'Tenderfoot Tactics' Rides The Line Between Cute and Terrifying

Tenderfoot Tactics is a new open world RPG tactics game with a striking art style. It uses low-poly models for it’s characters with very little shading to differentiate depth. This leaves the characters to be mostly flat planes of color. The environment follows as similar art direction but with one big diversion, there’s a limit to your characters’ sight so the further away you get, the darker and more “physically noisy” the terrain gets. The limited view and everchanging horizon give a sense of a wilderness that is alive and ever evolving, which also comes into play in combat. We discuss the game’s excellent use of aesthetics, combat systems, and more on this episode of Waypoint Radio. You can listen to the full episode and read an excerpt below.

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David has been mentioned so often on this podcast that I really want him to come visit as a guest one day.

So happy to see this game (Tenderfoot Tactics) get mainstream coverage. I played a demo a while back and thought it seemed really cool.

I posted on Twitter, but I thought this discussion could be continued elsewhere also. The pod conversation was fun to hear the dichotomy between Squadrons and Tenderfoot Tactics with addressing fascism or imperialism. Hearing Cado talk about the opening scene in Tenderfoot had me stoke to play because SO OFTEN Tactics games love to place players in the role of the ‘good cops’ or the ‘good ones’ within a corrupt system. Having just tried starting Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark where that is very much the narrative, I bounced off immediately. I have a few hours in Tenderfoot now, but already the fact that empiricism has been flatly protested means the framing of this entire world is more interesting and fitting in today’s climate.

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