Terrace House - こんばんは!


Good evening.

Good evening.

Terrace House is a show about six strangers living together, and we observe how they act. All we’ve prepared is a beautiful home and automobiles. There is no script at all.


I had absolutely no idea what I was in for when I started this after seeing friends tweeting about it. I’ve never really watched reality TV before but I never knew it could be so artful. The editing, the panel, the drama (good grief the drama), I love all of it. I infected the population of a whole Discord server with my enthusiasm for this show, who in turn went to bless their own social circles. 100% success rate.

Boys & Girls in the City was extraordinary. Aloha State was always going to struggle to live up to it, but it is still Terrace House, and therefore, still good.

Now let’s post pictures of Hansan,

[details=The Most]http://i.imgur.com/ubpka6L.jpg
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Perfect Man


To Ever



Close runner up is Arman because hell yes if I could live and chill in a dope ass house in Tokyo for free for months I would too, who needs goals or dreams?


Hansan is the most beautiful man who ever lived and I’m going to marry him, thanks for reading.


I needed way more episodes of Minori’s sister going around and getting all up in people’s business


another good topic by everyone’s favourite poster.
thank you for the hansan. it is making me feel a lot better tonight thinking about hansan. everything’s going to be okay now.

we just started aloha state (‘just’ - like 10 episodes in) it’s really clear how much the commentators completely make the show. it’s a wonderful structure, just 3 or 4 scenes per episode broken up with commentary, makes it very easy to watch & i love them all. when torichan was missing for a few episodes…


minori’s sister should get her own show as a social tornado that comes in and tells everyone their darkest truth and solved all their problems


Dang, now there’s a post about it here too, I’m gonna have watch this show.


waypoint forum won’t let me just post ‘coward rice’ because posts have to be at least 15 characters


it won’t let me upload my coward rice gif either because it’s too big.

a conspiracy



i haven’t started Aloha State yet, i’m afraid i won’t be able to not compare it to Boys and Girls in the City


Which is the best series to actually get started watching with

I’m so into what people claim this show is laying down. Let me watch reality shows about supportive friends


Boys and Girls in the City was very very good. The original six housemates, probably not the BEST ones of the series, but, they’re better than the first six in Aloha State imo


Definitely Boys & Girls In The City


The final five episodes of Boys and Girls in the City (specifically, the Riko/Hayato confrontation) had me standing up on the couch screaming. It was amazing.

@Dapp Boys and Girls in the City is a perfect starting point. Then move on to the less good but still very very good Aloha State.

Hansan contribution:


boys and girls in the city is consistently incredible and an actual masterpiece in reality tv, and i love reality tv extremely much. it is unhurried and of the moment and mature in a playful way. i am so excited about how genuinely good this show is.


oh no I’ve just been reminded of hayato and now i am extremely mad, he is the antithesis of a Good Boy


this thread gets it from the jump, just lock it and pin it

I feel like every single person I know who had watched Terrace House season 1 instantly became a better friend after Hansan entered their lives, dude is doing public service


Never have there been so much drama over some pieces of meat. This show is great!


Just gonna be a jerk and correct your Japanese, it’s spelled こんばんは :slight_smile:


Man I would buy a second Netflix subscription if they were to translate the original run of Boys × Girls Next Door and the movie.

Between that and RuPaul’s Drag Race, reality TV has never been so good.


I just came to say I hate Hayato so much.