to his family obligations. His player played a couple of other characters after that but then left the group for… reasons that are not bad but also too complicated to get into here.

The overarching plot has been that Vecna (homebrewed version who was the king of an ancient floating magic city) has been sealing the various gods away in order to keep them from interfering with his plans to take over the Prime Material plane. Sehanine manipulated us into getting banished to the Underdark in order to rescue Ioun and that was a whole, miserable thing. In the process though we got to unleash a bunch of demon lords within Menzoberranzan so they’d fight each other and we could take out the survivor, which destroyed most of the city, so that was fun.

The arc we just finished before this Feywild trip was about solving Vecna raising the undead and sending them against the various cities around the area. Constant attacks every night for months. We gathered up a bunch of allies to help us then attacked the ruins of his city, taking out the magic device that was raising the undead but in the process the city was revived and floated back up into the sky. We left the last session having just rescued Correlon from the Feywild so we’ll see what he, Ioun, and Sehanine (whom I loathe) have to say about everything and what our next step will be.

Personal interactions between the characters are pretty basic even after this long because we’ve had recent turnover with the players involved. There’s the aforementioned Dwarf player who left, but also our old Dragonborn Fighter started up college so had to take a break and we got a new player who also decided to make a Dragonborn Fighter. Our characters have just met him and he seems nice but that will have to develop. My bard and the rogue are currently in a relationship.

On the two year anniversary of us playing this game with these characters I commissioned Cody Simpson to do a portrait of the group in an iconic location in the world the DM created, just to show them how much I appreciated having this thing that I can look forward to every week. It’s basically the only group social interaction I have.

Half of those characters are gone now but it’s a snapshot of a moment and i’ll always appreciate it.


crunchy means different things to different people but i’ve found the level of mech customization and the sheer amount of interactions and actions you can have during combat awesome. its kinda like playing 40k kill team,
the out of mech stuff is less so but there’s enough there to run some general role-play and maybe action stuff but the real turn based crunchy stuff is in mech combat.

i think it best comes across in the damage. the fact that you don’t just blow up when you drop to 0 hp you role on small tables and stuff on your mech explodes including limbs and weapons systems until it becomes more and more likely that you get cored BUT if you keep rolling like a god you’re mech COULD survive indefinitely and despite all odds, real good gameplay potential there.

there’s also hacking and heat management there’s just so much stuff.


I’m in a roll20 shadowrun campaign right now! My character’s a human decker who used to work for a corporation before [REDACTED]. Her name’s 8-bit and she looks like this! She has only one point in charisma and I love her.

One thing I like about the campaign so far is that we all got to work with the gm to have one plot-relevant backstory hook about our characters! So it’s very neat to see everyone’s character arcs tie into the runs, and also the whole party is just an onion of secrets.


Oh my god, is that the Rami Malek ‘hackerman’ pose?

I love it.

And I love it when GM’s let you have one-off character moments. Sounds awesome!


It is!!

I started drawing it on a whim at like, 2 am, and I woke up to see this open on my computer


Bringing this back from the dead with (finally) an image of my second character The Great Dragomrana thaty DM very gernerously painted during our snow day today. Since the character was inspired by The Great Muta we discussed painting draconic runes on their face but there wasn’t enough surface area so we agreed painting them on their chest would work just as well. So now my guy has the initials of his wrestling rival painted in his chest cause if that isn’t some wrestling BS I don’t know what is.