Terra Invicta Is a Super Dense, Terrifying Child of XCOM and Crusader Kings

Terra Invicta is a grand strategy game made by the creators of XCOM’s famous Long War mods, which was released in early access earlier this week. It is possibly the densest game I’ve ever played, and I think I’m in love with it.

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Whoa this sounds cool.

This sounds like an AAR generator, and I mean that in the most generous of senses. I don’t have the head for this sort of thing, but I totally appreciate that they exist and I love reading about the mad stories that come out of them.

Oh yeah, this sounds dope for sure. So neat that (some of?) the Long War team managed to put a project purely of their own out.

I am generally curious how the whole space warfare part plays out if you’re one of the “we welcome our new alien overlords” factions. Do you just build space ships with the largest, most glorious white flags possible?

I imagine you’d be attacking the space ships of the other factions/protecting the aliens from them.


I don’t know why that didn’t occur to me.

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It’s clearly drawing some inspiration from the Three Body Problem trilogy, but I wonder how much is also derived from things like the Watch The Skies megagames (as covered by SUSD here and here)?

It’s likely the aliens either have multiple factions themselves or there’s some means to influence the aliens’ position, and the more agreeable human factions have to complete military and diplomatic manoeuvres to get the result they want. Plus, it could be that failing to put up symbolic defense might sacrifice your control, so it could be that constructing battles that humanity will lose might be the best way to help your alien overlords.


Really feeling like xcom comparisons give the wrong idea entirely for this game lmao I keep thinking it’ll be a tactics game but it… seems way more like kerbal space program with guns lol

Kerbal Kings: Enemy Unknown


The thing is: the “Kerbal Space Program” bit of the game is only one small part of it, which doesn’t even start being available until hours into any particular run.

(The rest of it is very much “very in-depth strategic geopolitics and covert operations simulator”. Like if the XCOM devs had spent their entire budget on the Geoscape layer and completely ignored the Battlescape in favour of more politics.)