Terra Battle 2: Join the Tile high club


Terra Battle 2 came out this past friday. It’s by Mistwalker studios(Lost Odyssey, aka the dudes that made the old final fantasies). It’s a puzzle gacha game heavy on the puzzle, beautiful music and charismatic art. It’s also hard. But it’s out if you want a mobile game, if you wanna support mistwalker so they make another Lost Odyssey, or if you’re addicted to gacha(I don’t recommend the last one)
here’s a trailer if you’re an art fiend.


Terra Battle is more of a Strategy RPG with the combat abstracted out a lot to make it friendly for short bursts of play than a puzzle game, but I digress.

I played the original for hundreds of hours. It was a fantastic game with an oddly compelling story, a great battle system that was fun to scratch that RPG grinding itch with, a gatcha system that, while was still designed to drain hundreds of dollars from certain individuals, still felt fair due to how viable so many characters are (Fire Emblem: Heroes is a recent example of a game that did that too) so the gatcha was more about collecting, leveling up new characters, getting them new classes, and seeing all that beautiful, beautiful art.

Cause my god the art in these games can be breathtaking. The new one continues that tradition.

My impressions of Terra Battle 2 so far have been mixed.

The new equipment and guardian system makes both the gatcha more important, as higher rarity equipment and guardians both are necessary to have a high level character, but at the same time requires even more grinding, as you bring less characters into battle (for now) and have to level up both guardians and equipment. It isn’t really explained well either, which sucks because even as a veteran of the first game I was left scratching my head for the first day I played it. Wait, how does equipment change the size of my abilities? How do I level my guardians? Are characters just basically story vessels for your guardians? What is the difference between a longsword and a dagger? Is there one? How do I tell if a character is attack or magic based?


Having less characters in battle at first glance doesn’t seem like such a big deal with the implementation of the popular “choose a guest character from a bunch of players” feature in gatcha games, as you essentially have x characters getting xp across x-1 characters, but it also means that much of the game is going to be either a) incredibly easy as you can just lean on a guest character of some whale out there or b) going to be tuned way too hard and you’re going to HAVE to lean on those guest characters to have a chance.

The new chapter system is neat, but it involves way too much busywork, too much loading, and too much fighting pointless battles with enemies you’ll one-shot for barely any xp. I do like how it no longer costs stamina to enter a chapter (relegating stamina use to the much more grindy and end-game stuff of the “quest” section) and that you can quit at any time outside of battle and retain all xp, coin, and items you got. This makes experiencing the story relatively pain free for casual players and the game not completely closed off when you do run out of stamina, but I get the feeling that if the game expects you to be grinding in those chapters it’s going to be a lot more of a struggle as compared to the original, where you could be in and out of 6-8 to get your metal tickets in 2 minutes tops.

Speaking of the story, do not play this game yet if that’s what you’re looking for. There are only three chapters of the story out so far, enough for you to experience basically the opening movie and a small introduction to four characters you have no idea why you should care about yet. What makes it better is that the game doesn’t flat out tell you that you can’t continue past that point beyond a vague “Next time on Terra Battle 2” preview message. :ok_hand:

Bitterness aside, it seems to be the same sort of oddly compelling esoteric fantasy of the first game, but with more actual characters to focus the story around as compared to the first (where really only one character you recruited ever played a part in the story).

The game does crash and go down for maintenance a lot, but I can forgive it for that because it’s new and it has so far been perfect at being able to jump right back into the game and continue at the exact second I left off without problem.

But as much as I just vented about the game’s shortcomings, I’m still having a ton of fun with the base combat and I can see myself grinding away at the game throughout the next few weeks. I just don’t know how other people could be able to look past its shortcomings and light content to stick around.


Is there a proper tutorial in this game because so far I feel like they’ve barely told me about the mechanics.


No. Which is a real bummer.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.


The TB2 subreddit is pretty great as far as info goes, the game is hella light on tutorials because they have them all in youtube videos on their social media.

One thing I’ll say is that a seamless 10-person synced raid in a mobile game on launch is not something I expected to see and has worked seamlessly for me every time so far.


Is there any transferrence from TB 1 to TB2? my TB1 gacha was the best I’ve ever gacha’d :smiley:


to my knowledge, nope. it’s a fresh install as far as I can tell.


as good a time as any to remind folks that GOOGLE OPINION REWARDS is a free way to get money for gacha shit.


Yeah, the co-op mode is hella impressive. Even if it’s really easy and the loot isn’t that great (I mean, I’m still doing it for the coins for recodes and exp material), it’s hella impressive that the game runs so smoothly with it. I’ve really only had problems with it once and I’ve probably run it… well, let’s just say I have over a hundred co-op coins sooo… a lot.

Also, 3th.


I’m stuck getting 5th but I got levi who is amazing


btw the producer just posted a bunch to twitter, the next updates should fix magnets, add 60fps to all gameplay and add a bunch of sorting options for gear, guardians and best builds.


The update is up, we all got a bunch of free currency and magnets are fixed. #Nice