Terrace House - こんばんは!


fuck hayato for real


God bless this show and thank you for making a post about it. Terrace House is such a good bit of self-care television. I miss Hansan so much, but Aloha State has really grown on me a bit with some of the people in the house. I really just can’t handle waiting for it to come out in pieces. Also, man I wish they would go back and translate the old seasons of that show. Please, Netflix…


This might be sacrilege, and while Hansan is definitely the best Terrace House cast member across both iterations, I think I like Aloha State better (I love both though)? It might be due to the fact that it took me a while to warm up to the panel - I’d never seen anything like this before when I started Boys & Girls in the City, so the panel scenes felt like interruptions to me. It probably took me something like 8-10 eps to really start appreciating them, but from the get go in Aloha State, any time something happens I’m thinking along the lines of, “oh my god I cannot WAIT to hear what You is going to say about this.” In one of the recent Aloha State eps, Yamasato whispered “yokaaaiiiii…” about one of the cast members and I just about lost my mind laughing.

anyway, fuck Hayato, I love Avian, Terrace House in all forms is amazing, please Netflix give us Boys x Girls Next Door.


I’m pro-Hansan and anti-hayato. Hansan is the best and hayato is no good. I need more scenes of Avian and Naomi being friends.


This is a wonderful show. I love that it’s about people trying to achieve their goals and find happiness rather than just showcasing the depravity that humans are capable of like most reality TV. I actually really liked Natsumi’s story, how she was always getting in to fights with her housemates, and slowly growing to understand that she was the one causing those rifts. It was a really good and honest portrait of what it’s like to be entering adulthood.

The Hawaii one pales in comparison so far, though. Long live Hansan. Fuck Hayato.


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Chaotic good should be Kurumi Nakada imho

All my posts in this thread will sing the praises of Minori’s sister


Every time Kurumi was on screen, I would start paying more attention because I knew something good was about to happen


As someone who is deeply into terrace house but is watching it with a friend when we can both make time, I have no idea who Hansan is and it’s killing me right now


It’s your perfect dad who has no time for mistakes but understands the mistakes of others and allows them to handle them with dignity.


Please god let me meet him


Finally caught up to the ‘Meat Crime arc’, not sure why I ended up taking such a large break from the show after starting in December, but I’m interested to see who joins once Minori and Uchi leave.


Terrace House is extremely good and important. I am definitely a better person for having watched Boys and Girls in the City and I really need to watch more Aloha State. Yusuke is very good.


hope you’re ready for a very broad range of opinions about people!


we… ran out? of terrace house to watch…?


yeah, now what.
there was always so much, terrace house ahead of us
and then, there wasn’t.


More Aloha State in the US on June 13. So there will be a small amount of Terrace House in the future.


I’m kind of happy I slept on Aloha State for so long, since I’m only just done part 1 now, so I won’t have too long to wait for part 3.


Anyone reach an epiphany while watching Terrace House? Like somehow I feel more aware of my faults than before but now I’m more optimistic and motivated to improve myself. I just want to reach Hansan-level enlightenment one day.


I just started watching this 3 days ago thanks to this thread and I’m hooked. I never watch reality TV but this just seems to genuine and it helps being based in another country. The mundane becomes interesting because of their cultural practices and interactions.

And I just got to Hansan’s introduction and I have to agree with the thread. He makes me want to be a better person.